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  1. Yes we are very happy with the unit. They sent step by step instructions on how to put it on, they also suggested to use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to preserve the life of the hair. It is human hair, very soft, with a slight wave pattern, this was ordered this way as it matches his own hair texture. The color is a slight different than his hair, but it is because we purchased a instock unit, I will put a tint in his hair to match the unit. The unit cost $400 plus shipping. New year when we order another one, I will get a Virgin hair texture, more like a European hair texture. They spoke with me by phone, through email and online chat during the whole process, they asked for photos of his head to determine and confirm the size. Great communication, quick shipping for the instock, and he is happy with it. You may go to their website and chat with them online, email or call them. They custom design units for men and women, you may just look for the link for the mens units.
  2. The unit I received from GRM Celebrity Wig Warehouse is all lace, with 70-85% density. Absolutely gorgeous! My husband loves it! Looks better than anything seen on tv and can not tell he is wearing a unit. Very happy with the company:)))
  3. Thank you for responding. In effort of reading the message by email, I click the incorrect link, it just happen to be the one that was unsubscribe... My apologies, my day is getting better:))) In response to your message, I do not have Alopecia, but gave several friends that do, and this is why I was able to receive the link to pass on to others, but once again, my best intentions to do so:))) Thank you for kindness.
  4. Hi, Thank you. In response to the posting. The website is not mine. But a real entity called GAM. Global Alopecia Mission, I was sent the link through Facebook to join and I did. After reading about what the organization is doing for research for men, women and children with Alopecia and that it is nonprofit organization that offers new discussions for research, donates to individuals in need, I thought this would could be very useful in aiding in helping those with many questions, reading others experiences through their blogs and many other things to share. I apologize for not explaining more about the organization when posting the link, in my excitement, my intentions was to share another great resource center.
  5. Hello Dr. Global Alopecia Mission is on Facebook and their website is GAM Stands for Research to Treat and Cure Alopecia Areata They are a nonprofit research organization in aids to find cures for Alopecia
  6. Global Alopecia Mission Research http://globalalopeciamission.org/our-partners/
  7. Global Alopecia Mission Research http://globalalopeciamission.org/our-partners/
  8. Global Alopecia Mission Research » Our Committed Partners » GAM - Research, Treat, Cure Alopecia Areata
  9. Hi, Wanted to share that I found a company that was very affordable with lace hair units. All 100% human hair, and I was able to order an in stock unit, due to knowing head measurements, without sending head mold. they provide quick shipping, great communication and worked right within my budget. Will keep you updated.
  10. I have just purchased a Hair unit for my boyfriend, this is his first one. He has had receding hairline in the crown, for a long time, after continuous commercials on tv, he is now decided to take a step in trying it out. We contacted Hair club, but it is not covered under the insurance and there is monthly fee, maintenance charge on top of buying the custom unit. Since it is his first, he preferred not go that expensive route. I have always cut his hair, so I knew this wouldn't be a problem maintaining for him. We have since then found a company online that is wonderful, they provide custom designing as well as have in stock units. I contact them and spoke online with, then email, then by phone, then told me how to take his head measurements, and they happen to have those measurements instock. So we were able to order a instock unit...the hair is Human Hair, and the unit is a all lace unit, with a slight wave texture in a #30 with highlights, which is a medium brown, I can also dye the unit and my boyfriends hair to have a exact color match. The density matches his head perfectly at 65%. We will receive by mail in 7-10 business days to our door. I am very very excite, but would like to know if anyone can share what is the best hair tape and glue to use, for longer hold time. The company said Super Tape. Can anyone tell me what they have used, and will it work in the shower on daily basis? We plan on going out of town and want to make sure that the unit will stay on without lifting. The hair unit we ordered is so beautiful and want to make sure that it stays on. The link for the company is HERE they have great communication, friendly and ships quickly. Please if someone share what type of Tape and glue that is best for lace units. Thanks
  11. Yes! Absolutely! The company is GRM Celebrity Wig Warehouse I spoke with Victory online, then by phone. I will keep you posted, once I receive it. She has sent a video by email to give a quick visual on what goes where, and they will send instructions with unit. Now we have to get me squared in:) always looking out for my honey, now we will work on pampering me lol:) Thanks, will keep you posted.
  12. Hello there:) Wanted to share that I spoke with Victory today concerning the hair unit. It was 1 hour phone consultation, she answered all my questions, srnt my photos by email. Since I had measurements of his head where the unit will be placed, I will not have to order a custom unit, nor did I need to send a mold of his head. The color and hair texture is a #30 highlights in a slight wave. The density is 65%, and we are very happy. It will arrive in 7-10 business days. We will try this out first and then if he likes we can go to a custom unit. She sent a few videos, very short, but gave tge basics. They will also send step by step instruction. They have been around for a while but dealt ladies units, so happy that now deal with the men as well. The units are very nice from photos, I chose the french lace and my total with shipping came to $522. We are very happy to save money and also ve able to talk by phone with for so long and ask many questions as needed. As soon as it comes I will send you a photo of what it looks like on him... This is really boosting his self esteem and he hasnt even received it in the mail. But he is hapoy and that makes me happier:)))) Seems like a good company with great communication. You can talk with the owner and feel comfortable.
  13. Hi Bonna, I have been looking for my boyfriend a hair unit. It is his first one that I am looking at. The unit is very thin and ventilated and made of lace. Its human hair. They have instock and provide custom orders for sizing and color. It has an invisible hairline with naturalistic scalp. I will be calling them tomorrow to schedule a phone consultation with them. The unit is $499. It looks 100% undetectable. If your interested you can message me. Thanks
  14. Hi, sorry to hear that...I was reading an article where someone shared that when they washed their hair there was some hair coming out. They stated they just began adding protein to strengthen it. Also using Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Eating lots of green vegetables. It said about making a protein conditioner out of ovacato and eggs and olive oil. Whatever ingredients used. It should have a heavy amount of protein to pour back into the hair. This will strengthen it.
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