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  1. Hello Friends, I had a query which is bothering me for quite sometime, I am on Minoxidil and finistrate for about 2 years, I have noticed hair fall during January till April and then its starts growing back again. Is this a normal thing if i am using minoxidil?
  2. Hello Brian, I can understand the initial shedding. This initial shedding occurs so that new and healthy hair can replace the old hair. This happened to me and after this initial phase i gained loads of hair, but then after 4 months shedding stared again. Then again i regained the lost hair. Is this the expected cycle or its just an exceptional case? Please help?
  3. Its been 1 year 2 months since i have started using the drug. It has given me great result. but few months back there was hair shedding more then usual. When i researched on net it said happens some times. Since then i have regained lots of hair. My concern is will my hair shed again or hair shedding occurs annually> Please help me i am confused.
  4. Hello Friends, I am on Minoxidil 2% and finistrate 1mg from past 1 year. It's still working fine for me. But i have one question, After the medicine started working i gained new hair, then i noticed after 4 months there was shedding, When i researched on net i found that there will a shedding period annually, Does this shedding occurs every year of it occurs just in the first year of using the drug. If it occurs annually then is there a way to stop it.
  5. 5 and half months into the medication and i feel great. My head looks full of hair. Really happy that i took the decision to use Minoxidil and propecia(alternative days). Will post my pic soon.
  6. I have started noticing few gray hair after using Minoxidil, I never had even a single gray hair. am I just assuming things or using Minoxidil causes hair to turn gray?
  7. It's now 13 weeks into my treatment. Can see few new hair growing near left temple. I apply Minoxidil 2% twice a day, once at 9 am and other dose at 9 pm. Initially i had scalp itching but with regular use that side effect has gone. I have also started using Propecia 2.5 mg once every 2 day. It been a month since i am on Propecia and i have no side effects as many here were suggesting. Few pimples pop's up every now and then, but that's manageable. Attaching my updated pic, but camera quality is not that good, but still..
  8. Hello friends, I am 26 year male from India. I was suffering from hair thinning problem from past 3 years. I started using Minoxidil 2% 10 weeks before. Here are my recent pictures, I dont know weather i have gained some hair or not but i will still continue to use it. Which pattern of hair fall do i fall in?
  9. Hello Friends, I am suffering from hair thinning from past 5 years. I have not gone bald, but my left temple and crown has thinned a lot. I have started using Minoxidil 2% from past 6 weeks. I am using Mintop which is manufactured by Reddy's clinic in India. I used to loose lot of hair when i comb after taking a bath, but less hair when i comb my dry hair. During 4th week in using minoxidil my hair fall increased but just little more then normal. My question is is my shedding period complete? Hair which fall out now are not thin but thick hair. Will this thick hair which are fallin
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