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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    10 years +
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    Norwood VI
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    I'm here for support

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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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    Nizoral Shampoo
  1. You have done your research , you have chosen the right doctor , the doctor does no wrong , yet you do not get the results you want - Under what circumstances does a HT Fail - before doing a HT ,are there any check ups / blood tests etc which can point out that a HT might fail??
  2. All the best Krish - its true you are very lucky that you are from vizag - Dr Radha is definately one of the best HT docs in India - So by the way how many grafts did she finally Manage??
  3. Hey Coolbay , Hope the healing Process is coming on well - it would be nice if you could update with some pics , how many grafts you got etc- All the best.
  4. Hello Everyone , after lurking around these forums & taking advice , i have started my regimen , of course on the prescription of a dermatologist - as i am 39 & nearly a norwood 6 with poor donor hair characteristics , i thought of delaying my HT for the time being - My Regimen is 1 mg finex 3 times a week , amexidil 5 % spray 2 times a day , Mintop 10% foam 2 times a day on weekends( these are indian brands - hope their effect is the same) , biotin cap 1 a day - Hope it does help me to improve my donor hair & also some new growth if possible - I want to thank all the mods here who replied to me while i started thinking about my HT & their inputs have been invaluable to me.Will try & document my progress , if i get some good results.
  5. Wow Excellent results by the Meds - I am 40 years old & norwood 6 - Just started the Big 3 around 2 weeks back , i will be happy to get even half the result this guy has.Lucky Chap.
  6. Dear CoolBay All the Best Coolbay , My Hair Loss pattern is exactly the same as yours & am from mumbai , please post your experiences as to how it goes - are they going to use any Body Hair on your scalp or will your donor hair be enough , your donor hair looks good enough ,so your lucky in that sense - All the best & keep us posted to how it goes.
  7. Fantastic Work Dr Radha as always - Looks Totally Natural - Keep up the good work.
  8. Since i might not be a good canditate for a HT due to having thin & weak donor hair , i was wondering if i should go in for stem cell therapy for hair regrowth- I have gone on medications just recently namely the Big 3 to get some sought of improvement - Can i do a stem cell procedure in conjunction with the big 3 - please note that if i was a candidate for a HT , i would not have thought about stem cell at all - Another thing if after sometime , if there is a improvement in my donor hair & i find a good surgeon for HT - will it be possible for me to undergo HT after trying out stem cell therapy - Any & all help will be appreciated.
  9. I usually keep my head shaved , was wondering if its OK to use Nizoral 1% on a shaved head twice a week.
  10. Thanks Nagen for the reply , I appreciate your Honest Opinion , Thats whats this forum is all about , Glad i found it ,instead of getting conned in the market - I am 39 , have lived with Baldness for around 6-8 years now & have embraced it & so has my wife -lol - She thinks i look nice with a Buzz Cut No 1 - So its not a problem for me - But in future if some miracle cure which is easy does come out then i would definately Go for it - Thanks Again Pal.
  11. Thanks for the reply blake - I Myself was pretty sure that i might not be a suitable canditate for Hair Transplant - Am so glad i found this forum , where you can find honest answers from people like you who are really concerned - It stops you getting conned & In India right now there are everyday in the newspapers full page ads related just to hair restoration- Creams , Hair Transplants , Stem Cell Etc - it can get very confusing to take the right decision. I would abslutely love to discuss more potential hair restoration treatments - Though i have embraced my Baldness for years now & have no problem living with it - But i always wonder what i would look like with more hair - Also at this stage , do you think Minoxidil / rogaine / propecia / nizoral would help in any way ??
  12. Thank You David for your advice - Have taken your suggestion & have done online consultation including sending pics to both Dr Madhu & Dr Radha - Have also put up my pics on another thread ( am i candidate for HT) - do check them & give your views - Thanks once again