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  1. I've been using its since my 3200 FUE HT 18 months ago without any real issues, all I recommend is that you use the double impact one as the normal one can dry your scalp out and give you dandruff. Whether it has any effect I couldn't say really. Regards, UK43
  2. Sorry that all my pictures have gone off the thread, which was the result of a problem with my photobucket account that they were linked to. I am still following with interest the threads of everyone who has been to the Maral clinic since me. I will hopefully start a new thread soon to show my progress month by month following my HT. But for now here are some compilation pictures showing the first 24 days followed by a monthly progress to how my hair is looking now, which is 18 months since I had a my 3200 FUE. I am happy with the overall results. I don't take any medication and I don't intend on having a second HT. :-) [/url] Month 18
  3. Hi Britboy, Good luck! with your HT. I am happy with my overall result and the density, especially for my age, so I won't be having another HT as I don't want the donor area to become too thin. These pictures show how it currently looks. There is no product on my hair other than a bit of hairspray to style it. I have stopped using minoxidil foam as it didn't seem to make any difference and I don't take any meds. Picture without flash Pictures with flash
  4. Thank you for the kind words about my posts. I am glad to hear it helped you. I wish you good luck with your HT and I look forward to reading your progress updates! Best regards UK43
  5. Great to hear from you and I am glad that my experience helped you in deciding to have a FUE HT, no matter which surgeon you ended up choosing. Like the other comments made I think your hairline pictures from the front look 100% better than your pre-op pictures. The hairline gives you a nice shape to your face and it make you look younger, I also imagine that you now enjoy being able to style your new grafted hair. Please keep posting over the next few months so we can all see your progress. Kind regards UK43
  6. I think it looks great and bang on target for the timeframe since your HT. Almost all mine shed within the first 3 weeks and now I am really happy with the results. I was one of, if not only the first person to post on this forum about having a 3200 fue HT with Dr Maral, which was about 14 months ago. Shortly after I posted I also received criticism that I wasn't very happy with, which wasn't directed at the way I looked or the design of my hairline but about the fact I had said that my HT was conducted by technicians. Anyway I can totally understand the way you feel and it's only when you have gone through with a HT that you will know what I am talking about. For the first couple of months it is a very personal emotional time, which can even bring bouts of depression, especially after the graft hairs shed and you enter the "ugly duckling" stage. When you post on these forums it is my opinion that you do so to let other people know about your experience to help them make a life changing decision not so much to be criticised about how you look or whether your hairline is high or low etc. Because of the comments on my post I seriously thought that it's not worth the hassle, however I decided to continue, which I am glad I did as I know for a fact I have helped a lot of people. Just look at the amount of views my post has received. Anyway please keep posting your updates and don't get caught up in the emotion of other peoples opinions. ;-) UK 43
  7. I am not too sure about a specific post HT diet, I just eat healthily and took regular vitamins with the only other supplement being L-Lysine (1000mg) tablets on a daily basis. I am not sure if L-Lysine helped but I decided to take it because it is an amino acid protein that makes up the structure of all cells and tissues in the body, including muscle tissue, internal organs, tendons, skin, hair and nails. I bought them from the following health supplement store in the UK L-Lysine (1000mg) | Amino Acids | Holland & Barrett I don't think drinking alcohol will be an issue, especially if you drink in moderation, but if you smoke I would definitely advise you to cut down or try and quit as nicotine causes vascular constriction, which results in a reduced blood supply to your scalp, and you don't want that to happen as all those little grafts need as much help as possible!
  8. Personally I think it looks remarkably well considering it's only 20 days since your HT and your skin doesn't look that red either. More than likely your implanted hairs will now shed over the next month, but as I am sure you know from your research they will then regrow from the newly implanted follicles and start to reappear after a few months. If they all come back though in the same pattern you can see at the moment it will look fantastic by the 8 month mark.
  9. Good luck Johnboy, you'll be fine! I look forward to seeing some of your pictures
  10. Well it's almost 14 months since my 3200 FUE HT at the Maral clinic in Turkey. Firstly I can't believe that the time has passed so quickly! With my results I think that this is as good as it gets for me so I have decided that this will be my final post I hope you enjoyed my story and pictures and have found it useful. 25,000 views at the time of writing this, which is incredible! Finally I can say that I am really happy with my results and I am glad that I went for a FUE HT. Hairline with flash Hairline without flash
  11. I remember it like as if it was yesterday! Can't believe a year has passed since my HT with Dr Maral, did you get your hat today! What hotel are you staying in, My Rose or The Levent.? Your pictures show that everything looks really good so far!
  12. Congratulations on having your FUE HT with Dr Maral, I look forward to following your thread. :-)
  13. Hi BigDan21. The redness gradually faded, but it took around 3 months to get to the stage where it had completely gone, I kept my hair really short though so it was probably more noticeable than if I had left it to grow longer. You never regain the density you previously had as the FUE grafts taken from the back and sides of your head don't grow back, resulting thinner hair, which is why you can only realistically have two HT's before it gets too thin. Once the holes where the grafts were taken have closed up if your hair is quite thick it is not that noticeable. Regards, Uk43
  14. Hi BigDan21, I'd say it looks good for 1 month post op considering your skin complexion. As a comparison have a look at how red mine was at 1 month post op. Regards UK43