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  1. Yea, I've been thinking about it. I've never really kept my hair all that short. What would ultra short mean? The lowest I've gone is maybe a 3 on the barber scale. Yield is definitely my biggest concern. I'd like to get the most fullness possible within the restrictions available.
  2. The problem is, experts are so specialized, it's hard to go by what they say. If I go to an FUE doctor, they will swear their method is a better option, while FUT doctors, mainly in the States, will still swear by that. If I get an FUE, it won't be in the US most likely, so I'll have to go with a specialized doctor. Due to certain constraints, and based off of a number of other recommendations, it seems like FUT might be a better procedure for me, but it's hard to decide by what the docs themselves say.
  3. I was 19, had just showered so my hair was kind of wet. My mom looked at me and said, "too bad, looks like you're going bald like your father." She said it so casually, and just went about her business. I was floored. Pretty much cried that whole night. My mother couldn't understand why I was so bothered. She married my dad when he was already pretty bald, so for her it's never been an issue. I told her to be a bit more sensitive from then on, the "B" word is a trigger word for me.
  4. First of all: thank you all for your sage and honest advice. I really appreciate it. To answer the first question: yes, I am on meds (although have been on and off, and currently 3x a week 1mg) and it may be the reason why my hairloss has been so gradual over the last few years; and yes, I plan on having multiple surgeries over the course of my life as my hair loss progresses more over time. I'm very fortunate to have a fairly good and solid career trajectory that pays me pretty well, so I expect that my future isn't too uncertain in that regard. I'm prepared for what I may have to do in the future. Ive never shaved my head and to be honest, have never even really considered it as an option. I can't predict the me in 20 or 30 years, and I don't know that I can even pretend to. In many ways all of my actions now will have a repercussion, but I think I ultimately have to make momentary decisions (especially, tbh, to maximize my youth). That said, this is something I have considered for almost a decade now. I know that hair loss does not stop, and I can see family members and where they have progressed. I would say my hairloss has been similar to my father's, who, from sight alone, has quite a healthy donor amount (I've even joked with him that he could probably get a lot of his hair back with an HT, though he has no interest at 65 and married for over 30 years). In addition: what can I expect for recovery for an FUT? From what I have heard, FUE has a better kind of recovery, but the yield mentioned seems to be a bigger concern. I'm very into fitness, to be honest, and it would suck to miss out on it for too long. Presentability at work is a concern, but I'm fortunate that my firm isn't too strict about office facetime and I know people who have done stints of working from home for a week or so. You all make a strong case for FUT, and maximizing my donor is definitely a concern here (and perhaps my biggest concern, and something I've heard repeatedly). Thanks all, and I appreciate any further comments that come along!
  5. It's less that there are vested interests in keeping the status quo, but just that it's more costly to find a new and more permanent solution than just keeping the current cash-cow going. Investments in new medicine or new forms of treatment are extremely expensive and have uncertain long-term profit scenarios. Besides doing the 10+ years or research, then comes the issue of trying to get it through the proper regulatory bodies that give it a stamp of approval and then getting it to market. Getting that kind of funding is really tough. It's much easier to just stick to what is happening now and get your money that way. It's a big problem in the health care industry and in many others as well (like in the energy field). Yes, vested interests can get in the way often, but I wouldn't think of a cabal of people coming together to block something; they really don't have to since the hill to climb to get something new is so high to begin with. This is all the standard short-term profit margins getting in the way of long-term solutions.
  6. Updated with photos Keep in ind I purposely messed up my hair a bit so it's significantly thinner looking than when I style it. Would love to know what people here would recommend in terms of graft #s. Leaning on that 4000 or so, but maybe I can taper that number down if people feel it's too much. Thanks!
  7. Hello all, I've been scoping this forum for years now, and have posted quite a bit. I've made a post similar to this a year ago, but have come to try and ask one final time. I'm 30 years old, have been slowly balding since I was about 20 or so. The progress has been pretty slow, that I am still just about a N3 moving to maybe a N4 (have noticed that my crown is now thinned a bit). My front has receded quite a bit over the years,* I'm determined to get a hair transplant and have been for maybe over 6 or so years now. Money has been the biggest issue, but I am now fortunate to have a job that pays me pretty well and so I figure I may finally go through with it. I know the big names on this forum, and have met/gotten consultation with a number of them. I'm looking to do maybe around 4K on it, mainly focused on the front and build some on the back. My question is: which method, why and who? I feel like I have locked it down to a few names: Hasson/Wong and Erdogan being my main candidates. The issue is: FUT or FUE. I've followed the discussions back and forth on here, so I'm not looking for people to litigate them on here again. The scar issue is a factor for me, since I'd rather not have to deal with that and hence thinking toward FUE with potentially Erdogan (please send me recommends if you think it would be better to go with someone else). Travel is an issue: I work quite a bit and would need to maybe schedule a vacation in order to go through with it. But I've also recently thought that as my first surgery, and perhaps my age, maybe an FUT might be better? Quality is also an issue, as I've heard that doctors in Turkey rely more heavily on technicians and am worried about regulatory issues about it. Nevertheless, the doctors on here seem pretty stellar over all given the reviews people have left. Given my context, I was wondering what some on here have to say? Nothing too short and again, no need to relitigate the basics, just looking for some input and advising on the process of picking. Thank you all and thank you for this site being a great help in this process. *Photos to come
  8. Just to add a quick retort: I'd be wary of any scientific studies posted on news media. Especially ones like Daily Mail. They pick only those studies that would be the biggest attention grabbers (and anything related to ED and hair loss would be, both for those suffering one or both but also those who will find the topic "humorous"). It's come out that in the majority of these sits, the studies posted were reported haphazardly and without proper vetting mechanisms. Not to say that this article is wrong. Seems like there is plenty of reason to think it would be correct. But, any time outlets like Daily Mail come out with some report on research, I would read it with a skeptical eye.
  9. The thing is, this study doesn't really tell us anything that we don't already know: there is (at least) ~2% risk of ED when taking fin. The study here seems to be well within that number. Is fin dangerous, possibly and likely. I've been on and off for quite a while. To what extent it causes ED or PED? That seems still to be really determined.
  10. I went off of it and went oral route. It was causing an obscene amount of irritation to my scalp, especially given the minox. I didn't notice any shedding after 3 months + so I was worried it wasn't working. I'll see if I get shedding from restarting oral.
  11. For those who had FUTs: how quickly after did you guys begin to be physically active again without fear that it would effect the scar healing?
  12. So, in terms of doing research, I was wondering how people here began? There seems to be a lot of results posted here and on the website of recommended docs and they all seem really great and varied (in terms of the type of loss). I have a sense of who the doctors that do large scale surgeries are vs. those more conservative (I have considered Erdogan, but am a bit worried by how aggressive he is with the amount). How to ascertain the doc for you, especially for those docs I can't visit (those in Canada, and those in Europe/Turkey)? I will try and post pics here soon to get some lay opinion here, besides the consultations. I have been trying to schedule some consultations, but was a bit disappointed with the cost of Wesley, who would be nearest to me. I cannot find any price for FUT for him anywhere, and I wouldn't like to spend $250 just to get an overly high estimate compared to, say, H&W or Feller, both of which have their graft costs available.
  13. Zidane definitely has a hair transplant. That hairline doesn't look too good though, imho.
  14. This is the first time I am hearing about PRP, strangely enough. Thanks though, I'll be sure to bring it up during consultations.
  15. Thanks guys. It feels like such an overwhelming thing to start the research process. So much out there that seems to contradct others. I will try and book a consultation with Wesley just to talk about options. I'm looking for around 2500 grafts on the front half of my head,enough to reconstruct a conservative hairline and leave enough for future HTs.
  16. The focus is on millennials, but the older generation is not out of the woods either. The human brain is fairly plastic and responsive to changes in stimuli, even as we age. Maybe people whose libidos are now winding down (50+), but it's still possible to be porn addicted in later years and there's no reason to think that there is less of an issue. The problem with young people being exposed too early to porn is also that it exposes them to a particularly theatrical form of sex, and one that can be fairly violent and gender imbalanced. I won't lie, I've even noticed it myself that my expectations of sex were far from the reality. I'm not one who falls in the #nofap crowd, or in the pornnomore crowd, but I think people need to be sensible when it comes to this stuff and try and see past their libido. That said, I think the test for erectile issues for fin is fairly easy to distinguish from this: if you are no longer having nocturnal erections, it's a sign that you are getting sides.
  17. So, I have been thinning for almost a decade now, and it's come to the point where it has become noticeable. I'm 29, and at this point a NIII, moving toward NIV status. I started taking topical fin after not using fin for over a year and half (previously I was on and off), but may just move to pill form soon if I don't see a slow down in the thinning (currently debating it). Either way, I'm at the point now where I think I'd like to rebuild the front of my hairline. I've been following this forum for over 3 years and have become well acquainted with the realities. I realized that I needed to after I saw a picture of myself recently and saw how much my hairline has receded. I basically feel like I look aged, and don't really feel like that age. Cost is a factor: I am a law student, but I will have a summer associate position at a firm this summer that will net me around 30k, I expect to use a good 1/3 of it for a surgery, but not more than 1/2. I am in NYC, but I am thinking FUE and considering options in Turkey, but have been reading that for maximal growth, an FUT might still be a better idea. I am worried about FUT for one reason: I have heard that the recovery process for it is harder. I am fairly active, and enjoy quite a few sports (particularly martial arts) and am terrified of not being able to exercise for the three month period that I have heard is needed for the scar to heal. I also keep wavering back and forth because I am worried about the tech aspect of foreign surgeries: I am somewhat scared about the fact that I have heard many of these places (even renown ones) use techs for much of the surgery. I don't know to what extent I should worry about that given the great results posted here. In short, I was wondering about what recommendations people would have. Seems broad, but this thread is just a part of my overall research. I know that this has seemed like some kind of condensed summation of the kind of discussions that have gone on here on this forum, but I have been following this place for quite a while and am trying to do my best wrt the due diligence necessary before jumping the gun on this, so to speak.
  18. Two months is still too soon. Haven't really felt sides, if that's what your concern is. My main fear is whether it's effective or not, but I think it's still too soon to notice much at the two month mark. The scalp itch has lessened a bit, but still there to an extent.
  19. Month one report. Obviously can't report on any growth, but I will say that it has made my scalp very dry and itchy, even somewhat painful at times. I can definitely see a huge downside here. This has been the most notable side-effect. It's probably made worse by the dry winter weather in NYC, and by the fact that I apply minoxidil. It has been really painful at times, though. As for side effects re: libido. I haven't noticed anything. I feel like this month the libido has been lower than I've had it in a while, but I've also been more relaxed recently and less stressed, so I have not felt the constant urge to "release", like I often have when I get anxious or feel stressed. So far, I honestly don't know if I have had any sides or not, tbh.
  20. Sent an email and confirmed that it's only fin
  21. I found that the liquid really irritated my scalp.
  22. It does not. I use min separately. I dont want to spray fin twice a day
  23. Hey, is yours a liquid also, or a gel? If the former: how much do you use? Also, have you noticed any regrowth?
  24. I would say it was about 50 or 60 for a two month supply. I'll see if it's actually two months or if it's the kirkland/rogaine equivalent of a "month"
  25. To add, unlike the study, the liquid fin I have is .1%, not .25%