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    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 10 years
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    Norwood V Vertex
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr Tejinder Bhatti (India)
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Your Hair Loss Story

Hi Everyone,

Time i gave a 10month Post OP Update,

the good and the bad,

the bad first, around 8months I had a massive shock loss, hair was falling out all day every day, and every where, did I panic, YES, but was there anything I could do, NO. anyway most of the hairs seem to have come back, I look at the photos of myself before the transplant and regardless I look and feel so much better.

the good, well isnt obvious, plus i have managed to get not just one girlfriend but have managed to date several women, yes the medication seems to have a FLOOPY issue but nothing a V tablet doesnt help.

the future, first i need to look back at around day 15 of my post op care program by Dr Bhatti, i used J&J hair tonic, and at the time i felt it dislodged a lot of my graphs, well 10months on they never grew back,

so TIP #1 - avoid using it until about 1 month / 6 weeks, - right side of my hairline looks average, left side which i never used J&J looks amazing,

Will I book another TOP UP proceedure, MOST DEFO YES,

i need to fill in more in the crown, I will go for Beard Transplant, and I will also get a Hairline top up and slightly round the hair line more, Dr Bhatti has had complaints about hairlines, i can relate to that, but it actually was my choice to go for a higher looking more aged look as I 40 years old this year and having a 25 hairline was never my intention.

below is my story leading up to the OP, have a read its pretty detailed and personal.

i love to share my experience with all you lads out there who are going through what i did.

take care Seth

Hi Everyone,

I would like to share a personal and very detailed story of my hair transplant and what led to my decision to go ahead with FUE. About me, I'm nearly 39, been losing my hair for a decade. Like many men going bald I felt extremely depressed, scared to walk outside without a baseball cap on, avoiding any formal gatherings where wearing a cap would was not on. I went through stages of shaving my head to #1, thus not getting any looks from the opposite sex, to then growing it slightly and then suffering the embarrassing jokes by your mates, who would always point out the bald patch and encourage you to shave it off again. I circle of life that wasn't working for me, yes I looked good with a shaved head, only if I wore sunglasses and had a nice sun tan.

Over the past 2 years I've contemplated a HT. FUE had just began to show some good results and well strip surgery was never going to be my thing, since I was already shaving my head, if the FUT strip was unsuccessful Id be left with a scar. FUE was looking more promising, but the cost, Wayne Rooney spending 60,000 pounds UK, I did some research and was looking at Bangkok for the operation, that cost was going to be approx $12,000 AUD. I felt was an ok price, so I began to save and when I mean save, I sacrificed my whole lifestyle, I was living in Koh Samui & Bangkok, moved to back on the farm in outback Australia, working off my laptop and taking any cash in hand work I could get, 8 month progress was looking good, cash was beginning to build up in my accounts, and I could estimate when I could book in for a transplant.

Disaster strikes!!! Two things happened that was going to change everything, my rental property needed alot of renovations ($7000 worth) & I discovered this site and Johnny24. I had no choice but to fix my rental property, my savings depleted and almost to square one I stumbled across Johnny24, who had posted here about Dr Bhatti, and how great he was and the success he was having with his 4000 graph FUE HT. I investigated. Sure enough I made contact and got a quote, 4000 graphs $5200 USD, the aussie dollar at the time was above the USD so even more of saving. Which lead me to book in my transplant with DR Bhatti and his awesome team in India. Thanks Johnny24 & Dr Bhatti you saved my life.

Day 0
Landing at Delhi airport Visa Stamped and the driver was there waiting for me and what a fantastic driver he is. It is a 4 hour drive to the hotel in Chandgrah, you can fly Dehli to Chandigrah with Air India but i landed after the last domestic flight so choice but to drive. Checked into hotel at 1.30am and got virtually no sleep, as I was way too anxious about the 7.30am start the following day and what unknowns lay ahead of me.

Day 1
7.15 had glass of milk with sugar for breakfast as per checklist
7.20 driver came to take me to the clinic. Unbeknown to me Dr Bhatti had just moved into a new clinic in a new building which was undergoing renovations, so being escorted to the place I nearly had a full blown panic attack, down a dark passage way in a country I have never been too with $5000 in case on me laptop and passport then to a do a lift, all I could think was I about to be robbed or mugged, to end up on some TV show like banged up abroad, needless to say I calmed myself down and said this will all be fine. The lift door (elevator door) shut and we're on our way up. Door opens, got to the top floor and saw Dr Bhatti and his new clinic, instantly felt that this was a nice place, strange looks by some of the staff but I put that down to my own nerves, but really it was a nice place once you got inside.

7.30 First thing I Changed out of my clothes and into surgery outfit, at this stage i was sweating so much, combination of nerves high blood pressure and Indian humidity, but the sweating just didn't stop. Next I put all my cash and personals into a safe and signed forms to say they got everything, carrying a lot of cash & laptops wallets etc is a worry but it was all safe.

7.40 meeting began with Dr Bhatti, and really what a nice guy, utterly professional and very kind and gentle. he marked out where hairlines will go and asked me what i expected from the transplant. Ideally I wanted 4000 graphs, I had budgeted for 4000, but sadly i have a skinny head and he said he'll take as many has he can do, he predicted 3000. Unlike other transplants blogs I have read I wanted my crown done as the priority, a receding hairline is nothing compared to the bald patch at the back of head, so we agreed that1500 were to be used for the front hair line and the rest for my crown, praying that he could get 3500 - 4000 out. He said I was Norwood class V, I suspected I was class IV almost V.

8.00 we moved into the room to have my blood taken and tested, my hair then washed and shaved, and I.V. used for antibiotics.

8.15 Dr Bhatti firstly said that we'll have 5 other Doctors with us today as observers, they were from Iraq, Dubai, Malaysia and Italy, some were starting a new clinic others wanted to see the best in action to improve their own techniques, in fact that is what one of the Doctors said to me the following day. "He really is one of the best in the world." Ok so now we get Straight into it. Needles to numb my head, injection of local anesthetic yes they hurt, and there are few of them so you will have to get used to the idea. we waited about 15mins to take effect, I suffer from High blood pressure, so they put me on heart monitor and yes i was 150 over 95, later it dropped to 125/80

830. laying down stomach first on the workmen's bench or operating table. this is when it gets boarder line uncomfortable to unbearable, arms back, head twisted to the side and then force down on the table for the tools going into you head to punch holes for extraction and , this shit hurts, my body was just tense the whole time. His assistant taking the graphs to another assistant into saline tray, its all very routine for his team, they are great. If you suffer from neck pain I suggest some nurofen cream before you leave the hotel, as it gets so tough on your neck, I hated it, there is only so much the neck pain one can take. We had to laugh after I finally said, let me move my head please. From now on time stands still, its all a bit of blur as all you are doing is focusing on anything but the pain. I wasn't afraid to say, more injection of local anesthetic to stop the pain, by this stage those pin pricks were the nothing compared to the neck pain. Some time later, as I said i lost all track of time, could have been 20mins or 4hours later I didn't have a clue what the time was, I was then rolled over to get the holes made for the frontal hair line, feeling suspect about the amount of graphs removed, cause I specifically said I want my crown done first, therefore I was suspect as to why the holes weren't made on my crown before being rolled over. Anyway this was the first chance I got to see the time, its was now 11.15am

11.30 had a break, and boy oh boy do you need it. combination of travel fatigue, emotional fatigue and now physical pain was making me think long and hard, but i kept saying to myself, you've done the hard bit, Dr Bhatti said the extraction was going to be the most painful for the day, and he was right, the worst of it was over. About 10mins later after some cookies and coffee one the assistant came to me and 3000 graphs were removed, happy with that, cause I saved some money from what I had budgeted for. Paid the bill (money was safely locked away) and then straight back into it.
MELBOURNE $18,000 - $24,000
BANGKOK $12,000
DR BHATTI $3700 + $100 VISA + $1000 FLIGHTS + $200 ACCOMM = $5000


11.45 Front hair line implants begin. Dr Bhatti does not do this, his team do it, biggest issue with this part of the day was the cold saline water that gets squirted on you head constantly, i suspected 3litres of more, why is it such an issue, the water dribbles down the sides of your head down the back of your neck and then down between the sit and your back, it gets saturated and gets icey cold under the air con. All your clothes are drenched. The actual implanting doesn't hurt a single bit, its just uncomfortable lying dead still while it is icey cold down your back. I chose to wear eye mask as the dentistry lights at really bright so I had no idea of the time. Finally I felt the badges being laid across my forehead, I knew it was only a matter of time before I could get a dry shirt and towel. 3 hours later.

2.15 Dry shirt and Towel, and chicken curry as per my own request. I was pretty bloody hungry by this stage, cold and wet. But the rest period is so needed.

3.45, Dr Bhatti now makes the crown holes, i finally got to see some action, by looking in the reflection of the window in front of me, the scraping noise I had heard the first time, wasn't scraping it was 4mm deep hole punching, you hear noises but feel nothing. Then more injections, these were I think a mixture of blood and saline, i didn't ask though. My guess is that its like fertiliser for the base of the graphs, like watering a new pot pant to help grow.

3.15, The team start to implant the crown, again i got to see some of the action with the reflection in the window, again the water down the back of the neck between you and the sit, it gets wet, and cold and very uncomfortable so be prepared, the implants doesn't hurt one bit.

4.45 moved to the kneeling chair, head down like you're praying, and this is a good time to stretch your neck and get dry clothes again, and i got a blanket too.

5.45 all done, finished. what a day, its long, its painful, its uncomfortable, its all a bit of a blur at times, had to wait 45mins or so for the implants to settle before i was allowed to leave, check list with assistant as to what to do tonight, Dr Bhatti came in and he basically repeated what the assistant had just said, which just goes to show how good his assistance are.

7.00 back in my hotel room, ordered room service, sat in bed, had my meds, at this point i must add, bring a good air plane pillow and if you can pack your favourite pillow bring that too, i did, as i hate hotel pillows. By 930 - 10 o'clock i was nodding off, you have to spray your head every 20mins, its all good and no pain. NONE !!!

Day 2
9am driver picked me up and back to the clinic to get my head washed and shampoo'ed, you get shown how to wash your head, instructed on your daily meds and a guide line as to what to expect over the next 1- 6 months, so at this point take utter care, the more you take care in the first 14days the better the result.

Day 3
up at 6am to begin my meds, rolled back into bed, 8am more meds, back to bed, 9am washed my head, back to bed, 6pm that day I checked out of my Hotel room in Chandigrah and again was driven back to the Dehli Airport, this time it was a 5 hour drive. Bandana loosely wrapped around my head, at this stage I must admit all i wanted was to get my luggage checked in and for the plane to take off as fast as possible, avoiding being seen in public, needless to say, several pints of Hoegartten eased my nerves. I was headed to Bangkok for a 10 day recovery period before eventually heading back to Australia.

Day 4
Saturday morning checked into Bangkok hotel room, nice place to relax $20 p/night, nice menu for room service and decent view of the business district of Bangkok. Continued with the meds and washing process, settling into the next 10 day routine.

Day 5 - 7
Despite all efforts in taking care of them the enviable has happened, I have counted about 5 graphs that have fallen out. Post recovery status update, honestly zero pain, does gets itchy, but nothing a good spray of the saline water doesn't fix. The daily washing is very simple, just take extreme care. To overcome any potential unnecessary damage to the transplanted area, I have pretty much locked myself in my Bangkok Hotel room, I have been lucky enough to have some friends pop in, some brought snacks others beers. You could say Im feeling pretty happy with what has gone on in the last 8 days. I packed a lot of DVDs and the wifi here has been great. I highly recommend doing the same, don't plan on going back to work for at least 2 or 3 weeks, find a place to relax and do nothing, kick back and relax.

Day 14
Back home in Australia, still taking it easy, being a couch potato. I chose to sleep semi up right with a travel pillow over the last 2 weeks, to help protect the implants, but I have found there to be a slight pounding feeling if I sleep head directly down on a pillow, so this goes away if I use the travel pillow. Head still a little numb and itchy in other places. Finally stopped the 14 day post op care, now moved on to Baby shampoo, minoxidol 2% and finasteride 1.25mg, which should now continue for minimum of 6 months. Still some crusts, I emailed Dr Bhatti and said thats normal, (such great response and post op care service) and now some hairs are beginning to fall out, pretty sure i lost 20 graphs when drying my hair. Not going to lie, I have been really avoiding dealing with this part of the recovery process. As the Dr Bhatti said, will have to wait 6 months before seeing any results. Honestly, I like the results now and I wish they could remain. The implanted hairs have nicely blended now with the other hair. Overall the last 2 weeks have been a great life changing adventure, its been a massive effort, both emotionally and physically, I am glad I stopped off in Bangkok for 8 days, when I return to Dr Bhatti for a top up (1500graphs) I plan on staying in Chandigarh for about 10 days, traveling with all the bandanas and daggy caps ain't my style, so personally rather just stay in India and relax before traveling home. Next up date 4 weeks, take care Seth

1 month
75% implanted hair have now fallen out, judging by other blogs, I'd say this is normal. The waiting period for the new implants to grow is now on. Dr Bhatti said 6months, so got 5 months to wait. Head is still numb, lying my head on my side at night still can be painful, so I keep my travel pillow close by. I have noticed the top of my head have a loss of hair from the irregular use of Minoxidol, and now on 2%, which will increase 5% in a couple more weeks.

6 weeks,
slightly paranoid that i have lost a few too many graphs, my head was itchy so i was playing around with fingers and yes i think i scratched out a graph. ive shaved my head for the first time and can see virtually no change from before my HT. On the up side I have made arrangements to get my second HT with Dr Bhatti, booked in for Oct 1st, hopefully get another 1500 - 2000 which will be implanted on top. fingers crossed!!

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