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  1. Pick the one whose design you like as Konior and Diep are the same price for FUE I believe. If you prefer Diep design over Rahal - its your head, pay the extra as its not a massive amount of grafts.
  2. Big jump btw month 4 and 6. When one looks at oneself at month 2 you cannot imagine that in 120 days it can be so different. Here is to hoping. Congrats on the big jump from where you started - you came a long way.
  3. Some people get sides, some don't - if it happens you can go off if it. It helps to varying degrees with every person. Really it's going to be up to your body chemistry and that's just a guess to every person's ultimate reaction.
  4. What are Gabel's prices if you could share? I would be surprised that it is materially lower than peers considering he is one of the few doctors involved in the whole process.
  5. You need better lighting in your photo my man. As best as I can tell you are at a very near starting point as me with slightly more loss in your crown than me. But you look like you took this photo in a submarine. Best bet is Belgium or Spain (Lorenzo) for advanced countries. They specialize in FUE which is up your alley. What are your goals? I think 5000 will do you a lot of good but for example with your advanced hair loss (near to mine) you will probably only be able to sprinkle your crown with maybe 800-1000 grafts as you will want the other 4k focused on recreating a hairli
  6. You weren't "that" bad before but damn son your hair is amazing now. Nice result!
  7. I'm at 2 months as well and I'd say you should expect to look the same or worse. I had some shock loss along my FUT scar for an inch below it much of the way around and I started on Rogaine so am in the phase of shedding in areas (crown) where I started using it. I never used Rogaine however before so someone who was a long time user would not be getting the shed I had. So at this point you have some of the scalp trauma healing (more for FUT than FUE as the scars are tinier for the latter) and you have shed much of the implanted hairs. Maybe some new ones are beginning to emerge but not
  8. I have the same concern as HTSoon on your graft placement. Even before looking at your photo I would say you need 2 passes as a NW6 (or 7) if your 1st pass is only 2850. For "pretty darn good coverage" you should be estimating 6000 grafts as your 2 passes so you are going to want a 3000 or so 2nd surgery. Then I looked at your graft photo and I dont like the strategy of covering the entire scalp. It appears you went all the way back into the crown with less than 3000? You are going to have mediocre density all over IMO - I've seen some people try this and personally I dont like the co
  9. I wonder if 9000 grafts is the most anyone has had in 1 "procedure" - I realize this was over course of a few weeks but that is close enough I'd consider it 1 procedure. You basically had 6900 at once and then a touch up of 2158 immediately after. Reminds me of the H&W guy who did 10K grafts in a decade or so, but you did it all in a few weeks. Holy smoke. And that's a boatload of hair for 5 months - my first thought you are an early grower but my second thought is you had so many grafts placed in it's just normal growth but your density is more than most people since most of us are
  10. It works on the same concept everywhere but its efficacy seems to be highest in the crown. So say it has 80% success rate in crown it might have 50% success elsewhere. Also it is useless to use it on areas with no hair etc.
  11. Post a photo from the top looking down it helps. There is nothing wrong with posting names of surgeons. There is nothing wrong with one saying 1500 v 2500. They may have slightly different visions of what you are conveying to them. It's not like 1500 v 5000. You may be conveying a view of what you want your hairline to look like and do and each surgeon might be hearing it differently. Or both look at your head, hear the same message, and have different estimates. You look to have pretty wavy hair from this angle at least so could help you reduce # of needed grafts. Honestly
  12. If you really want to keep your hair very short you need to focus on FUE. I've had my hair short for 10 years because I had too - it looks silly to be balding with long sides and back. So I cherish the day I can grow hair out more than a 4 guard haha. I want to be able to comb my hair again - it sounds groovy. Sounds like you do not. So in your case probably FUE is up your alley - but if you want to have a very close cut hair style the FUE risk is of course over harvesting and exposing the small mini scars of FUE. Not an issue if you are pulling out 3000 - something that can be an issue i
  13. Embrace them while you can. Because in about a week you will start to hear tiny little kerplunks all over the place. :cool: Then they get all belligerent and decide to go on vacation for a few months.
  14. You sound like you want full coverage and you have no idea what your crown prognosis is. A lot of "advanced" norwood 5s and 6s sort of work on the front 80% and then only "sprinkle" their crowns - and thats with 6000+ grafts. I mean in theory you could do 6500 grafts in 2 sessions in next 10 months but you wouldn't be done as your crown could be another case altogether in 6 years. Just giving you some food for thought. Also I didnt mean to imply FUE is not "advanced". When done right you see some awesome results. But I also think its a lot easier to screw up with the amount o
  15. This clinic should be pinned to the top of every section of this forum with a huge warning in bold text in red letters.... and all other hair loss forums. It's a true disgrace what they are doing and getting away with. There are only so many grafts to be had in a head to donate and even forgetting the money they are stealing people's finite resources. On top of that their after the fact policy of "take down the bad review or else" crap is ridiculous. I feel for you man. How the heck do people of this nature sleep at night knowing what they do to people. At this point regular us
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