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  1. Just wanted to update this thread. The grafts are starting to come through, and the hair is looking much better over the past few weeks. Dr. Shapiro did a great job on the hairline design, and I am predicting an awesome result. Thanks everyone for your concern and comments. Best wishes beaverbuzz
  2. Just wanted to update this thread. The grafts are starting to come through, and the hair is looking much better over the past few weeks. Dr. Shapiro did a great job on the hairline design, and I am predicting an awesome result. Thanks everyone for your concern and comments. Best wishes beaverbuzz
  3. Magnum - not sure what went wrong. I followed the instructions fully. I started shedding grafts very early and this was the first warning sign to me that something was wrong. I emailed the clinic and they said I shouldn't be concerned. Since that happened, none of them have grown back. As I have said all along, the grafts that have survived were the ones that didn't fall out. I think if I were to do it all over again, I wouldn't have used rogaine/minoxidil post surgery and avoided washing my hair for longer as per the instructions. Cowl - No worries. There are some people that are deadset against having their natural density or close to it. I just want to be able to look in the mirror and not see scalp where the grafts were implanted. At the moment thats what I see. I am not sure what I am going to do now. I emailed Dr. Shapiro but haven't heard back from him yet. I know he wanted to wait a little longer due to my rogaine shed, but to be honest I don't think it has anything to do with my poor yield. I am willing to wait till 18 months though. Before this surgery I NEVER would have considered strip, but now I am considering it. Its a pretty sad reflection of how things have changed in a span of a year. I have read of one story ( I searched throughout every hair loss forum) of a guy that started getting growth at month 13, so I am trying to hold on to that shred of hope.
  4. Cowl, I respectfully disagree. I spent a lot of time looking at hair transplants online as well as saw my own brothers hair transplant. With my hair caliber I believe the density should have been fine. Like I said from my first post, my expectations were realistic. If they were not, I am sure I would have been told so and turned away. There is another story on this forum, coincidentally another person that had poor growth, however, the reason why I want to show it is to draw attention to his temple points, which came out well. I actually would have preferred to have it a little less dense, but I believe that is why Dr. Shapiro suggested the day after my surgery that I may want to laser some of them so it doesn't look so dense. This user had a little bit larger of a procedure in terms of grafts (1300), but he also had a larger area covered from what I can see. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/165098-doctor-damkerng-pathomvanich-transplanted-scalp-area-growing-slower-than-temples-5.html Now if you look at my temple points (I actually have very similar hair to the guy in the thread), the spacing between each graft is quite large, especially the grafts farthest out. Is the guy above's a spectacular result? No. From what I researched that was a pretty normal for temple points. I didn't get this result. That's why I came on here, and that's why I am disappointed. Of course, my temple and hairline growth has not been great either, but the temple points are the most obvious to me. I took off my photos for privacy concerns; however, I will leave this up as it doesn't show my face.
  5. I had intense shedding all over my scalp and body 3 months ago from rogaine, however, I have had negligible regrowth. Wonder if anyone has gone through it before and how long until they noticed some growth ? Thanks
  6. Hi James, Unfortunately its long now and it still doesn't look good (see the pic I posted on page 5 with hair pulled back). But you are correct about the temple points looking better when the hair is longer as the grafts lie flat against the head, and so can cover more scalp when they are longer. I wish I could just shave my head but unfortunately its not a good look for me as I can't grow facial hair and I am fair skin. The shape of the hairline and the temple points are all messed up due to the yield. I still believe I have not grown any hair since the shed at 1 week post surgery, so basically you got a bunch of random grafts everywhere in the recipient area. For instance, I think it looks like my recession is very bad because the outer most grafts along the temple points did not survive. So the pointy-ness looks very bad because there is no smooth transition up to the hairline, it just jumps out out of nowhere when looking at the front view, if that makes any sense.
  7. Don't worry about it. No offence taken. I would take a comment like that anyday, especially over the you need counselling comment I had earlier on in the the thread. Or the perfectionist comment, etc..... Good luck with your hairloss treatment MagnumPI. Thank you for the well wishes Zenmunk
  8. MAGNUMpi: Its safe to say hair loss affects us all differently. One only needs to look at hairloss forums to see people taking extreme measures to go from a NW1.5 to a NW1. Like I said in an earlier post, I actually prefer recession in my hairline; however, I wanted to tweak it a bit. The thing that bothered me the most was the asymmetric hairline. I don't think this was irresponsible given the stability of my hair and the number of grafts I needed. Davis91: Thanks for the insight. You have made a similar comment that my brother made to me when the lack of growth became apparent. The donor area is definitely a concern of mine now as I am going to need a repair now. I was never told what my donor is like so I am not sure how much is there either. I have stayed at a NW2ish since I was 18. I am not sure how much farther I will go; however, I do know I cant live with the way my hair is now, I am going to need to get it repaired. On the right corner it is see through. I can't even put toppik there because you end up seeing the fibers on my scalp.
  9. Thats an incredible transformation. Congrats. Throw in some toppik and some good styling wax and your are set.
  10. This was my hair grown out before surgery. The pre-op pics is a buzz cut so a little harder to see how my hair fits my face.
  11. Here is a better hairline shot, with my hair pulled back.
  12. Thanks for the comment Janna. Just to clarify though, I did say 30-40 hairs in the temple peaks (the triangle part), not the corners. Its impossible for me to guess with the hairline and the corners because there is native hair there. Dr. Shapiro has been great; I still trust his skill and vision. Nothing has changed there. I guess I have confirmed who did the surgery now
  13. Update. 9 months. No noticeable growth. Still looks unnatural due to the poor yield. Still have to wear a hat to social outings. I never wore a hat pre-surgery, so you can imagine how my self confidence is these days. I started using rogaine foam to try and speed things up, but did not react well to it. Have since recovered though... There is nothing wrong with the hairline design. Even with the poor yield, I can see if the density were to increase, it would look fantastic. I would take a nicely designed NW2 over a NW1 any day of the week. I attached some pictures. These are without a flash.