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  1. huge hunk 92 i know your pain brother not a nice feeling!!!!!!! just a update to let you all know im heading to new york city tomoz for what i hope is my last session an im scared but also excited roll on 6 months time to see the results hahaahhaahhahahah main goals no scars or scars reduced and more hair to front 3rd well wish me luck guys here i go again!!!!!! good times ahead afew hard times first but then good times hahahaha:D
  2. :confused:may be its all in my head bonker but regardless i still felt very un steady about it to the point i stayed another day extra and booked a new flight and paid for another night in hotel hoping things would improve.. but it took 2 weeks for all signs to go away over my face swelling and fluid!? my eyes was so bad in the airport i couldnt see out of one no joke i promise u so as i personaly know how my body reacts as ive been in the situation before all i can draw on is that the very next day i was still looking ok over my face but had an head like a egg head so this time around im gonna take two valium and tramadol and fly home in looking better on the 2nd day than i did for the next 2 weeks!!!?? im not sure if it was a high security alert day at the airport or wat but i was taken and questioned and was very anxiouse about it also entering was embarressing in the arrivals cue in front of every one i was question by the arrivals officer about the reason of my visit had to hand him the h&w sheet explaining why!?? bit of bummer...:confused: so my excape plan now is to get the hell home before the swelling and fluid drops around my eyes........... im also gunna use a head band under the cap to hold it up abit and a big cap and glasses lol
  3. thanks very much for the words of encouragment i know it sounds silly but traveling home again is my biggest worry!!!! the surgery doesnt phase me at all after having a megasession already i know what im in for and i have complete faith in dr feller so im not worried at all about that!!!! i guess after the troublesome journey home from vancouver canada i guess im still well abit worried!!!!! and your story about your experiance home from hewyork has made me feel alot better actualy so cheers for adding to the thread!? how many grafts u had!??? if it wasnt for my poor leg i was due to be flying home on the 3rd of jan so id be healing by now a right shame but everything happens for a reason! may be it was to allow me to earn more money for more grafts lol hair greed kiking in already i aint even had it yet lol
  4. calling all dr feller patients or indeed people who travel over seas and back again! during my last procedure i traveled home 2 may be 3 days after the surgery and the fluid from the op just sat around my face and no word of lie it was the most embarresed id been all my life lol i swear some people thought i had cancer as i was wearing a surgical bandana thingy! but it was safe for the grafts so i just thought to hell with people but.......... looking back!? i beleive i would have been better traveling home the very next day before the swelling and fluid dropped to pass through security and customs not looking so odd!!!!!!!!! i even got approached by customs officials in departure and questioned etc leaving canada!!! 6ft 5in tall and wearing a dodgey bandana traveling alone with a small back as i only stayed 4days i guess seemed dodgey!? even though there was no problems after i explained my situation it was still humiliating whilst having a head in the order you see most imiediate post op pics i was very anxiouse!? any tips help and usefull info to help me avoid situations like the above and make a easy transition avoiding as much attention on route home wil be greatlfuly received??? thanks for reading:D
  5. im sure it just common hygene and health concern ie any bacteria would increase the risk foliculitis or infection to scar perhaps especialy if the pets jump or lay down on pillows an what not where you may put your head down etc:D
  6. great reading and result so looking forward to my dr feller ht even more now
  7. thanks for your concern and imput in the thread!!!!! im kinda like in my mind and In my eyes dr feller is the best man for the job at this stage and once i make a choice i stick to it once its set in my mind its final!!!!! the lost cash will be repaid with a quality job and thats all i care about ie result is paramount you cant put a price tag on happyness
  8. hello every one!!! thanks for the kind messages first of all thanks very much for the intrest and i hope this blog or report helps any one reading and its nice to chat with some old faces again and rest assured pics will be available in good time!!!! if you have any questions feel free to ask as i will log on and try my best to answer a few at least once a day!!!!! ok so here i go........ dr feller managed to re arrange current appoitments and call in staff over a holiday period last minute slot i managed to secure only for me to call up and cancel 2 days prior its no ones fault and i was in hopsital unfit to fly and left them high and dry....... thats life and business! im a trades man and if i buy aload of kit for a job the client still has to pay whether they want the work done or not!!!!! im sure dr feller will make the whole experiance worth while and do an extra fine job on me so im happy any way!!!! if theres on bit of advice i can give to any one its this money is short term and shouldnt determin what dr you see a full head of hair and experinace is priceless!!! money short term being happy long term is how i look at it!!??? i pick a dr based on results not cost hence why dr hasson and now dr feller im happy with my choice and sure dr feller will make me a happy patient so im pleased and looking forward!! in light of my knee surgery whilst in hopsital dr feller an office was in constant contact trying to help where they could they offered me the exact slot i wanted upon getting the all clear to travel again for a reduced deposit fee and wished me a speedy recovery and with all customers offered to his very best and there is no competition between dr hasson an dr feller in my eyes they was always my top 2 drs to visit and ive been lucky enough to visit dr hasson and now lucky enough to see dr feller.... i talked to both drs for the origional surgery and only went with dr hasson at the time as it fitted with travel plans as i spent the next few months traveling and no for dr feller my other top choice due to me an my partner wanting to experiance the great sites of new york..... no need to say gutted didnt get to see the new year in but whats better than new york in springtime nothing so im happy and everything happens for a reason so im going with the flow........................... i feel the final process of my journey dr feller is the dr for me and his hairline detail and great use of graft usage ie max coverage from min grafts is what im looking for to complete my head of hair............................ dr hasson provided me with 3500 grafts and transformed me and i was pleased but with all hair patiants more than one ht is needed so i feel dr hasson brought me along wonderfuly and i feel dr feller is perfect to complete the look i desire both top drs an im pleased with all my choices i made orlhair1 no more boxing ahhaah yes to true lol 2000 grafts dr feller coming up great new hairline thick 1/3rd and less visible scarring and one happy chappy coming up with any luck fingers crossed gang!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. :DWell Well Well where do i start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? im back after almost 18months ish and ive got a story to tell i will do my best to help with questions but i apoligise now if i dont get back to all questions as im crap wit lap tops and will be off line for long periods but im here with my story my experiances and i hope it helps any one!!!!!!!!!!! first ht with dr rogers in strafod england 1200 grafts shocking worst mistake of my life at 21 avoid that man and clinic!! 2nd ht with dr hasson 3500 grafts and in all honesty was a drastic improvement and helped alot im not saying it was perfect coz it wasnt but it really helped at the time how ever i expected more from the 3500 grafts!? but thats just hair greed kiking in!!!!!! no for what i hope to be my final HT 3 and im fully booked in and flight and hotels and surgery and ready to go for end of march with DR feller........ dr feller an dr hasson was always my first two choices way back when i started my journey after using dr hasson ive now decided to go with dr feller over others for reasons i will go in to later................................................ but before we begin let me start with my crisis i have been through recently!!! i paid a deposit on the dr feller surgery paid for flights paid for hotel in full was due to fly out to nyc on the 28th of dec and return on the 3rd of jan and spend new years eve in the big apple how ever i fell and broke my leg boxing day and due to not having any travel in surance......... i lost alot of money ?1550 on dr feller deposit lost! ?1200 on flights lost and new flights cost another ?1000 i was how ever able to move the hotel dates so i didnt lose out on that thank god but in total i spent ?3750 on lost flights lost booking surgery and new booked flights so no need to say gutted upset alot:mad: i lost 2750 on lost flights and session ans also another 1000 on another flights (me an my partner traveling so flight x 2) so angry and upset but dr feller has allowed me to pay a smaller deposit for the next surgery date which was a big help and also found me the the next best date for me to allow me to safely travel with broken knee etc so has been really helpful... im booked in for 1500 grafts with dr feller end of march and also a scar revision and possible grafts in scars!?? im hoping to have enough money saved for 2000 grafts but along with losing 3750 im pisssssssssssst off lol but im saving everyday as the priority of the ht 3 with dr feller is to have my final surgery and be done with my journey!!!!!!!! areas that need addressing>>>>>>> streched scar that goes high above the ears and is hard to hide even with concealer sometimes hairline thicken and make more realistic and thicken front 1/3 if i succeed with dr fellers help to achieve the above with 2000 grafts i will be a very very very very happy man indeed!!!! all pictures will be coming in from spex as an when i have them taken at the office! i will also get spex to upload the pic of the before and after and scar pics from dr hassons surgery i hope this will help you all get a real view and grasp of my journey!! but fingers crossed and look forward to seeing what i hope to be another perfect hair line and front 1/3 from dr feller!!! oh n i take vits and mins and msn and also finest every day! i stoped minox but will be taking it back up after the ht 3 feel free to ask any questions
  10. i was taking dut every other day with finest everyday inbetween just thought finest would be sufficant with out the dut but im wrong!!!??? trying to get some oral minox is hard as my gp wont give it me and my bank wont let me transfer money abroad to dr path to get it sent over!!??? any suggestions guys to get cash to dr pat? with out bank charges
  11. thanks matt for your logical explanation and answers cheers it makes perfect sense what you say i totaly agree that the stoppage of the oral minox combined with the seasonal shed due to the severe climate changes has resulted in a brutal shed also the darker hair with the sun tan i had fading has resulted in more noticable thin patches this combined with the dutas being stopped in place for fin would create a hormonal change which in turn could also magnify the already brutal shedding!!!!!!!!! what do you think the correct way to proceed to ensure maximum regrowth would be??? start the dutas again and oral minox ??? is this hair likely to return? cheers for your time:D
  12. hey guys im really confused with this gordan ramsay affair!!???? did any one else notice this????????? i saw the pics of him after surgery and he still had alot of swelling both from the trauma and saline there for the pics of him with david b and family in new york must have been with in 1 week of surgery!!!!! as my swelling went after a week there for i find it odd how if he had strip of fue then how come he was not shaved down how come his donor and recipient areas where unoticable in terms of work done ie no shaved donor with removal holes visible no shaved recipient site... the only visible signs of a transplant was the swelling!!!!!??????? im completely confused coz after my surgery i looked like i had a brain operation!!??????? any input or thoughts on this:D
  13. im at 6 months now but it did seem alot fuller before the xmas period and the growth at 4 months was very noticable now how ever things are looking worse not better an im trying to pin point why!!!?? scar stretching is a strong possibility an one that i have emailed dr hasson about infact im having to send him some pics now this weeks so i will upload what i can to the forum for you guys too!!! due to the scar stretch and the possibility of a revision im allready planning my next ht to resolve things!!! im prob going to go back to dr H next year or at least nxt jan for a revision and some extra grafts was hoping for another 3000!!! then that would be my last strip session and i would utilise fue to fill in the trip scar and any thin patches!!!?? but some thing i have done in the last month has resulted in a shed!!?? climate change styling products styling my hair booze smoking hair coloured stopage of duta an oral minox for finest and lotion minox? im starting back on the dutas and ordering some oral minox now to see if that makes a difference!!?? any input guys would be great pics comeing soon taking them tommorrow to send to dr hasson!! at 6 months post op how much growth can i reasonably expect to see in the next 6 months!!?? coz i need alot more thickening
  14. hey matt thanks for your in put its very much appreciated.............. i was using dutas one day then finest the next and switched to just finest about 3 weeks ago!? would the stoppage of dutas be to blame so quickly? i think its a combo of things, more styling,less dutas less oral minox,seasonal shed due to weather been home 3 months now, lack of sleep partying to much booze etc etc and i coloured my hair for xmass!!!! im bummed abit as it was looking good do you think starting the dutas again would help do the trick !!!?? cheers man for the help and time taken to evaluate the reasons etc if you hav any mor questions just ask would the hair lost from the stoppage dutas come back again!? ive only been off dutas 3 weeeks ish cheers
  15. ok well whilst in bangkok after my ht for 4months my hair was coming in nice after my 3500 ht with dr h!!!! then i returned home for the xmas period and now my hair looks thinner than ever!!!!???? i beleive that the following factords are to blame!! seasonal differences between hot bangkok n ice cold uk lack of sleep due to partying over xmas ive stopped using minox oral and resumed the lotion ive stopped the dutas in my regiment and am now on finest and i have been styling my hair with products for the first time after hair spray and toppik use? and my scar is looking bad on the sides over the ears!? and to say the least my hair is looking very thin!!???? now even more so than before the xmas period!!?? i just think what your take on this is!!?? should i resume the oral minox and the dutas or will finest an minox lotion do? does toppik damage hair quality? could shock loss still be a factor now at 6 months post op on scar on sides???? im getting pictures taken tomoz to high light the areas!!??