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  1. Thanks for your support guys! I have chilled a bit now... think that the fact I was using the baby shampoo still on my graft area 7 weeks in still wasn't doing it much good. So now started using my normal Alpecin shampoo all over my scalp and it seems to be helping. I don't seem to have shed much of the grafts, does this mean they might just remain now afetr nerley 8 weeks post op?
  2. Ok so i went to sleep, had a clean scalp and a couple of small pimples but nothing bad, all ok. As usual I put my socks on my hands as been doing this since my op. I woke this morning with a bloody crusty scab at the front of my hairline... there was no spot there previously so now concerned did a graft pop in the night?! Its been like 7 weeks. I gently washed the scab and it has cleared up, no sign of anything. But then in my eyebrow as if it ran down my head found this.... (see pic) Is this a lost graft? I can't honestly understand as been extra careful and also wore the socks as a precaution. One other thing... in my previous post I mentioned and posted a pic of a pimple that seemed to have surfaced... yet again it seemed a bit bloody. Anyway this still hasn't gone about 3 weeks now. It appears to have transformed into a mole like thing. I have also included a pic of this. Someone please offer some advice or reassurance as in a bit of a panic mode today! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::confused:
  3. Thank you for the info. I have really been following everything post-op instructions tell me. I have been wearing a loose beanie hat allot but its always clean, maybe this could be the cause of this red spot.
  4. First of all its been just under 4 weeks now since my temple/ hairline lowering transplant.. the shockloss seems to be still happening (been doing so for about 2 weeks now) but hopefully will slow down as been 2 weeks of it. Right my main worry here is should a shed hair graft look like the pic I have included or is the black bulb at the end bad news? Quite a few of my fallen hairs seem to have this black bit at the end... this worries me. Another thing is I have washed my hair everyday since with the baby shampoo at the front and my normal Alpecin at the back. I have what I think (hope) is a pimple thats a bit red abd bloody the last day or two... I touched it gently and its actually quite painfull, like a stinging sensation. Is this a pimple of a lost graft? i can't honestly see how it would be a lost graft though as I have been extra careful, even wearing socks on my hands when sleeping. Another quick question I have is I have never used Rogaine before and thinking of starting it to make my hair lost through the shockloss to all grow back healthy and hopefully at a better rate... is it a bad time for me to start in Rogaine having never used it before? Really worried, someone offer some wisdom please. :eek: I hope my pics help. Kind regards Saskue
  5. I had my HT done to fill in my receding temples and lower my hairline slightly. I know Shockloss is normal after 12 days and its now day 16 and I seem to be losing a hell of allot when I brush my hair. Anyway I understand shockloss should happen around the receptive and donor areas but it seems to be happening all over my head. Now is this normal? Every-time I seem to accept it I brush my hair and get paranoid again, its a tough time for sure ! Also when should it bloody slow down? Should I start using Rogaine foam? I have never used it before but heard it can make hair grow back stronger and quicker? Thanks so much for reading!:eek: :confused:
  6. Would a caffeine shampoo damage grafts? I am now 14 days post op and things seem good. I have been using baby shampoo provided by my clinic twice a day now and think I should maybe start shampooing normally with the Alpecin? Thanks for reading guys, will post pics soon
  7. Thank you very much for the replies and well wishes, been getting worried! As far as shockloss is concerned I don't believe I have actually shed any of my original hair shafts as that hair is 4-6 inches long and would definitely notice. Just seems like the standard 4-8 original hairs each time I wash. Maybe this will I have been washing twice a day too. I think now I will go back to just once. Do you think i can go back to my normal shampoo now which is Alpecin caffeine shampoo?
  8. Ok so yesterday I was my 10th day post op after a 2650 graft hairline lowering transplant with Dr Damkerng Pathomavanich. I went and got my stitches removed and my donor area now feels 100% better and I can now actually put my head on a pillow without any pain. I have had no bleeding of grafts but on day 5 noticed 3 small hairs in the sink and worried, Dr said not to worry. I also have had no swelling whatsovever and washed my hair twice a day with the shampoo provided since transplant. I have wore a beanie hat since and sweat on some days as its hot in Thailand and done some day trips but always shower at night before bed. The Dr told me to put olive oil on graft area and start lightly rubbing and use shower to remove crusts so I have done this and always do it over a white sink so I can see any lost hair. I have noticed sometimes there are 3-6 hairs which are obviously grafts in the sink after cleaning hair. These are definitely parts of the grafter hair as i have long hair covering the rest of my head. Is it too early to be shedding or am I a quick healer? now as though I asked the Dr if I can drink alcohol and he said yes no problem now after 10 days. Other than this things seem to be clearing up nicely and healing. My question is ....Is this all ok?? please be honest as I am getting a bit paranoid! 10- 11 days shedding... alcohol can be drank now... and i rub at my grafts to remove scabs?
  9. Thank you for the reply its very much appreciated. I will continue using the Procerin but hold of the topical solution. Its done me good so far and stopped all my shedding. I am having 2500 grafts to my temple and frontal hairline to lower it by Dr Damkerng Pathomvanich in Thailand. I have read good things about him and sent my deposit for surgery. Do you know/ recommend this Dr and his work? From what I have seen he is great and hope i am in good hands. Kind Regards Saskue
  10. I am about to have a hair transplant in a weeks time on the front/hairline area and I currently take Procerin and wondering if I should stop or take Nourkrin instead until after surgery. I don't really wanna stop taking the tablets as my hair will she excessively. I am about to have surgery next week and been given these instructions... :confused: 1. Do not take Plavix, Aspirin or aspirin containing medicine, Vitamin E and others blood thinning medication for 1 week before the surgery. Continue your regular medicines unless the doctor told you to stop taking them. If you have high blood pressure and take medication please inform your doctor not to use Beta blocker for one week prior to surgery and switch to other drug. Does procerin or nourkrin have any of these effects listed? Thank you for reading
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