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  1. I've given it some more thought and just feel too uneasy about forehead reduction surgery, i watched a youtube of the procedure and was freaked out by seeing the patients bare skull and a hunk of flesh cut out. I don't want a scar on my hairline either, just seems too risky. Its also a more expensive procedure than the quotes i have for a 2500 - 2800 FUT procedure. The photoshop was just me mucking about, it is too low and straight and unrealistic. Bringing my hairline down just one inch or maybe a little more via fut is my plan.
  2. Hi 007 Thanks for your reply. Yes i had looked into the hairline surgery option but some posts about bad experiences and scaring scared me off. The promise of instant results is tempting and no worry about density, plus I would still have the FUT option after should I need to. I'll give it some more thought. Can you tell me what the ballpark cost would be?. You happy with your procedure ? Thanks again
  3. Wow inspiring results. I've had a high hairline my whole life too and am seriously looking at lowering it. You have great results but 3 procedures seems a lot of work and expensive. If you were starting all over again, would you go about it any different ?
  4. Thanks for the replies Icecreamman and chrisdav. The 50% figure is interesting, my hair is quite thick so perhaps thats all i need. I like the oak trees vs pine trees analogy too. Dr Path gave me a quote that to lower hairline about an inch, i would need around 2500 hairs "densely packed" at 95 baht per graft. I'm thinking about it and will get some more quotes in the meantime. The whole idea of lowering my hairline is a weird fascination that has me hooked, its something that up unti recently i thought i just had to live with.
  5. Check this out, I used a program like photoshop and drew myself a lowered hairline Just mucking around to see how it may look, im no photoshop expert though lol Am i being realistic wanting to lower my hairline in this way?
  6. Hi Icecreamman I've been in touch with Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich about getting an FUT to lower my naturally high hairline. He said the density they transplant in the front is between 40-50% or about 40-50 hair grafts per square cm (something about blood circulation being the reason he doesnt go higher). I'm concerned this will look silly and require to me go back for more surgery (and pay more money). Do you know how many grafts per square inch you had installed?
  7. I appreciate all your replies. I am in two minds about it, the density issue concerns me but I just know that a "normal" hairline would do a lot for my confidence. I'd be using the hairline to disguise a high forehead (long face) which puts my face proportions out of wack. I totally understand the view that I shouldn't be complaining considering the level balding that others have , i know im lucky to have what i have but this is something that has bugged me my whole life , and the thought of doing something about it really excites me. I've tried all kinds of haircuts and bangs and short etc but I've never been happy and find worrying about how my hair is sitting (especially when its longer) just takes too much energy and worry. I am put of by the thought of having to go back if its not thick enough, just seems like a scam to get more money out of me
  8. I have emailed Dr Path. He said lowering a hairline for a high forehead is possible but i have concerns about density as my real hair is thick . He said the density they transplant in the front is between 40-50% or about 40-50 hair grafts per square cm however, you are still unsatisfied with the initial density, you may do another session 1 year later after all the transplanted hairs have grown. I would be dissapointed if i had to go back for more surgery! I appreciate the perspective that it looks fine as is and i should save for when i start having hair loss, but i dont know if i ever will. Im 32 and think improving my hairline would be great for my confidence as having a high forehead as a child and teen resulted in bullying and insecurity which has stuck with me to this day. I spend way too much time worrying about how my head looks and the throught that it can be fixed excites me
  9. Wow man, congrats that looks awesome. I'm just starting my HT journey, your results are inspiring.
  10. I was born with a high hairline, lived with it my whole life yet don't want to anymore, this website has shown it can be fixed and i there are many supportive and helpful people here so i would like to introduce myself and join the discussion. Presently im considering going to Thailand for a holiday AND having FUT surgery from Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich. I want to lower my hairline, thats all, how many implants do you think i would need or how low should i go? What should I watch out for, my hair is thick, would implanted hair be thinner and look silly? Thanks for reading
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