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  1. Thanks for your reply ontop! Yeah, I'm going to just try and ride it out. I'm aware I need to give the medication time to work. But if this routine doesn't at least slow down my hair loss, I know I am doomed. I am now thinking I should up my dutasteride dosage to everyday and drop finasteride. As I'm aware that taking it everyday supressed around 90% DHT if I'm not mistaken, just hope the sides don't get too intense again! I will give an update in due course whether medication has worked...
  2. Hello all, After getting a second hair transplant last year (repair), over the course of the year 2014 my hair loss got gradually worse, to the point where I was no longer able to take finasteride for several months due to brain fog at the end of the year. I made a commitment at the start of 2015 to take control and not let it get any worse. So I got back on finasteride, switched brands from Finpecia to Dr Reddy's Finax and have added 5-HTP to my routine for serotonin levels. So far this seems to be working . I also bought Dr Reddy's Dutas, which I have started taking the last 3 weeks (once a week, finasteride other 6 days). I have been using 15% Dual-Gen (no PG) around the same time as restarting finasteride, initially for use in morning and night, but now just once a day in morning, and in the last week have added RU solution to my routine for use at night. The last week or so my hair has become noticeably thinner on the crown area, and I can see a lot of hair coming out in one go during washing. I believed shedding due to Dutasteride would occur later and not this early. Should I continue my routine and ride it out? Any additional comments welcome. Thank you!
  3. Can anyone comment on the weblink below. Has this any correlation to hair cloning? I am aware that hair is a lot more complex to clone that skin, but it seems encouraging, considering some of the press releases over the last year or so, with Dr Christiano et al. Scientists use cloning to make stem cells matched to two adults
  4. Thanks for the advice! Yes, got sutures out relatively well apart from the tricky corner ends. Have started applying vitamin E and Bio Oil (which also contains vitamin E) on the scar and will update you with progress in due course. Thanks again!
  5. I am just back in UK from Virginia after my hair transplant with Dr Lindsey. I am now on day 6, meaning tomorrow I get my stitches out. My case was a little less straightforward than most hence why Spex recommended me to go over to the States and have Dr Lindsey and his team attempt to repair me. This was after my first failed hair transplant by Dr Westwood from the Hospital Group. My previous case link is here: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/167720-another-bad-experience-hospital-group.html After gaining further knowledge over the past year and consulting with several in field experts, including Dr Farjo in the UK, and with the numerous messages back on forth with Spex, I got the impression that I might not be able to get to how I wanted to look due to my bad asymmetrical scar and low density wiry hair on the front of my head. But after doing my research, and knowing I didn’t have too many options, I found that Dr Lindsey is an expert in scar repairs and with my research on this forum I was impressed with his previous work, so I went for the plunge. I was booked in with Dr Lindsey for the surgery on the Monday 6th January 2014, so decided to fly over on the Friday to take in the great sites that nearby Washington D.C. had to offer. Unfortunately, that day was a disaster and I took ill with severe stomach flu, and was sick on the plane over to Dulles and eventually had to get an ambulance at the airport to take me to hospital. I remained in hospital till Sunday morning, managed to be discharged in time to rush for my pre-surgery meeting with Dr Lindsey at his office in McLean. He seemed optimistic about my case, and stated I was in a better state than he thought I would be in, he even thought I may have to be refunded as he thought I may have paid for too many grafts! Dr Lindsey gave me a prescription for valium and some pain tablets to get along with my other prescriptions I got from the hospital at the local CVS pharmacy across the road. We agreed for me to come back the next for surgery at 7:30am, pending how I was feeling. I was sick again that night, and wasn't hopeful with only a few hours before I had to go, but it was amazing how much better I felt after a shower, light breakfast and medications. Got the surgery and we agreed on my hairline, which I had wanted lowered. We agreed on a line between where he and I wanted it, which I now think looks acceptable. The whole other process got underway as the rest of the team came in for my surgery. I had a lot of pain with my last surgery, as I don’t feel they gave me enough anesthetic, but credit to Dr Lindsey and his team they constantly asked me if I could feel anything with the needles and even during the cutting out of my donor area and old scar. Although I apparently bled a lot more than average, it was suspected that I had been given ibuprofen previously while in hospital. The whole process was a joy, as I listened to some classic rock on radio, which Dr Lindsey and I, both have a fondness for, and even found myself falling asleep during the surgery. I felt a little sick as we finished, but I guess that was due to the anesthetic wearing off, but Dr Lindsey and his team never rushed me. I went back the following day to have my bandages removed by the nurse and came back again on Thursday for a clean-up and inspection by Dr Lindsey before my flight. This made me feel valued and gave me the impression Dr Lindsey and his team take great pride in their work and want to see good results just as much as you do. I plan to travel to the States next year and visit Dr Lindsey for a check-up while I’m there… I hope I’ve grown well and healed by then… I know this was a bit a read, but this has been a long road to get to here. So thanks again to Spex, and the help and advice I’ve received along the way and most importantly to Dr Lindsey and his team.
  6. Thanks for your comments muttley. I had also heard that Westwood has since quit, and heard that Tarquin is now a sales rep for Ziering. Other than Farjo, there's no way I would ever consider getting surgery done in the UK ever again! I hope you have since been able to get your hair repaired to satisfactory standard and are able to live your life again. I remember, before I got my transplant all I would think about was my hair recession, how people would perceive me and how I just wanted it fixed - now it's the regret of being talked and pressured into the surgery at a young age.
  7. Hi guys, over the past few months my hair loss seems to be getting worse. This is probably because I was off propecia in this time due to the sexual side effects I gave me (loss of erection and loss of libido), but I'm back on it now but only taking a 1/4 a day along with my 2 x a day minoxidil foam. I read online that various other 'theories' can help with hair loss/sexual side effects So I've bought zinc (as I read a lack of zinc in body can increase hair loss and zinc can act as an alpha 5 inhibitor - taking 1 every second day). Emu oil and caster oil as I've read these can thicken your hair and help with regrowth. I use nizoral shampoo too. Does anyone know if these do have a record of success? and Is there anything else that can help? I've read the following can help, but I don't know what to use them for in terms of dosage and in terms of working with the other vitamins. Copper to complement zinc Magnesium Iron Saw palmetto Ginkgo Biloba, Korean/Siberian Ginseng L-Arginine More exercise (weight training, cardiovascular training) Or even food that contains these vitamins/minerals? Thanks
  8. Hi guys, I'm back!!! Reason for the delay in update is that I was in between jobs and didn't know what was happening financially. Since then I have seen Farjo in the UK and he told me I would need 2200 grafts, but probably at least 3000 for lowering my hairline too, which is a risk considering my hair behind the transplanted hair does appear to be thinner than I once was. He did say I had about 8000 follicles left at current. Still can't really afford another hair transplant but am in a better position now and am willing to go through with it depending on the options, as I clearly need this sorted now. I am keen to hear from Spex again, and see if he can help or advise?!
  9. This is a little embarrassing, and I don't really like sharing information like this, but I am worried. I was intimate with a girl last night and during the business my penis went limp. The girl got really offended - and I knew straight away it must have been propecia (Merck), as this is one of the side effects. I have taken propecia since August, 3 days a week (Mon, Wed, Fri). I had bought the tablets a while back but never took them because I was cautious about the side effects, for that reason. Seriously I couldn't get it up again once it went down, this has never happened to me before and now I'm worried, because I only take it 3 days a week. My question is if I stop using it, should I be able to maintain a normal erection again, since I've only been on it roughly 4 months? Should I stop using it? What are the alternatives? I already use minoxidil and nizoral (I've heard debatable things about Saw Palmetto and carrying viagra at 23 y.o is dodgy). Your help would be much appreciated and please no laughing.
  10. Thanks again for the feedback guys. I am positive I will get it sorted at some point, however as I said before, its now about saving up for the procedure, and taking the time to make sure I choose the right option this time. Although from the extensive reading and watched videos, I can tell that the listed surgeons on this thread, come with vast experience and great results. Would be interested in hearing what Spex has to say on this??? I did message him but havn't heard anything yet... I am also wondering how many more people really have been disfigured or disatisfied with results from the Hospital Group? I'm guessing there's a lot more that aren't even registered on these 'hair community' forums. It really is sickening that they have sold the same dream and lied to so many of us!
  11. I know this might have been asked before, but I couldn't any thread containing this information. My current batch of propecia (1mg) has ended and am looking to buy some more, but don't want to pay the ridiculous high prices that a lot of places are charging. Am also cautious about using generic propecia. Some of the sites I've looked at look dodgy and want to buy from somewhere that is recommeneded and doesn't need a prescription. Your knowledge and advice would be appreciated...
  12. I personally hated the Kirkland stuff. Granted it was cheap - but when I first started using it, it gave me dandruff/residue for the first couple of weeks. Then over the course of 2 years it made my scalp very sore and itchy. Since switched to Regaine Foam and although still gives me the occasional red scalp, its nowhere near as bad, or messy!
  13. Thanks for the further replies spex, chrisdav and bigcow. Spex, I was actually planning on messaging you before at some point as I know you are a respected member of the online community. I've finally been able to attach some photo's for feedback, but as I said before don't be too harsh! Will try and upload some more at a different angle at a later stage; http://i1343.photobucket.com/albums/o795/Rocket_Man10/GalaxyS3-October2012240_zps59943ab7.jpg http://i1343.photobucket.com/albums/o795/Rocket_Man10/GalaxyS3-October2012239_zpsf4a09c96.jpg http://i1343.photobucket.com/albums/o795/Rocket_Man10/GalaxyS3-October2012244_zps76362e18.jpg http://i1343.photobucket.com/albums/o795/Rocket_Man10/GalaxyS3-October2012243_zps0b5ff5fc.jpg