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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Dr. Sharon Keene
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  1. He is in Los Gatos? Thats 30 minutes from me! I went to doctor Rosanelli recently and he was quite professional as well. Glad I know I have another quality HT doc to get an assessment from on my 3rd round. Dr. Umar in SoCal will be getting a visit from me later as well, as ill be looking to do Beard hair grafts too. I dont think ill have a 8k donor area supply, so BHT will likely be a future.
  2. I'm actually experiencing this right now as well. At week 2, and shock loss with the use of the liquid minox/finasteride combination has kicked in. Did you stop the rogaine foam? Did you recover from the shockloss?
  3. I would love to know of a thickening spray that is uncolored to do the same. I typically just blow dry, add toppik, then hairspray.
  4. Had round 1 of sutures taken out today. She said there was significant scabbing on my right side, despite my best efforts, but no infection. Inflamation was I guess just from the tight closure and laxity mixed with the sutures poking my scalp. I suspect until it all comes out ill continue to average 4 hours a night sleep
  5. also its not infected, just irritated from the suture closures. I clean it twice a day, have anti bacterial cream, and prescription for infection
  6. Oh believe me guys, ive been using my vicodin. Percoset hasn't done **** for me, but vicodin works great. Sh****in is a whole other story though...
  7. My suture area is inflammed and its making it impossible to sleep at night. i ice it and keep it cleaned out twice a day. Its agonizing.
  8. How old are you? That plays a BIG role in if a doc will even consider seeing you
  9. some may stay and not fall out. just continue to be healthy and wash off the toppik daily.
  10. The work looks great, but without updated photos, we can't tell you how it will turn out. get plenty of exercise, eat right, sleep good, no alcohol or drugs, and your recovery will be quicker and better than you can imagine
  11. Thanks guys for the (honest) feedback. I'll definitely be utilizing a last FUT for thickening up the hairline to mid scalp. I'll travel to Dr. Umar if I have to for BHT transplant to thicken up the remaining areas. I have a good neck beard so that works in my favor
  12. Well I have pretty fine hair and am a diffuse thinner. I did 2200 grafts the first time around for the front 1/3 of my head. It gave me OK coverage but still fairly thin. The second surgery was for 2175 and covered hairline up to my ear range, so about 3/4 of my scalp (including temple) My last surgery is approx around 1,750 grafts I'm guessing with scalp exercises. I'd use that to fill in the hairline in total and use beard hair possibly for crown OR scar repair as I have 2 FUT scars now.
  13. So I just had my second FUT. I was quoted with roughly 1,500-2,000 grafts remaining for a potential 3rd surgery. At this point, I have 2 FUT Scars. The second doctor made a new scar as he felt the first one was a bit too high to get the proper yield amount in the safe region. So, if I get a 3rd surgery for say, 1,750, could I try and do FUE after the final strip? I'm already considering doing beard (BHT) either into the scalp or scarline if needed. Anyone have thoughts on this? What BHT for beard doctors are recommended for the US?
  14. Some doctors Ive heard of recently will do both all in ONE session. I guess its called a combo procedure? It sounds interesting but high risk as it puts your body through extreme stress.