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  1. hye buddy! i am on generic finasteride for last 8 months and frankly here are the results : 1- not helped the frontal hairline which has been looking worse. 2- scalp hair has not seen tragic fall as seen prior to finasteride use.I cant feel happy but satisfied by scalp condition. 3- mild side effects seen(say lack of libido) in first week and then that vanished. Personally speaking, be on finasteride for at least 1year before evaluating results. GOOD LUCK
  2. hello brotha, even i had similar loss when i was 20, now i am 23 and easily NW 3 and depressed. Even i thought my hairline was maturing but sadly i was going bald. DONT waste a single day start finasteride(either 0.5mg or 1mg by consulting the Doctor only) Educate yourself about the meds and have them. The best would be maintain the hair that you have got now . BEST OF LUCK
  3. I was referring to the regular coconut oil or any other oil that primarily moisturizes our hair. Thanks for your quick response mate
  4. @shabs88 Yes i am seeing thin hairs coming out.how long have you been on these meds ? did you have side effects because i dont have one ? @ agenteye I dont apply hair oil is that OK ? did you have side effects because i dont have one ?
  5. I am aged 23 been on the 2 meds(finasteride 0.5 mg/day and minox 1ce in night) for a month. shedding is evident. my hair has got worse . NO side effects though:o. already NW 4(jumped from 3 to 4 from last month). i dont apply hair oil at all because bald spaces appear. is it ok ? what have you all got to say ? HELP!!! :confused:
  6. guys does finasteride help young people who have history of NW 7's. yep i am on this track fearingly. coz for the coming 2 years i cant see transplant happening.
  7. guys i am on finasteride 1mg and minox 10% no side effects yet. little nervous if the drug is working
  8. hey dude i want to start finesteride now as i am already NW 3 so want to take it before its too late. how was you xperience with finesteride(side effects as well as hair maintainence) ?

    did you get it with prescription ?

  9. Thanks shankar for your comment on my pic.

    will go with your opinion.