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  1. I have tried, but the response I got was oddly phrased, as if they were trying to avoid saying certain things. Maybe it was my imagination, but I didn't get a direct answer. Also, I was hoping to get an answer from a third party person who had done the procedure, rather than from a company, to get an objective answer.
  2. Please someone respond? I have not found any clear answers online, and this must be an issue that anyone with a hair system (or has considered one like I am) has come across.
  3. Hi, I am new to the network and have been trying to get a particular question answered about hair systems. I am considering getting a hair system (like the Bio-Matrix offered at HC), but the front of my scalp still has hair, albeit thinning with the scalp somewhat visible. What happens with the existing hair when you get a hair system? Does it get trapped underneath? Does your head get shaved before the procedure? Or do they work around the existing hair? If the hair gets trapped underneath, then how do you handle the hair's continued growth? Won't it cause the hair system to lift up? Wouldn't it also cause irritation on the scalp? I've tried to get answers from the Internet, but I can't seem to get a clear answer. Can anyone enlighten me about this?