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  1. Hi Dr. Timothy i really regard your input i had a hunch about this whole miracle procedure ... I tried to Google it but could not find anything so i am still researching ... See all the good surgeons are either in America or the U.K so that leaves guys like me to resort to local options here in Pakistan where i understand there are a lot of big names who are just scams and high street hustlers ... Anyhow i will still appreciate any input on the Procedure ...
  2. Good evening everyone ! 1st of all i am amazed to find this community, i did'nt think such a thing existed. I have gathered so much info from all of you. Thanks Ok now coming to the subject, I used to think getting a procedure done will be easy Pick a good surgeon pay him and the holy grail ... Seems i was so wrong... In my quest i have come across this website for a clinic in Pakistan and they have this procedure mentioned on their website by the name of " No Touch Auto Inject" And their website says that it is one of the 5 clinics in the world who offer this procedure (which on the paper seems the way to go)Furthermore this procedure is patent to one of their surgeons named Dr. Nasir Rshid. The benefits the site claims are as follows : Advanced Technology Automated state of the art technology of the future used only by leading clinics of the world. Totally Undetectable Totally undetectable results even after 1 session as absolutely free from transplant defaults mentioned under Slit/plug grafting. Painless Anesthesia Local anesthesia is virtually painless and safe as applied with special computerized system. Fine Quality Grafts Dissection is supervised under 10X-20X stereo- dissecting microscope which leades to yield 20-30% extra follicles of uniform and pr?©cised quality. Least Surgical Trauma No incisions or 'Sites' wounds are required to be made prior to graft implantation. No-touch Placement Individual follicles are embedded onto the scalp, using special implanting device, without holding the graft tissue, directly. Which ensures absolute safety of the follicles and, consequently, higher growth rate of of transplanted hair. Controlled Hair Direction Direction of transplanted hair can be, precisely, controlled and maintained in 100% natural order. Advanced Bleeding Control System Bleeding controlled is established using worlds most advanced infra red laser blood coagulator which does not produce smoke ,odor and burned residues to ensures faster healing of donor area. Maximum Density Due to Dr. Nasir's innovations in follicular harvesting and site preparation techniques, it is now possible to achieve a density of 40 to 45 follicles/sq. cm. compared to 20 to 25 follicles/sq.cm achieved at conventional hair transplant clinics. Minimum Sessions Required Only 2-3 sessions are required for the optimum density of hair. Highest Hair Survival Rate A chance for re-growth of transplanted hair is established as 98-100%. Long Procedure Time Procedure time is comparatively higher than 'Slit/punch' & 'Micro-Slit Grafting'. Higher Cost Procedure Cost per session of 'No-touch' procedure is higher than 'Slit' and 'Micro-SlitGrafting'. Quickest Healing Time Healing of wounds takes place much quicker than 'Slit/punch' and 'Micro Slit Grafting' Rapid Hair Growth Hair start growing again, comparatively, earlier than both 'Slit/punch'& 'Micro-Slit' Grafting, possibly because of least manipulation of the grafts. About me i am 27 years old male NW 4 if i am being generous.... So please guys if anyone of you know anything about this procedure of have got it done i would love to hear you out .... Cheers