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  1. Does rogaine contain the highest amount of minoxidil? or are there other brands out there that can provide me with a higher % amount?
  2. Can someone also explain the difference between FUE and FUT? Maybe a combination of FUE/FUT/BHT will be what is needed to give me the full head look i want. Northwest hairline- Looks like a solid job. I am looking forward to seeing the results in a few months. Tommylucchese- I am completely against propecia. I know it works for most but the idea that i might not be able to use my junk scares the shit outta me. I'd rather be completely bald and be able to get solid then have a some hair from propecia and be like a wet noodle lol. Also- i tried using a product a few yrs back called "scalp med" which gave me some good results....but doing it daily and walking around with that greasy feeling got to be irritating.
  3. I appreciate your honesty. It's exactly what i am looking for. Also- thanks for the quick response. I was figuring i would need about $30k to get a full head of hair again and hopefully could do it in 2 big sessions. if i was 51 and got the transplant i would probably be ok with thinning areas with a transplant....but at 27 i am a rare case. Thanks again for the reply.
  4. Hi all, I am 26yrs old with a self diagnosis of a NW6. I have been losing my hair for the last 6-7yrs and i am tired of it. I currently need to shave my head (with a bic razor) every other day or else i am extremely self conscious about it. I saw a few HT surgeons maybe 2-3yrs ago...and both of them said they wouldn't touch me because i was to young. They wanted to see how much my baldness would progress, and/or if it would stop. Now that i am 26 i think it may be time to revisit my desire to gain my hair back. So...after reading and scanning the internet for several hours i have some ideas of which doctors i would want to see: 1) Dr. Umar- after seeing some of his amazing work, reading about the # of grafts he is able to transplant during 1 visit, and the fact that he can do body hair and nape hair ( i think thats what the area is called) seemed really interesting to me. Also- i liked the fact that he puts up his out-of-towners in a hotel and pays for the flight (i read this somewhere, if this is not true please tell me i am wrong) 2) Hasson & Wong- I have also seen lots of amazing work from their office. Also the fact that they are able to do those mega sessions adds to my curiosity about them. I have also read that they use body hair to transplant to the head. My expectations- I want a full head of hair. I don't want to get a surgery done, and then have a huge bald spot in the back. I don't want to have surgery done just to have a thinning look or a going bald look. I do not know if this is possible, and i guess i won't know until i have a consultation with a doctor about it. But, since many users on this website have had a HT, maybe you guys can shed some light if my expectations can be met. Maybe one of those mega sessions with a 13000+ graft will do the trick? I figure using my body hair/leg hair will do it. I hope that this will give me the fullness i am looking for. (granted im not particularly hairy...but i do have plenty to spare). I don't know if i left anything out but if i can think of anything else to add i will. Please let me know what you guys think. Much appreciated.
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