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  1. Why is this "stipulated" to be so important and by whom? I don't meant to be rough but it looks like you're doing a Q&A with people on an Instagram live session. Is there going to be a big announcement? A new technique? What is so important about it?
  2. China is trying to capitalize on their f*ck up by twisting the narrative.. The help to Italy was to gain a foothold so that their new Silk Road project can move forward. Problem is, a large percentage of the supplies they sent are faulty. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-52092395 And they're not donating the supplies to other European countries. They're selling them, and much of it is defective. https://www.foxnews.com/world/china-money-coronavirus-spain-467-million-faulty-supplies Never forget, the Chinese government is responsible for all of this. No one else.
  3. China was already hurting going into this. Not only due to the trade war but also due to their artificial measures to prop up their own economy through useless construction projects, etc. Much of their wealth was a sham to begin with, robbing Peter to pay Paul and such. China's growth rate was for many years questioned regarding it's legitimacy and over the past ten years before the trade war it was estimated to be contracting. China's "numbers" are suspected to be a part of the massive PR campaign crafted by the cccp, much like everything else they "approve" to be discussed. The trade war was quite destructive and with a number of businesses shifting their supply chains outside of China and the long ramp up of orders that will slowly come back to China as the rest of the world recovers means that China will never be the same. Remember, Xi's motto for cccp world domination is that of "patience" so to cripple the world with a virus for economic and political gain is not only contrary to this mantra, it is beyond the scope of reason for the cccp in the first place. Considering the fact that China not only hid, but DELETED the first evidence of Covid-19 when they first learned what it was, and then went on a campaign of misinformation that continues to this day, the idea that this was intentional on their part is laughable.
  4. I don't want you to take this personally. The "dude" comment makes me think you might be so don't. I'm trying to be objective and learn. For the record, I think you're doing a good job here and I appreciate your work. I never said you set prices or asked anything about that. I asked if there was a price difference. And with you not knowing the price difference, is there someone that does that contacts that clinic to tell them the cost of their new membership? I think these are fair questions because it opens up the transparency and we all get to know how this works. I didn't say that clinics get a better status than other doctors because of money, I was asking if it is a factor along with their talent. Of course a former patient has great input but if you say that no one knows as well as patients, are you relying only on past patients or do non patients have an equal vote? Since my workload has basically collapsed because of this virus problem, I've had more time to do HT research and I wanted to see more about recommendations and I found a thread about a doctor in Asia. The old moderator Bill made the announcement and looking for feedback in June 2017. by August 2017 there were 4 patients that said they did not recommend surgery with the doctor and 2 that did. The thread was dead after that till in October 2017 someone asked if he ever got accepted and another moderator said that he was. More patients endorsed him later but they don't count because the could not have been included in the decision process. 4 patients said no, 2 said yes but he was accepted anyway. My question is does input count because your decision is already made? If you don't know anything about pricing for membership and you are part time, who makes this decision? What is the process? I don't want to look confrontational and I don't care what anyone pays to be here, i'm just curious how this all works and so far it isn't clear. if you think these are inappropriate questions just tell me and I'll stop. Thanks again for all you do here. I'm adding this edit since I forgot to include the link.
  5. That looks like the only support they have here are former patients and one of them isn't entirely happy. I don't want to beat a dead horse but isn't the input by existing patients swaying the outcome? It is only an observation and thought but one I think is worth considering. Maybe it is fine. About the difference in payment how can you not know if clinics pay more for coalition status or non-coalition status? Working in the online space myself I know what it costs to operate a website and adding a page for a client because there is something new to add takes very little time and effort. If I need something done, I tell my contractor to do it, they charge me one time for the work done and I keep paying my hosting fees. Website maintenance and stuff like that is cheap and adding a page for more info doesn't require higher hosting fees. If you don't want to say, I won't push it, but I wish there was more transparency here. If clinics were elevated due to their merits alone that would be great. If they are elevated on merits but there is a higher fee to pay, the arrangement should be detailed. I'm not trying to be an arse, but it seems reasonable to know what is what.
  6. There isn't an explanation to be made. It is a matter of morals. You obviously have no problem lying to get what you want, some of us do. If you don't understand the dilemma then I won't be able to explain it to you.
  7. I agree that if we know what we're getting into then it is our decision but I think the discussion will only go in circles if we continue. I've given my opinion on the matter. Forgive me if you think there was an insinuation, but there wasn't. It was an honest question . I already said that we know doctors pay a fee to be here if they are regular members or coalition. That wasn't the question and doesn't need to be discussed. I'll ask differently. Are coalition membership fees higher than normal membership fees?
  8. Lorenzo Hasson and wong and Rahal have set routines. I don't think they have options and they are recommended for the results they get. Eugenics has three routines based on their website so it is a different case. But you're saying you've been told something different. So that means that the website has been wrong for a while or the doctor being involved in every case is a new routine. It doesn't really matter now. What matters is that the doctors that you've recommended are still responsible even if they had no personal involvement. Same goes for me when my employees screw up because my clients are the ones that suffer and I can't blame someone else. I have two questions. 1.You said you'd rather be in the care of an MD rather than a tech that has ten years of experience. Would you have surgery with this clinic knowing that the junior doctors would be working on you or would you insist on the recommended doctors? 2. We know doctors pay a monthly fee to be here. There is nothing wrong with that but is there a bigger fee to get their status elevated or does their status get elevated because they're so good?
  9. It is really easy to confuse recommending a doctor and recommending the clinic which they work for or own. I never thought of this but I think it makes sense to make more of a concrete statement about this, and not on a page hidden in a menu. The distinction should be included in all recommendations. But with Eugenics, were you considering the work done by the assistant doctors? It isn't mentioned on their website which doctor did the work and from what I've learned, the extractions are just as important if not more important than any other part of a surgery. For one it determines the survival of the grafts and as we see with soontransplanted it determines the long term appearance of the donor zone. I'm glad soontransplanted is in contact with the clinic but any clinic should do that but that was a rookie mistake. I vote no to their bump in status.
  10. soontransplanted, If Dr. Sethi is aware off your concerns and you have had good and regular followups, that is the least that should be expected. I'm sure this isn't a common problem but it shouldn't be a problem at all. I really hope this works out for you somehow.
  11. "There's no law against lying to your hair transplant doctor." Dumbest point ever. The solution is to find another doctor, not lie to the one he's considering. Jesus Christ is right. What kind of world do you live in? Is lying a part of your normal behavior?
  12. Stem cells and PRP, I keep hearing they're not the same but there aren't standards to define what they are exactly.
  13. Should ask this patient if they should be in the Coaltion. Anything can be great until it isn't so what is being done for this one? The last update was at five and a half months so he is six months now. Some members were saying that the FUE's were to close and the punch was to big. Is that true? I think the clinic is to new to be considered. This guy also said that Dr. Bansal and Dr. Sethi weren't involved and that another doctor did the surgery. Does that doctor get considered to?