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  1. In my experience, spending some time in the inverted position each day does improve blood circulation to the scalp and helps slow down hair loss. It's also very good for your mind and general well being. You don't need to hang upside down - the shoulder stand position is good enough. I take medication (including minoxidil) and can tell you that my baseline daily hair loss is noticeably less if I'm spending 5 mins per day in the inverted position. I think it genuinely helps prolong the hair growth cycle.
  2. Yep, the baldness gene never sleeps You can also add Michael Caine and Stevie Wonder into the mix.
  3. Yes, go ahead and do it.........you won't regret it and it will give you peace of mind.
  4. Outstanding result and a great example of how to use beard hair to expand the donor supply.
  5. Yes, you can go for a 2nd hair transplant and fill in the crown as long as you continue to use beard hair. If I was in your situation I would definitely go for it, no doubt about it.
  6. LOL..........as always the devil is in the details "There isn't enough evidence to suggest that it (Sandalore) can stop or even reverse the effects of male and female pattern hair loss" "There is no scientific evidence that suggests this product will reduce ,inhibit or even block DHT from binding to the hair follicle receptor" 'Nuff said
  7. The wig reference in that clip is just a lighthearted joke and Macca's own natural hair has never been in doubt. He is however suffering from some thinning and his hair is not as lustrous as it used to be. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5072885/Paul-McCartney-displays-thinning-hair-London.html
  8. Only in the dry form..........brewed coffee has waaay more caffeine than brewed tea.
  9. I think you're making good progress. You were pretty much slick bald in the "before" photos and you had a large area to cover.
  10. The active ingredient in Aindeem is 1mg finasteride. Unless I'm missing something here, Aindeem is just Propecia under a different name?
  11. The short answer is that no, it doesn't cause any scarring. However, if you have sensitive skin (which I have) and have a lot of hair extracted (>1000) the area can look red and blotchy for a few months. In-grown hairs can also be a problem and take time to clear. I had a lot of hair extracted and found that it took around 4 months for everything to clear and get a nice even skin tone again. The unexpected up-sides (apart from the net gain of hair on the scalp) is that the skin appears more youthful due to the reduction in the eleven o'clock shadow and I no longer have to shave everyday. .
  12. Yes, it's important that beard hair is evenly extracted to avoid any patchy effects With regards to redness, I found that using tea tree oil was great for restoring a nice even skin tone. Using a face wash with salicyclic acid and exfoliating the skin with an alum block after shaving also helps.
  13. Yes, but the transection rate should be negligible - particularly for scalp hair.