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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood III Vertex
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Dr. John Diep
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    Revita Shampoo

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  1. Just wondering about ur progress with dr. Scott Alexander. I've been researching on him myself thinking about going to him for a procedure thank you.
  2. Sorry forgot to include a picture of my hairline done by Dr diep. Take a look at it does this look like someone obsessed with perfection for hairline. He wants to make a natural hairline this looks anything but that
  3. Everything the original poster said it's completely true for me. the only thing he didn't mention was that my hairs that did grow came out very coily and stick out every which way. Dr Diep says that when you go to other HT doctors. they don't care about the way they put your hair in so it grows all kinds of crazy ways and it doesn't flow. But that's exactly what Dr diep did. all the hairs are going in different directions plus there is minimal growth. His technicians do all the work and he doesn't really do much. He may be an expert but I doubt all his technicians are from seeing my results. I guess they damage the hair follicles when they implanted or whatever they do. The bottom line is how my supposed to wear my hair out like this. The growth and density is not even that good but let's forget about that for now and just look at the quality of the hairs that actually grew. These hairs are always coily. He talks about hair transplant is artistry on the hairline. Well check out this pic of my hairline. He he told me before the procedure I can't get mad at him if it doesn't come out the way I want. I understand he's not God. But I do regret going to him and wish I spent a little more time researching. I have two hair transplants from him and both were horrible. I went in to question him about the bad growth on my first transplant. Then he convinced me to get a second one because sometimes people need more than one he said.which I can understand. But both were horrible experiences and I wish I didn't do it with him. When you pay for a hair transplant with him you're actually paying for his technicians to do the hair transplant for him. so you're not getting his skill you're getting their skills. And they all look like young girls. So yes in the YouTube videos he does seem like an expert but he's not the one that actually performing the surgery on your head it's the little young girls who do. They are damaging the hair follicles. If I were to go and question him a second time about this. I doubt he will make me feel at ease about the situation. Whether you believe the original poster or not. I know myself he's telling the truth because everything he described is exactly on point to how my situation is. I too cannot leave the house without wearing a hat. Big mistake. Please do more research. It's easy to watch all of his YouTube videos and think wow these are great results. That's exactly the reason why I chose him to do my HT. I don't know how to explain those videos. But what I do know is the facts about my horrible results. I read on one of these other posts that's the hair restoration Network backs him up as one of the doctors that they recommend. That does not mean you are going to have a good experience with him. I recommend you do not archive the original poster because that would defeat the whole purpose of a site like this that is supposed to be honest and help people find out real info about doctors. If you take away his post I'm going to think that this website is bought and sold by the doctors and it's not a legitimate forum. People need to read reviews like this.
  4. Has anyone had a procedure done by Dr. John Diep in the Bay Area? I'm thinking about going to him. Just wanted to know if anyone had a good experience. Thanks.
  5. Im 2 and a half months post op. Quite a bit of shock loss. How likely is it that those hairs grow back.
  6. Thanx guys. Im one month post op. And my donor and recipient area is really ichy. I dont scratch it. Just wondering how long that usually lasts.
  7. I've had 2 FUE procedures totaling 3500 grafts. I just got a FUT strip procedure 2 weeks ago 1700 grafts. I've never looked at my hair when it was soaking wet from the back before until tonight when I got out of the shower. I was shocked to see that you could totally see my scalp in the back and the scar from the FUT. I've had quite a bit of shock loss since the FUT. Just want to know if this is common after three procedures like I have done. Is it common to see the scar in the scalp in the back when the hair is soaking wet? I hope some of it gets better when the shock loss comes back. Any input would be appreciated Thanks.
  8. so the hair on the crown does grow a little slower? He was more mentioning that sometimes the Crown has trouble holding on to the transplanted hair completely altogether. Meaning sometimes the transplanted hair doesn't grow. Have you ever heard of this ? thanks for getting back to me
  9. When can I use minoxidil post fut I keep getting different answers. Its been 8 days lot of hair is falling out because I stop using minoxidil when can I start using it again. My doctor said 2 weeks some people say one week.
  10. does the crown have trouble holding on to transplanted hair versus other parts of the head? That's what my doctor told me anyway
  11. 5 days post FUT I've been sleeping with a neck pillow cuz I don't want to damage any graphs. Hence I have not been getting any good sleep at all my neck is always stiff. When can I compleely nowrrybograssfalling out. When can I just rub my graphs all over my bed and stretch swirl comfortable in my bed without worry about any grafts falling out at all. Not being able to sleep comfortably is killing me but I don't want my grass the fall out either feel me
  12. Why do some doctors say not to take any vitamins after surgery? But they don't specify how many days I'm supposed to wait before taking vitamins. How many days do I have to wait before taking vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin D biotin? I know they don't want us to take vitamins before the transplant because it could make us bleed more during the procedure. Just wondering what the reasoning is for not taking vitamins after the procedure?