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  1. Yea, I've been thinking about it. I've never really kept my hair all that short. What would ultra short mean? The lowest I've gone is maybe a 3 on the barber scale. Yield is definitely my biggest concern. I'd like to get the most fullness possible within the restrictions available.
  2. The problem is, experts are so specialized, it's hard to go by what they say. If I go to an FUE doctor, they will swear their method is a better option, while FUT doctors, mainly in the States, will still swear by that. If I get an FUE, it won't be in the US most likely, so I'll have to go with a specialized doctor. Due to certain constraints, and based off of a number of other recommendations, it seems like FUT might be a better procedure for me, but it's hard to decide by what the docs themselves say.
  3. I was 19, had just showered so my hair was kind of wet. My mom looked at me and said, "too bad, looks like you're going bald like your father." She said it so casually, and just went about her business. I was floored. Pretty much cried that whole night. My mother couldn't understand why I was so bothered. She married my dad when he was already pretty bald, so for her it's never been an issue. I told her to be a bit more sensitive from then on, the "B" word is a trigger word for me.
  4. First of all: thank you all for your sage and honest advice. I really appreciate it. To answer the first question: yes, I am on meds (although have been on and off, and currently 3x a week 1mg) and it may be the reason why my hairloss has been so gradual over the last few years; and yes, I plan on having multiple surgeries over the course of my life as my hair loss progresses more over time. I'm very fortunate to have a fairly good and solid career trajectory that pays me pretty well, so I expect that my future isn't too uncertain in that regard. I'm prepared for what I may have to do in
  5. It's less that there are vested interests in keeping the status quo, but just that it's more costly to find a new and more permanent solution than just keeping the current cash-cow going. Investments in new medicine or new forms of treatment are extremely expensive and have uncertain long-term profit scenarios. Besides doing the 10+ years or research, then comes the issue of trying to get it through the proper regulatory bodies that give it a stamp of approval and then getting it to market. Getting that kind of funding is really tough. It's much easier to just stick to what is happening now an
  6. Updated with photos Keep in ind I purposely messed up my hair a bit so it's significantly thinner looking than when I style it. Would love to know what people here would recommend in terms of graft #s. Leaning on that 4000 or so, but maybe I can taper that number down if people feel it's too much. Thanks!
  7. Hello all, I've been scoping this forum for years now, and have posted quite a bit. I've made a post similar to this a year ago, but have come to try and ask one final time. I'm 30 years old, have been slowly balding since I was about 20 or so. The progress has been pretty slow, that I am still just about a N3 moving to maybe a N4 (have noticed that my crown is now thinned a bit). My front has receded quite a bit over the years,* I'm determined to get a hair transplant and have been for maybe over 6 or so years now. Money has been the biggest issue, but I am now fortunate to have a job th
  8. I underwent some heavy shedding starting two months ago or so, about 6 months after starting monoxidil. I began monxidil liquid and then about 3-4 months later started using just the foam (around perhaps december?) By March I noticed an intense amount of shedding. It seems to have slowed down, but I still notice a lot of hairs when I apply the foam. I am fearing that perhaps I am not putting enough foam on my head... but I feel like I do put on a substantial amount.
  9. Been taking Proscar 1/4 pill EOD for the past year. I'm guessing it has slowed my hair loss significantly since I would be far deeper in my hair loss process by now I think. I am now starting monoxidil, hoping to see something from that, maybe some good amount of regrowth and thickening. Oh and no notable sexual side-effects. Admittedly, I am pretty young and quite active (I workout intensively 5-6 days a week). In fact, I would say my libido is in hyper drive. I have the *urge* come along quite often.
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