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  1. Brobean Once you spend some time here, you will cancel your appointment or regret you ever had a procedure done with them afterwards. They butchered me up pretty good years ago when I fell for their slick advertising. Now I am correcting all my mistakes between Bosley and Flemming/Mayer...
  2. jcpwn Ya I think with that much hair around the grafts (like Dr Charles stated) I would be very careful not to snag or hook the grafts in the hair, maybe tie the hair up out of the way for a week or so. Shampoo will not get the ointment out of your hair either, it took 2 washings with Dawn to get it all out of mine... Fugly
  3. jcpwn2004 I'm sure Arriana went through the cleaning procedure with you as she did with me about three weeks ago, just lightly dab the grafts with polysporin with your finger when applying, the polysporin is to prevent scabbing...then when cleaning-lightly dab with gauze soaked in saline on the grafts (no rubbing) then after they are somewhat clean-press down on the grafts somewhat firmly with a fresh gauze soaked in saline (no rubbing). I did all this 4 times a day, and went through a lot of gauze. Hope this helps Fugly ole duck:D
  4. Congrats on the new procedure, now patience is in order for a few months...what was the cost per graft before the 700 extra? 700 WOW!!
  5. Spanker are you sure the procedure was yesterday, I dont see any redness in pic1 and pic 2 looks like a #2 buzzcut on perfect skin...damn that looks nice Fugly ole' Duck
  6. Hey Blue Just saw your bio-you are only 2 weeks into your procedure, WOW your results are very impressive so far. It appears you also have excellent donor area leftover for a bit more FUE and your scar looks great. Looks like 1 more procedure and you are going to be very happy. The back/sides of my head is riddled with strip scars, flap scars, plug scars and shock loss (Extreme Fugly) LOL!! My hair shafts are also very thin .38mm so it will take some BHT and an artist to fix. Keep us posted Fugly ole' Duck
  7. Future: Will do... Hey Blue Did you have a procedure done somewhere? Who and how did it go? I have yet to see anything negative about Dr Alexander... I also had the low level laser treatment at dr Friedmans the day after surgery, I believe it has something to do with blood flow possibly opening up the tiny arteries in the scalp a "smidge" (technical term) however I doubt it is some kind of magic bullet. Maybe there is a surgeon online here that can give an honest assessment of the treatment with short med and long term results and not just the salesmans pitch from the manufacturer of the units. And other than one small issue that still needs to be ironed out with Dr Friedmans office the whole procedure start to finish was top notch with all the latest equipment/instruments, well trained caring and experienced staff, cleanliness (one of my priorities) along with a clearly defined day by day care routine to follow to protect the grafts and heal the scar properly. Perhaps the moderators of this forum can come up with an actual satisfaction ratings system 1-10 stars by patients for each surgeon based on factors that got them recommended here or even something like the Ebay feedback system since sifting through 20,000 posts is nearly impossible...just a thought...
  8. Blue No I live about 700 miles away from Phoenix and believe it or not did not find out about Dr Alexander until after the surgery with Dr Friedman. I did a whole lot of reading for a couple of months before I did the physical interviews and for some reason his name just did not pop up. Judging only by the pictures posted online he has some of the best looking final results that I can find anywhere. I'm sure transparency has been discussed here before and I did have that discussion with Dr Friedman about posted results and he made 2 valid points on the topic: 1. No surgeon is going to post mediocre results (although I have seen some less than flattering results on these forums) 2. The majority of men who opt for surgery do not want their pics posted anywhere (understandable)
  9. Future RE: Fugly-Not to worry, I chose that name in true candor about my situation and I am very comfortable in my own skin, now if I can get my hair to cooperate just a little LOL!! Since I have plenty of time for more doc opinions and research, I will more than likely see Dr Bisanga when he comes to DC and possibly a couple other repair specialists as well like Shapiro, Lindsey and Umar again etc...I only have one more shot at this and all opinions count, thanks for your valuable input... Fugly ole' duck
  10. Almostdone You are correct, matter of fact customer service is at the forefront of any business. I cant comment on his email replies however I did meet with him in person...there are gentlemen and true gentlemen and he most definetly is a true gentleman, soft spoken, answered all my questions and did not give me a sales pitch at all. He is so busy that there were only 2 openings for procedures for the next 3 months... Did you try calling his staff?
  11. Thanks Bluesteal I have already started more repair work about 10 days ago with Dr Shelly Friedman in AZ to rebuild temples and soften the bold flap hairline for now, 1380 grafts via strip. He has been around the HT block himself and embraces most of the new techniques available now while adding in new procedures along the way. Dr Friedman is also boldly honest about expectations after surgery. Pics below are 24hrs and 7 days after... The facility in Scottsdale is very impressive, very clean with an awesome staff as well as the 2 main techs (Adriana, Jessica C.) who have both been there over 15 years and are very skilled, thorough, and patient with gentle hands (especially with the needle). The after surgery care and procedures are extremely detailed to prevent infection, graft loss, shock loss and maximize scar line healing. Carly, who has many postings here was out of town on a family emergency so I did not get to meet her personally however she was in touch constantly via text/email... Carly, please call me when you are available...
  12. Spanker Thanks, although the name definitely fits and yes shaving my head was never even considered in the 80's and I have been chasing my mistakes ever since:o. Make no mistake about it-the intense greed at any expense is still out there however with websites like this one it is easier to find the cream of the crop...heck when I had the first plugs done at the Bosley hack shop by the infamous dr Straub, the cell phone did not even exist.
  13. AIM thanks for the reply and tip, time to check him out and find out if his procedure is for real...from what little I have read so far there seems to be alot of skepticism, however he is still in business and I have yet to find any complaints. Does he have anything published out there? Are there any real before/after pics anywhere or full debates with real evidence?
  14. RCWest Ya you are probably right, I am just trying to get a consensus among the surgeons online as well as the docs I have already seen. Made contact with Stephan at Bisanga today and they are reviewing the Fugly file, LOL!!
  15. Greetings all I am new to the forums & been reading for awhile now...anyway I am a veteran HT patient going back to the 80's with plugs from Bosley then double flap surgery at Fleming/Mayer so consequently I have extensive scarring and slightly better than horrific results. Last week I underwent a 1200 graft strip surgery (last one) to rebuild temple points and try to soften the bold hairline however the surgeon really wants no part in scar/lump or FUE repair where the flaps were rotated into place...the lumps actually make the divits from the scars look much deeper and the hair always parts there along with growing in a backward direction as opposed to forward. And since most of my donor hair has been depleted BHT will have to be an option. Hasson/Wong turned me away, Umar said 5500 grafts to start with...no one is addressing the scars other than trying to cover them up. Any recommendations and opinions from a few more experts would be appreciated as my goals at this point are fairly modest. Feel free to comment on the pics below Comment from one doc already "you were raped":eek: very true:)