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  1. hi guys yes it did happen sadly i got in pretty quick! BUT anyone that wants to come message here or PM me now as in 10-12 weeks im having a total new style so u will be able to see it from terrible to hopefully great! so anyone around london who wants to see it im happy and soare the salon to have a few people watch and have a close look at it all make sure you let me know before if you want to come or not
  2. hi guys sorry for the delayed reply been working away! im back now and im going to get my new system in a short while so if you still want to tag along feel free just drop me a PM and ill let you know when im booked in
  3. If you wait until the end of jan i will be getting mine redone and im sure you could tag along
  4. Just a update to this it lasted the 12 weeks and still look semi decent even with the front hairline how i had it. Im not going to gte a new one just yet as im training for a marathon in dec so will be running alot outside but after that i will be back to get a new one re done! Hope it helps someone else
  5. Hi, im only on week 7 but mines fine the style i had means it wears more at the front but i think it will last 10-12 weeks fine. Next time as i said before im going to have a longer less front based hair style and i think it will easily then last 12 weeks Yours is looking good lee! look forward to the review
  6. frankie chochrane in london i went too and yeh they noticed but its so good no one really thinks about it as it just looks natural. And mines doing well! next time i wont have a time consuming hair style haha but apart from that im happy! got used to re bonding myself so its good looking forward to my next one as i will go for a lot longer hair style Let us know how you go!
  7. Sounds great! is it the same salon as me? look forward to the pictures
  8. Its a iphone 4S so i dont know how you see a blur i got it as close as i could so everything could be seen BTW i will be getting mine re done in 7-8 weeks with alot longer hair/style so i will make sure i post before, during and after pictures
  9. Hi ian. Yes it does, my front hairline was receding but i still had alot of hair down the middle from the front so after about 2 weeks it does start to lift at the front ( which i think is made worse by the hair style i have as im pulling at the front to style it ) but its just like any other hair system that you can take off shave you head and re apply. The one thing would say is it can be a pain to find the correct bond so i would suggest if you did go for this system to buy a bottle direct from them as the others are a bit ht and miss Other than that a month later the hair and th
  10. Hi all, I have used lace systems for a while and after some terrible service i decided to give the company total cover plus a go and try their product "contact skin" Heres a short review of my thoughts on them so far COMMUNICATION/INFORMATION I emailed them first with some questions about the hair and the system itself, within 24hours i had a reply with all the infomation i asked for Rating 5 out of 5 PRICE i was paying ?650 for a lace system every 3 months before, this system is a special price off ?149 for your first one and then ?269 after. A service charge off ?89 is ad
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