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  1. I wanted to give my HT time to get a proper evaluation. I am over 14 months post-op and feel I achieved the 20% density increase goal. I definitely thickened up 12-14 months post-op. I do have some small patchwork I will look to on my frontal right side I have to conceal, but pleased with my overall result. Regimen is still daily minoxidil and Finasteride. Nizoral 1-2x/week
  2. I was reassured that my shedding was normal. It stopped once the finastride dose was increasd. Dr K reassured me that the shed was not out of the norm. Post op was done diligently as well, He noted tat the final result could take 2 more months to call it complete
  3. I used the same phone in the same lighting in the same room. It is very strong lighting from above the mirror and top of the room. I feel that the pre-op pictures from Dr. Konior will give an accurate before and after snapshot for a final determination. Also it could give an accurate picture of the closure on my donor area which I can conclude is impressive as it is hard to find during a haircut.
  4. No I have not. I always considered only Finasteride and it was the only medication discussed after my HT. I have only read limited information on Avodart but it detours me because of it's increase in adverse side effects the more DHT is blocked. I will discuss it with my Dr. though. Thanks
  5. Corrected. I use Ketoconazole 2-3x/ week. I knocked it back when I began to take Finasteride 1.25/day. I will try the 1-2x/ week protocol. Thank you.
  6. I am officially 1 year post op. Thank you for all the kind words and interest in my recent PM box and to those who are in this forum. My story is detailed and long so I appreciate the time so many have taken to read it. The first picture is the day of the surgery. For the attached pics I used the same lighting in the same room. I am scheduled to see Dr. Konior for my 1 year post op in early June. I am also looking forward to his pictures with a more professional camera to show some detail. This also is not the final result as some transplants can take longer I was told Currently I am still
  7. Thank you. It is all day by day for the last couple of years. I have been off those products for a while now and hoping the finasteride, rogaine, and 2nd HT make for a nice result
  8. Sorry for not having many updates. As a teacher it is crazy for those 9 months. I spoke with Dr. Konior about some concerns mentioned in this thread in regards to shedding, ect.. After talking I decided to wait 1 year before I posted my results and give a final assessment and evaluation on my earlier 2300 graft procedure, and most recent 2400 graft procedure 11 months ago. Currently I am growing my hair out to the exact length it was in the pre-op pics to further bring an accurate end result picture. My graft totals: 1st Procedure with Dr. Konior 2300 grafts on frontal 1/3 2nd Procedure
  9. 5 months post op. Still shedding. Still taking minoxadil and finasteride as well.
  10. Thanks for the encouraging words. Dr Konior and I have exchanged several emails and we are good with where I am at and the preventative protocol. I was looking to see if anyone else experienced any shedding like I have. Glad I am not the only one. Time will tell on this one. Thanks for the encouragement. I am considering pushing the finasteride back up to 1.25mg/ day. It had some libido and bloating issues for me when taken everyday.
  11. Finasteride and Minoxidil for a year. I have attached some pics. Please note my hair is shorter then usual. About 1/2 the length of my pre-op. Also I run outside in the summer which is why my hair is lighter in the May summer pre-op and darker in this late September pic. I do not dye my hair.
  12. Just a quick update: Been experiencing a large amount of shedding as I am about one week from the four month mark. Some ingrown hairs are randomly showing up spread out around my scalp. I can easily run my fingers through my hair in the morning and get 20+ in the sink. Also there are hairs in the shower everyday after use. I'm not going to go crazy by counting them all but a fair amount are not diffused or thin, they are dark and thick. Hopefully this is just a part of the cycle of things but it has gone on for about 6 weeks. I have not noticed a thinner head of hair. I am still on rog
  13. The goal was as many grafts as possible. We shot for as mych as we could. I have had procedures of 2300+grafts with Konior, 600+ with another surgeon in the frontal area, and the most recent 2400+ from Konior. Only so much you can get out of some people. As you can see there are some areas currently patchier then others on my scalp. Hopefully this allowed some areas to take more donor hair then others. My bangs and mid frontal areas as seen in the pics have solid coverage mostly from Koniors last procedure. Hopefully it all balances out as I have 9 months of growing to do.
  14. No info on what donor area is remaining. Looking forward to the next few months. Realistically i know the coverage will not be a huge improvement. We did coverage throughout a larger area because i would rather shoot for average coverage all over then have decent frontal coverage and a completely bald crown/frontal crown. Only time will tell.
  15. Nothing much to report. This is where the nerves kick in. I got 2400+ grafts throughout entire scalp for density. Im still shedding very frequently in the sink and showers. Still usinf finasteride on M, W,F. Rogaine foam 2x /day. Pics from Iphone not too detailed. Really eager to see how almost 5000 Konior placed hair grafts will look like once this 2nd procedure grows in. The scar is looking better and better. My wide can trim s little lower each time she cuts it.
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