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  1. You had a full head of hair before the transplant and your forehead wasn't big either. The donor looks fine -- grow your hair slightly longer if it bothers you. I think you're being hypersensitive here. It's still early days - try not to critique it so much now, give it time.
  2. Hey all! I'm taking the plunge for the 3rd with Dr. Bhatti in India on Thursday. Bit of my history: I've had 2 fairly big FUE procedures with Dr. Rahal in the last 10 years. And also one touchup procedure. I've received over 5000 FUE grafts into my hairline, mid-scalp and crown. I had a good experience with Rahal but unfortunately, with my thin hair characteristics and high contrast to my scalp, I didn't get the home run result I was hoping for. My crown is still quite exposed and my hairline is also quite weak and needs more grafts. Dr. Rahal thinks I only have 200 more scalp grafts left at the most. Sooooo after a lot of thought I've decided to try BHT - beard and chest grafts to finish up the job. My thinking is that I have already invested so much time (and money) into this and I would like to finish it. I didn't get a hair transplant in the first place to have a bald crown and weak hairline. Researching BHT on here lead me to Dr. Bhatti and he appears to have done some great work over the years so I feel I will be in good hands. Communication with Dr. Bhatti for the last few months has been very professional and he always personally responds to my emails in a timely fashion which is great. He feels confident he can fill in the exposed area in the crown and also thicken up my hairline using a mix of scalp (200) and beard / chest (1300) or however many grafts we can get. Anyone else with a depleted scalp donor and still needs further work - you can follow my experience with Dr. Bhatti on this thread as I will be updating my progress until the one year mark. I should also note that in the past year I got SMP into my crown. The bottom of 4th picture is after the SMP. Cheers, 362
  3. Oh in that case he is right on track! lol. The fun usually starts after month 3 - happy growing!
  4. You should have more growth than that for 7 months. I'd be slightly concerned for sure.
  5. Hi Gents (and ladies) Well the time has come for my second procedure with Dr. Rahal this Thursday. I received 2750 FUE grafts 2 years ago in the frontal region. While I didn't have a home run result the first time around - I still had a great experience with Rahal and his team, hence why I am going back. This time we'll be adding to the hairline and putting 1500 grafts in the crown. Hoping I won't need another HT for a while! Cheers 362
  6. How long should I wait before using Nizoral again after a hair transplant? Thanks.
  7. Get the spray applicator! It's perfect for the crown! It only attaches to medium and large size bottles though I believe.
  8. Yes, he and Dr Rahal were both doing the incisions in the recipient site for my FUE procedure in November. Super nice guy and I'm happy with my result so far. Just over 10 weeks post op.
  9. Sounds awesome brother! I had 2770 FUE grafts with Dr. Rahal just over 2 weeks ago and I've had a really positive experience so far! You're in great hands - Dr. Rahal is a pro and the rest of the team is great too. The procedure itself wasn't as bad as I thought either and it will be over before you know it. Congrats man and I look forward to tracking your results! Cheers
  10. Can someone reiterate what TruthOnly said in the post that he removed? (or can you re-post it?) I recently had an FUE procedure done by Dr. Rahal (2 weeks ago) and I've had a really positive experience so far. I've been recovering and now back to work so I've been busy but I will post pics and share my experience in more detail with the community soon. This post caught my attention though and I'm curious what was said. PS. I had 2770 FUE grafts done.
  11. Thanks brother!! Happy thanksgiving to you too and congrats on your procedure! I'll keep a close eye on your progress as we'll be on a similar track. Feel free to reach out to me for support as well. Cheers
  12. I'm getting 2000 - 2500 grafts FUE with Dr. Rahal on Monday. I'm excited and nervous and hoping for the best! Any last minute advice is appreciated. Cheers.