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  1. Hi guys I want to ask your ideas about my crown.İt looks different from different angles and in different light.İs this miniaturization ?.My hair is extremely straight and hard and nearly impossible to give shape as it grows uprightly. I'm 24 and losing hair slowly for about 5 years.I was planning a HT but gave up and started propecia and nizoral after research 1 month ago.My all hair on top is sparse ,miniaturized and light coloured. Should I use rogaine on crown? or propecia is enough ? crown pictures by topgun1111 - Photobucket photos taken outside I need your advices Thanks
  2. hi 1978matt thanks for comment I've never used Rogaine or any other medicine.İnstead exactly as you said I cut my hair very short #1 #2 and thanks to this I preserve my hair as it is, no falling out.Whener I let it grow, it starts falling out again.I' have a good shaped head so no problem for now.When I get my hairline back I'll feel relieved.medicines are expensive and temporary solutions but I might think about using them
  3. Hi, There is a number as 100.000 but how many of them on top and how many on the back of head? İf lose all hair on top and have an hair surgery, Will there be any thinning in donor area? or any change in the looking when hair is short? Could someone please give some information about thi?
  4. I'm also wondering İf I have a hair transplant on temples and lose more hair, İs it possible to have a second and third surgery to cover newly opened areas supposing that I have enough hair in donor area?
  5. I am looking for a good surgeon too.I dont want to make a mistake because I saw lots of ht disasters so far and I dont want to be one of them.
  6. Hi TommyLucchese I hope your transplant will successful .I thought about using medicines that you recommended but I figured out that they are temporary solutions.One of my friends used them but they couldnt stop hair loss.When you give up using them, your hair begins to fall out again.I need a permanent solution.As long as I use medicines, I'll always remember my ugly head and be worried about it.I know I cant stop it so trying to delay it is very tiring and stressful for me.
  7. Hi s2thoudriver, Thank you very much for your detailed reply. I think you are right.What you said seems very logical and possible to me.Here I draw some lines on my head https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-1fUqmNVhV8s/UBvrQm_MWsI/AAAAAAAAAB0/mqmU8-JAJjU/s572/hairloss.JPG red - I will lose hairs in this area very soon (hair loss on left temple %70 slowed but right one continues rapidly) green - there is slow thinning this area and lose it in several years blue - I've never noticed any hair loss in this area,may be there is but I feel that they are very strong. As you said filling the
  8. Hi I'm a 23 years old guy and I've been losing my hair for almost 6 years.My hair loss is going on and my hair is thinning on top and especially on temples.I want to have an hair transplant on temples but I've no idea how many grefts required to cover up temples.İs there anybody who an tell me how many grafts are required to cover up my open area.Thanks in advance for your help.
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