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    Dr. Hussain Rahal
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  1. I can see MHR's concerns but I also agree with Melvin's perspective. Many patients ignore the natural vs transplanted density concept. I don't view this as a failed result at all based on your original pictures, but if any part is bothering you perhaps a touch up would be something to consider. SophieNigam - Please remove your pictures from this thread and create your own to discuss your results.
  2. Made2care, You can see the change from month 6 to 7. There is still a lot of time for more growth and density to come through, nonetheless this is a very good result so far given the graft count.
  3. Chicago, I can see your concerns and the lack of density in parts of the transplanted area. I noticed you don't take any medications, do you think it could be possible your hair loss continued even with 3000+ grafts? Did you experience any shock loss? In terms of getting a refund you should speak to Dr. Keller personally and see if he can do something for you as it's a tough situation.
  4. Shifty, Amazing progress in the short period of time. It goes to show you many people can respond well to the big 3!
  5. ^ Neither of those options Legend. I would rather go to a clinic that produces outstanding quality results AND backs it up. Edit: Diep is a good doc no doubt but the punch size and post care irks me.
  6. Some really good advice in here. I suggest you listen. Do the frontal area first. You can always use concealer if need in the meantime for the crown which will certainly give you a fuller look until you decide to address the crown later.
  7. No one actually answered the question directly which was interesting. FUE in North America? Dr. Konior.
  8. You have minimal hair loss and have a good head of hair for your age. Having said that out of the doc's you mentioned I would choose Dr. Erdogan. I would look at Dr. Keser as well. Is there a reason why you're not looking at North America or Europe as options (other than cost)?
  9. Do you have any pre op pictures? Honestly, for that amount of grafts you will not get the desired density because you had a lot of scalp to cover. What were your expectations?
  10. Not necessarily. Sometimes people are slow growers and growth will begin a bit later. However, 5 months you should definitely see signs of growth.
  11. I doubt Melvin's comment was implying that. He was just saying that the patient should be aware and manage expectations based on the the number of grafts and the coverage area. Having said that, it is indeed low density for 4000 + grafts and would be interesting to see what the doc says about the procedure.
  12. In my opinion the photos shown in the office don't mean much. Those are most likely hand picked out of so many to show the absolute best of the clinic. They are extremely favorable towards the clinic. Who knows if they're 100% true and real. Jean mentioned about the unethical nature of the doctor's work which is absolutely correct. Edit: I recommend: 1. Get the infection dealt with. 2. Get a refund from the dermatologist. 3. Wait until your first HT settles in fully ~ 1 year mark post op 4. Once the infection clears up wait to see if you recover any lost hair in that area. Give it a bit of time. 5. Consult and look into repair options with a top level surgeon. 6. Research and research some more before making any decision. Good Luck!
  13. Can you post better pictures of your result from the 1st procedure? At 11 months Post Op you had little density in the picture you posted so I am curious to see the change.