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  1. Yes, you're right EJ. At that time I was working with a doctor called Santos. When I was referring patient's to DHI.  Santos was one of DHI's doctors.

    I discovered that Santos was ripping-off some of my patient's, He wasn't giving them the number of grafts agreed. Hence my refunding the difference between what you paid for, and what you actually received. I did the same with a number of other of Santo's's patients.

    After dumping DHI, I started to get malicious comments about me in various chat rooms. Most were signed with the initials CG. The initials of the owner of DHI. Costas Giotis. there were others, which were unsigned.

    Unfortunately,  your post referred to Dr. Tsounis, the surgeon I have worked with ever since dumping Santos, 15 years ago. 

    Dr. Tsounis's work is excellent, and I have never had a sleepless night, worrying about our patient's well-being ever since. 

    Hence my anger toward you EJ. It would have helped if you'd got your facts right mate.

    Time to move on EJ.