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  1. ^not too sure about that. Apparently this guy went to Dr. Diep: Scar Stretching
  2. Hey, My Uncle lives in Manchester, UK and is interested in getting a hair transplant. He is willing to travel to New York (since I live in NJ). He also requested a doctor that uses Neograft (although I recommended ARTAS/FUE as I have read better reviews on that method). I wanted to know if you guys could provide me with with doctors in the UK/NY that perform FUE. He has diffuse thinning (and prob less than average donor area). BHT is also an option for him. Which doctors would fit those requirements? Does Farjo in Manchester perform FUE/BHT? Also I heard Hasson/Wong are having consultations in UK, can someone provide me with additional details on that? Thank you all so much for your help. Also I predict he would probably want a bigger session of 3,500 grafts+ (if donor permits) to hope to make it a one time procedure. Thanks again.
  3. I dont think fibers would help cover it too much especially if your hair is shaven. I would go for something like Couvre or DermMatch instead which sticks to your scalp. Good luck!
  4. gillenator- haha thanks! i'll post some more pics up in a month or so! also i think the quality of my hair has improved in general because before i would leave concealer on for days but i wash it out every night now. I make sure to condition daily and use vit e oil whenever i'm bumming at home. might be overdoing it but i'm ok with that haha
  5. Raymond2013- thanks for the reply and feedback man! i'm on a daily dose of .5mg.
  6. I use Nioxin (System 2) about three times a week, the shampoo and conditioner. Days in between I use a more natural shampoo and conditioner since Nioxin can be too drying for my hair for everyday use. When I do use it, it makes my hair look a lot thicker so I love it. Plus the conditioner always makes my hair feel clean especially since I'm a daily hair concealer user. It doesn't do anything to regrow hair and I don't believe I had any shedding from it. I believe all its good for is to maintain the quality of your existing hair and improve the condition of your scalp so that your hair remains healthy and manageable. If you're destined to lose your hair, Nioxin will not prevent that. Hope this helps!
  7. Hey Guys, Went to Dr. True last week for a 5month follow up. He says I'm progressing very nicely and is definitely happy with my improvement so far. Please check out the pics and let me know your thoughts. Been on Propecia and MSM supplement for 5 months. Thanks!
  8. also look into beard/body hair transplantation if you want to go down that route for additional coverage once your donor area is depleted
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys! I'm glad you all think I'm making great progress, its definitely reassuring since its hard not to keep staring in the mirror haha. Dr. True was aiming for 2000 but my donor zone was not as dense as he thought (only 55 cm^2) so I have a longer but as of now, very thin scar in which he got 1704 grafts. I feel like my left side above my ear has stretched a little, and I do have some shockloss still, but at 4 months only I'm hoping things will get better. The pics attached I took about a a week and a half ago.
  10. Gillenator- Thank you for the feedback , I definitely appreciate it and will keep the forum updated with my progress! BrianR- Although I'm a huge concealer user, I have not used any in the last pic. I have been on .5mg propecia and been using Nioxin shampoo which might be contributing to that illusion of density (or maybe no so much the Propecia yet). Also it looks like the lighting is a little different in both pics. I'll post more pics soon. Thanks for the feedback though!
  11. First 4 pics are before, last 4 are after 4 months. Please comment guys, thanks!
  12. Post-Op images. I apologize, I understand I'm posting all this a little backwards. The FUT procedure totaled 1704 grafts: 733 singles 875 doubles 96 threes
  13. Has anyone had experience with Fixplant hair concealer? Just been browsing around for new concealers since I've been using caboki and its becoming too expensive now ($40/bottle) and I feel like toppik does not provide the same type of coverage. I attached a pic of Fixplant. Thanks!
  14. i will be posting more pics soon! its almost 4 months since i had my transplant with dr. true..and im seeing some noticeable growth coming in which i'm excited about. im sorry about your bad experience man. i would definitely recommend true & dorin anyday!
  15. I travel frequently domestic and international...never had issues with security when bringing on toppik or caboki. the toppik bottle was the 10.3g one so im not sure if you would run into issues with a bigger bottle. hope this helps!
  16. my forehead swelled up a good amount a few days after my procedure and everything went back to normal in about a week. hang in there it will subside!
  17. Hey guys, So I had a HT mostly on the mid-frontal area on 10/26/12, and experienced some shockloss on my widows peak a few weeks later. I immediately started to see some dark color hair growing back, but after 2 months I really didnt notice it growing, it just grew maybe 1/4 inch and stayed that way. A few days ago those 1/4 inch hairs just disappeared (im assuming while showering) and its a little depressing because I was really looking forward for those hairs to grow back. Do you guys have any idea why it would grow a little like that, and just randomly fall out? Is there any chance for it to regrow again? Thanks in advance for the advice!
  18. Fading fast: Prince William’s hairline is receding as royal wedding nears. There is an solution says leading trichologist Gary Heron | The Hair Centre, Hair Loss Blog
  19. Outstanding work Dr. Lindsey thank you for sharing! One question I had was that, since I'm getting married soon having children is on my mind for the near future. I'm on Propecia but is it necessary to stop taking it when trying to have children? Please let me know your thoughts..thank you!
  20. yea the waiting game just simply sucks, but hopefully within the next month things will start looking up. good luck on your journey man.