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  1. Spoke to shahid yesterday. I will get my transplant done in october.
  2. Most transplants are done fut, you are right about Controling hair loss first. But fin has serious side effects and minoxidil doesnt work for everyone, it does slow down hair fall in some cases, is it necessary for everyone loosing hair to end up as a type 7 on the norwood scale, some people's hair loss stops at type 6 and some even at type 5, I should upload some pictures to show my thinning area, but i often access this site on my iphone and cant really load pictures through a phone. But i supose you front half of the scalp is the main part, you can get a transplant there, and after years
  3. Thanks for the replies. I mean 10 days are enough for any swwlling to dissapear and the grafts to be secure under your scalp, I am still not sure about this transplant as i am still young and loosing hair in the crown area too, i supose i can get another transplant after a few years to fill in the crown, Dont want to take medicines because of the side effects.
  4. Hi, i am thinking about going for a hair transplant with dr humayun, was thinking about booking my flight in september, i have had a transplant already with a different doctor last year of 2600 grafts, the results were poor but atleast it wasnt a total failure, the hairline turned out good. I am 4a on a norwood scale and only 26. Any suggestions. Dont like medicines as you have to take them for the rest of your life and i dont want no side effects. Anyway, i know hair transplant will not give a very good coverage especially under strong sun light, But you can always use consealers to give yo
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