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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. I can personally recommend taking a Biotin supplement, 10,000mg once a day in the morning with breakfast. I've been taking this now for several years and it really helps. Also, I use Alpacin C1 caffeine shampoo for a daily wash. Both of these products are available in India on Amazon. Good luck!
  2. Congrats, looks good! I also went to Dr Prashant Yadav back in January 2016, I had 3400 grafts, and I'm very happy with the results. Dr Prashant and his team were very good, and the procedure is exactly as you say. He does all the initial extraction, and then supervises his team while they do the implantation. He answers all questions before, during, and after the procedure, and then conducts a follow up appointment a week or two after the op. He's certainly one of the best now practicing in India.
  3. I agree, he's definitely the best at FUE in India now, I know several people who've been to him.
  4. Alejandro

    2 Years Post Surgery

    A couple of images of my current hair, approximately 2 years after my FUT procedure with Dr Radha.
  5. Punehero223, Thanks for your reply. I had a similar experience with Dr Radha, she was very good, as were her team, and I was happy with the results. I, too, need another session for my crown and temple areas, and I also didn't want another FUT procedure. I will be working in Pune for a couple of months and thought it would be easier, and cheaper, to have an FUE procedure there instead of travelling. But, Dr Prashant Yadav is not recommended by this forum, he seems to have no experience with foreign patients and for me that's a concern. I did contact him via email, sent him photos of my hair from all angles, and asked him for an initial opinion on how many grafts he thought I needed. I also asked him whether he had performed FUE procedures on foreign clients from US, Europe, America, or Australia, and whether he would be willing to provide photos of those clients, and also whether I could contact them for their experiences. He replied to me about what he could do for me, how many grafts I needed, the process of coming to his clinic for a consultation, and that he does have experience of foreign clients, BUT, he didn't provide any proof whatsoever. He didn't provide photos of his foreign clients' procedures, nor did he provide any contact information for his 'satisfied' foreign clients. To be honest, it doesn't inspire much confidence in me, he may be a very decent and competent doctor but if he's not prepared to stand by his statements, or put his potential clients' minds at ease, then it's simply not worth the risk for me. I'd rather save up a bit more and go to Dr Bhatti in Chandigarh, he is now considered the best HT doc in India for FUE, I know several foreign clients who have gone to him and report excellent experiences. He was more than willing to provide all information requested. I guess there is a reason why Dr Yadav is not recommended by this forum and it has nothing to do with money (as others have suggested). If it was a case of paying to be listed on this site, one would think Dr Yadav would pay the cost as part of his marketing budget, and also because he wanted to attract international clients and thus boost his reputation. But, I'd definitely like to hear about your experiences with Dr Yadav after your surgery, and if you could please post some photos too that would be much appreciated. I'm interested to see your results later on too. I wish you the best of luck, I hope your procedure goes smoothly and that you achieve great results.
  6. Thanks for your reply. I'm going to be based in Pune for work and so thought that it might be easier (and a bit cheaper) to just find a doctor there, they are considerably cheaper than Mumbai or flying to another city. I had my first HT with Dr Radha back in 2013, so I know her and she is good. Obviously I have been seriously considering Dr Bhatti, he is considered the best in India now for FUE. I'm still interested to find out more about Dr Yadav, I've not read anything bad about him, nor anything brilliant, and he's not on the list of recommended HT doctors here. He doesn't seem to have any experience with foreign patients (that I know of) and there are no gallery photos from guys from US, Europe, or Australia who have visited him. So.....
  7. Hello guys, Do any of you know whether Dr Yadav has had experience with US, European, or Australian clients? I've not managed to find any info on his wider experiences, only on Dr Bhatti and Dr Radha Rani. I had an FUT procedure with Dr Rani back in 2013, she was very good, the results were good but now I need a 'top up' and I'll be working in Pune so would prefer to stay local and not have to fly across the country. Also, Dr Yadav doesn't seem to meet the standards for being recommended by HRSN, is there any reason why or is it just a lack of info? Thanks
  8. I've found the Now biotin to be excellent quality, can't recommend them enough. The best though is usually the Solgar brand, considered the 'Rolls Royce' of supplements, but very pricey.
  9. Depending on the dose per tablet, four at one time sounds like too much so no wonder you felt like shite. The ideal dosage is 5000mcg per tablet, twice a day (one in the morning with food, likewise in the evening).
  10. Yup, you're right, I've corrected my values in my recent post. It is 5000mcg which I take twice daily, so 10,000mcg in total, and as you correctly point out the ideal dosage for hair loss. I've been getting good results with this, but I also think the quality of the biotin makes a difference.
  11. Yup, you're right, I stand corrected. Therefore, I'm currently taking 5000mcg TWICE daily, one in the morning with breakfast, and one in the evening with dinner. Seems to really help.
  12. Hi guys, the quoted doses of 2.5mg and 5mg are virtually useless. You need to be taking at least 5000mg/day for the biotin to be effective. I've been taking the Now Biotin, with veggie caps, for the last nine months and find them to be very effective. I've just returned from 4.5 months of living and working in India and I can tell you that Now brand biotin is not available there, as far as I know, but it is available through Amazon (which is where I order mine from). I can't recommend this product highly enough. It's excellent quality, with a sufficiently high dose, and for Indians who are strictly veg, they use a veggie capsule.
  13. Hi guys, there is no evidence for biotin controlling hair loss, but, there is plenty of empirical evidence that it promotes faster hair and nail growth. I've been taking 5000mg/day for the past nice months now and Ive noticed both my hair and nails growing faster, i.e I've had to trim my nails more frequently, and visit the barber more often.
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    Some images of my head post-operation.