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  1. DC111 - I did head to the States for my first, extremely disappointing, HT with Dr Armani. I would have travelled to the States again and did consider a number of US doctors but in the end I felt confident that BHR was as good if not better than the best doctors in the US. I am pleased I did.
  2. Apologies for the lack of updates in recent months. With my new job and new hair the HT forums have taken a bit of a back seat in my life. I am coming up to a year after my 2nd op so I thought I would put in an update. The below pics are taken with no product in my hair. I have found in the last few months that the quality of the hair is improving and it is taking on the characteristics of the surrounding hair even more. I have a new girlfriend who plays with my hair and has absolutely no idea that I have had anything done. In fact, she asked me the other day if I thought I would ever go bald... heh. In short, I am absolutely delighted. I know that as my hair loss progresses I will have to get another HT at some point and BHR will be my first port of call.
  3. I live in London and I hate to say it but the standard of hair transplants in the UK is very very poor. I know that it is a little bit of a pain to travel abroad to have surgery but it is much less of a pain than having to get bad work repaired. Fortunately, there are some good docs in Brussels which is only 2 hours away from London. Well, worth the little bit of extra effort. Personally, there isn't a HT doctor in the UK that I would allow to touch my head.
  4. I think this is the clinic that has been offering HT's on Groupon. Avoid!!!!
  5. My advice would be to cancel your appointment. London hair transplant doctors have a terrible reputation. A bad/unnatural hair transplant will be an expensive, painful and embarrassing result. You need to make sure you have a consultation with any potential doctor you see beforehand. You need to establish a hairloss plan by managing your donor hair and considering your future loss. You need to meet up with patients who have had procedures with your doctor. Do you even know what your doctor's name is? Do not trust pictures you see on the clinic's websites. There are a few good clinics in Brussels including the one I went to to repair my first poor hair transplant. A HT is a big decision that will change your life forever. Please take your time and research it properly. Good luck. SR
  6. I have been really busy lately with a new job so am a little late with my update. Here are my pics from 7 months and 1 week. My hair just keeps getting better. Am so pleased. My hair is a little long at the moment so am off to get my hair cut. I used to hate going to the hairdressers. Now? No problem. These are taken with almost dry hair. No product at all.
  7. I am pleased that you had a good experience but I think other prospective patients should be wary of accepting a recommendation from someone who is only a week out of their surgery. You have no idea how the results will turn out at this stage. I sincerely hope that they are great but you are in no position, at this stage, to be saying that Dr Rogers (and especially Dr Farjo as he isn't even your doctor) is clearly as good as the best elsewhere. There is a reason that so many UK patients travel overseas for a hair transplant and it is not a conspiracy by the reps of foreign doctors. Good luck to you.
  8. I honestly have no idea about the density so can't give you a figure for that. Here are a couple pics of my donor taken today. I had a haircut a couple of days ago with the sides and back buzzed to grade 2.
  9. Here are my 6 month pics. I am very happy and things are still improving. I hardly ever think about my hair now which is amazing. The first two pics are towel dried straight out of the shower and the last 4 are styled with wax.
  10. Hi Jessie Thanks for the kind comments. To answer your questions: 1) All the grafts in my first HT with Dr Bisanga were not singles. The breakdown was as follows: 1 hair = 318 2 hair = 419 3 hair = 227 4 hair = 36 Total grafts = 1000 Total hairs = 1981 2) Dr Bisanga transplanted into the same area as Dr Armani during both HTs. He also went a little futher back on the 2nd HT to address the additional recession I had since my first HT with Dr Armani.
  11. I don't know the precise density but both docs transplanted about 2500 grafts each in a similar area. Virtually all of Dr Bisanga's grew and only about 30% of Dr Armani's grew.
  12. Thanks for the positive comments. Dr Armani did not give a reason why I had such a poor yield from my first HT. Personally, it is my opinion, that his extraction method is flawed. It is too quick and the power tool is damaging to the scalp and the follicles resulting in poor growth and scarring. This is my opinion.
  13. And a brief horrible reminder of where I was before I went to Dr Bisanga at BHR... So to clarify. I have had 2599 FUE grafts over 2 sessions with BHR since the above picture.
  14. Here are my MONTH 5 pics. I am absolutely delighted. In fact the other day I was on a date with a pretty hot 27 year old. We were chatting about this and that and somehow the topic of Wayne Rooney came up and she mentioned his hair transplant. She then said to me: "Stingray... How does a hairtransplant work?" Now I, like the rest of you, know exactly how a hairtransplant works. I knew what type of procedure he had, where he had it, when he can expect to see results and how much it cost. However, as I had only just met this girl and didn't want to get into a whole HT discussion I just said... "Ummm, I think they take hair from the back of your head and move it to the front" To which hot girls replies: "Well, I don't know why I am asking you, you have tons of hair" Needless to say I could not have been a happier bloke at that precise moment. Unfortunately, things didn't work out with the girl but it didn't matter. So here are my month 5 pics. The first 4 are dry. The 2nd 3 are wet. THE WET ONES
  15. I would think that you could probably do that amount safely over 3 days. Bear in mind that I am just a patient so best to talk your concerns through with the doctors you are considering.
  16. I don't know if there is a correlation in size of session and growth rates for FUE. However, I think it is very difficult for a doctor to do more than around 1500 or so FUE grafts in one day without risking damage to the grafts. If FUE is done carefully it is a slow laborious process for the docs and the techs and if you have too many grafts done it increases the chances of human error (either in transecting the grafts when they are extracted or damaging the grafts when they are being prepared and implanted) and it increases the amount of time that the grafts are out of the body.
  17. And here are a couple straight out of the shower with very wet hair.
  18. HERE ARE MY 4 MONTH PICS All of these are with dry, unstyled hair with no product in them.
  19. Email some picture of your hair to a number of top docs both strip and fue and get some feedback and different opinions. Nobody can advise you on your options without seeing your hair. Good luck
  20. I am sorry to hear the story of another unhappy Armani patient. My advice to you is to cut your losses with Dr Armani and to consult with other more competent doctors. Do you live in the UK? My doc Dr Bisanga of BHR is excellent and is well worth consulting. He is based in Brussels. He will be able to tell you what your options are at this point and regularly does consults in London. There are a few other good docs in Brussels that are worth checking out too.
  21. How much is the sponsorship fee to support the community and host the photos? With the amount of docs recommended and the relative low cost of running a website it must be pretty minimal.
  22. I don't have any experience with this clinic but UK hair transplant surgeons have a very bad reputation. You are better off traveling to Brussels. There are a number of good HT surgeons there. Do a lot of research before choosing your clinic.
  23. Hey RTC Only just saw your post today. Nice to hear from you. Glad to hear your hair is still looking good. Yes, Dr Bisanga has pretty much fixed me up. I am 3 and half months out of my second FUE procedure with him and things are looking pretty good. SR