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  1. thanks for all the suggestions and help so far - I'm off to see Dr. Bisanga next week for a consultation! Been looking at some of his FUE results online - very impressed Based on the pictures I've been told around 2500 would be the way to go, but I expect we'll go through more details at the consultation. Any suggestions on questions I should cover? I'm a bit excited and want to be sure I cover everything before I commit to the procedure..
  2. Sure I understand that there could be further HTs down the line.. Definitely taking my time to decide before I take the plunge!!
  3. Yeah that's what I was thinking..I've requested an online consultation from Feriduni, hopefully will have some info from that soon. Thanks for your post! Definitely would feel better knowing that I could still shave down to a number 1
  4. thanks, how about fue due to the less obvious scar (I usually wear my hair short, esp on the back and sides) I understand the cost will be more, I'm ok with that if it means getting a decent results with less obvious scarring.. would that be an option, something like 3000 grafts FUE?
  5. Thanks, my dad's bald.. His brothers though (5 of them) have held onto their hair well. On my mums side the males seen to be pretty lucky with hair also.
  6. Thanks orlhair1, will look into those clinics also. I may also look into propecia again.. I was put off initially when I heard about some of the terrible sides some have experienced
  7. Thanks Tom, appreciate the advice. I've requested an online consultation from Dr Feriduni. Let's see what he comes back with :-)
  8. interested in this to .. and also if the guidelines before waiting to lift weights are different after fut and fue
  9. thanks a lot for the responses and advice so far! I have looked into Propecia before, I'm just not comfortable with the potential side effects. I'm planning to continue with minoxidil, am used to the couple of minutes of hassle in the morning and before bed adding some more pics of the donor area that will hopefully help determine if the donor is suitable, please let me know what you think can anyone recommend potential surgeons? planning to then get a consultation and get started!!
  10. hi all, my first post here - I'm considering a HT but not sure what to do next! I've been reading through some of the threads on the forum to get an idea of options but I'm a bit stuck now as there seems to be so many options regarding surgeons, fue or fut, etc! Would appreciate some advice \ guidance .. some stuff about me: Age: 36 Hair Loss: I think I'm a norwood 3a .. (pics attached) Meds: Been on minoxodil 5% for the last 5 years or so I'm willing to travel for the best outcome, I've included some pics so you can see what my current situation is. The first 3 were taken with the flash on. Appreciate any help! thanks