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  1. 4th Month Update. been 4 months now and I'm starting to see hair growth...I think its all go0d so far! taken these pics under a good overhead light.
  2. thank you and so true. Since all the hair I have now is transplanted. And being a norwood7 and having retrograde alopecia, my sides and nape have thinned so much! I thank God for HT’s. So far in my journey I have had great results. I’m positive of this outcome. I’m also looking at Smp in the future or have hair transplanted in the scar.
  3. For beard they said they could extract in excess of 3000 grafts. However the nature of beard hair is quite different from scalp and could have issues like see through. For the frontal area pics please see the thread of my HT with Dr Bhatti in my opening post.
  4. Never experienced any spots. It healed well. Now this might differ from person to person. Thankfully for me my skin heals well without leaving any scars. I grow out my beard at times and I also shave clean!
  5. I think I have maxed out on my donor. Bhatti was conservative and rightly so. Eugenix did take the beard grafts out of necessity. according to them and also my previous transplants, the caliber of my hair is very good. and I also have retrograde alopecia, so I have my hair miniaturized at the nape and sides. since Bhatti had used 500+ beard grafts the last time around and they grew well, so that was also a factor for Dr Bansal in the usage of beard grafts.
  6. Good Evening Everybody. I have had two transplants already. I am/ Was a Norwood 6, with retrograde alopecia. I had my first transplant in 2012 with Dr Madhu. FUT https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/31136-hair-transplant-with-dr-madhu2700-fut/ My second HT was with Dr Bhatti, in 2018 to add density to my hairline and upto the mid scalp. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/52308-hair-transplant-with-dr-tejinder-bhatti-darling-buds-chandigarh/ My Final HT was with Eugenix Yesterday. We managed to get 1650 Scalp Grafts + 400 Beard Grafts. Dr B
  7. So I had my, what I believe, Final HT, to address the crown. I did it with Eugenix on 8th August 2019, with Dr Bansal designing the crown, and slits and the rest by the other doctors. will have a new thread with all the details to help anyone following me on my HT journey. 1650 Scalp Grafts + 400 Beard Grafts.
  8. Thanks for tht question. If You have been following this thread it’s obvious tht I’m more than happy with my experience and results with dr Bhatti. However since you asked I assume it’s not obvious. Among other factors, I’m on an annual vacation in Mumbai my hometown. And a few other reason which wont allow me to travel to Chandigarh. Eugenix is right here. Hope tht helps. I absolutely would recommend dr bhatti to anyone.
  9. It all looks great! I'm sure its going to be a great result!! All the best again!!
  10. So Finally Have my procedure scheduled with Dr Arika Bansal, in Mumbai, this 8th August! This would be my final procedure and I'm excited and nervous yet again. with my depleted donor, it would be a mixture of beard and scalp grafts. and I trust Dr Bansal's Expertise at Eugenix to get me great results, as I have had in the past with Dr Bhatti. Will keep all members posted on the developments.
  11. Updates to my HT: In Mumbai at the moment and probably this would be my final HT. Have to get the crown done. I visited Eugenix, met with Dr Bansal. So she had a look at my donor area and says I could probably have 2000/2200 grafts ( Scalp + Beard). I have yet to receive date for my transplant. I did also check with Dr Bhatti, however, for certain reasons I wouldn't be able to do the final procedure with him. Will keep yu posted on the outcomes for those following this thread.
  12. Thank you! Yes I’m really excited at the outcome. Also the fact tht I can officially get to the “not bald” status soon!! 😊
  13. 7th Month Update: It has been 7 months now. have been very busy with work and wanted to post updates but have been delaying it for a while. I have managed a few images though once again not of the greatest quality, I'm extremely happy with how things have progressed. firstly, after my first transplant one major issue I had was , the hair was thin and I dreaded going out in the open. The slightest wind would blow my hair straight. up and that was horrible!!!! Now, I no longer wear my cap everywhere.. wind is not an issue anymore..I can style my hair..and use a hair stylin
  14. DAY 19 UPDATE: The Scabs are gone..no pain...the donor area is sensitive, no much though. The transplanted hair are probably shedding. My screen from my previous strip transplant with Dr Madhu, is not too bad. I however have retrograde Alopecia, which sucks really as I have hair receding at the nape and sides. I plan to do Some SMP with the fue, so lets see how that can work for me. Any one with retrograde Alopecia, offer me some suggestions? What I plan to do is cover the scar, f possible with SMP and also have SMP done in a fade at the nape. this is what I have in mind not su
  15. Hi panamera13, i have had a transplant earlier where my hairline was created. It was zigzag. My procedure now was to add density to the frontal region n get some coverage at the mid scalp.
  16. There you go.. had the Procedure today..it went really well. couldn't get max grafts: the final count was 2016 scalp grafts 517 beard grafts: Total hair count: 807 Triplets, 930 doubles, 519 singles, 517 beard grafts 5317 Hair///// the plan was same as earlier, to add density to the frontal region and cover the midscale till the transition point. Good thing Dr Bhatti mentioned I can have another 1200 grafts next time and finish the crown. the staff is highly trained..Dr Bhatti was great..and I think its a great job. Now the wait begins. will update every step! Not
  17. Hi Melvin, The procedure is scheduled for tomorrow. Will update here post the procedure. Best Regards
  18. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/31136-hair-transplant-with-dr-madhu2700-fut/?tab=comments#comment-483232 Following My First HT with Dr Madhu, I have decided to have my procedure with Dr Bhatti. After My initial consultation online, I'm here, in Chandigarh. had a good flight from Dubai, Dr Bhatti had arranged for a pick up and that part couldn't have been smoother. Had a meeting with Dr Bhatti this afternoon. The setup is very impressive, a two story building. Dr Bahtti himself, A very likeable person, you instantly know he is pretty sure of what he says and does!
  19. Have finally decided to go for a second round of FUE..this time it would be with Dr Bhatti. I have a procedure scheduled with Dr Bhatti this Friday, 28th. Im excited and nervous..I hope for maximum grafts but then Its Dr Bhatti's call. Ill keep the group posted should some of you be interested in my journey! Ill post a link to a separate thread of my journey with Dr Bhatti. Wish me Luck guys! Best Regards Steven
  20. HI Guys, After a long time. I'm back to this Forum. I was pretty active before my transplant, looking for every bit of info I could find on the subject and most importantly, reviews on Dr Madhu since I was more or less decided to have it done in India, being from India. I had started losing my hair at the age of 18..slowly but surely..the most frustrating thing in my life and it managed to destroy my self image..I struggled with it forvever..and back home a bald/balding man is the butt of all jokes!!! references are always about ur balding head, n that included family/fri
  21. HI 7 months complete and im really happy so far. Is it satisfactory? yes is my hair dense? no but got more than i had hoped for for 2700 grafts! from a Norwood 6 to here im very happy ... will surely go for a second procedure at the end of the year to finish the crown and if possible add density.
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