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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration
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  1. Could i please get eveyones advice on this results, they said i had 3500 grafts, am not to happy with my results. as still you can see the scalp and hair has not got thicker..
  2. Yea i heard about Dr Maral, his cheap as well, hope he does good job tho. dont rush to get your one done, wait and do your research properly before you go. You could wait to see my result as well.
  3. I knew 2 guys that had ht with them, and also they provided me with answers to all my question. Now i just hope i get the best result with great coverage and good density. Have you done Ht? or looking to do it.
  4. The clinic was nice and had all the operating equipment, the team was really friendly and nice operated on me. The hotel was 5star really excellent, I was the 22nd floor, u could imagine the view I had.
  5. What do you think of it so far? its been about 16 days and am nervous. Is it coming out well? Hope to hear from everyone kind regards Rumon Uddin
  6. Hi everyone am back in Uk and its been 11 days since my Ht. They said i received 3500 grafts, could everyone give their opinion if it looks like i received that amount. Also what does everyone think of the result so far? I HOPE i got good amount of coverage and density. They said they could only take out 3500 grafts out and there was no more left as i wanted more but unfortunately that's what they said. They suggested me to send them pictures after 6 month to see if i could have another Ht but i don't want to go for another Ht. am nervous so far and would like so assuring. I will later write mt full experience how everything went and the whole process. If any one would like to know anything or would like to suggest me or help me any way please feel free to let me know. I would appreciate everyone's comment Thanks Rumon
  7. I have booked my hair transplant with Adam & Havva in Turkey next month on the 9th Oct. They seem to be experienced with ht as they answered all my questions and also two person i know have had ht with them, so decided to get it done soon. They offered me full package ht with PRP treatment, hotel 3 night stay and all transfers included. The hair transplant specialist is called : Safiye Kurt the plastic surgeon is called : Op.Dr. Mert Demirel I have explained to them that i previously had ht here in Uk with really bad results, they said they will repair the hair transplanted by taking it out and doing all over again by imputing much as possible grafts. With my scar at the back they will try and conceal it by putting grafts over the scar so not sure how that will work but hope they sort it out. Hope i get my desired result and will upload my pic after the ht and will let everyone know how it went. If there is anything i missed out or should know about please feel free to ask me. Below is link of their website where am gone get my ht done: (Link removed by moderator - See Terms of Service) kind regards Rumon
  8. Hi everyone i wanted to know if anyone knows this doctor located in Turkey or had HT with him. HER name is: Emine Sayki? Any good review on this company or doctor? I have emailed them and they emailed me back saying they offer warranty with the HT. Is this something new? or its just a way to convince customers. Please feel free to advise or comment. Thanks Rumon
  9. Hi everyone i wanted to know if anyone knows this doctor located in Turkey or had HT with him. His name is: Selahattin Tulunay? It says on his website that his an plastic surgeon and his price is quiet good His website address is : http://newnaturalhair.com/en/ Please feel free to advise or comment. Thanks Rumon
  10. SkinTaj so sorry to hear what happen to you,, have you got in contact with Longevita? also are they willing to refund your money. Cause i have had a friend that had hair transplant through them and they gave him good results, not sure what they done wrong with you. Please dont just leave it as that as you need to make a complain and let everyone know if they are really ripping people off.
  11. Long hair Larry i totally agree with you, am also we were genuine customers and not making anything up so lets see what they got to say about us. And also the feedback could be fake on their website as nowadays people do this just to attract customers but i could be wrong. But anyway we all learn from our mistakes and we must let everyone know the truth.
  12. I was a genuine customer that went to Advance hair studio and they proper ripped me off and had rubbish service, from my personal experience they just wanted my money and after they got my money they did not care about me and just treated me like any old customer. I Payed? 3000 pounds for laser treatment which was Rubbish and did not have any kind of benefit, then they used their sales tactic and managed to sell me hair piece which looked dodgy when it arrived, Long story short this company is Rip off and i was Genuine customer there and they will lie and try their best to sell their products so they will get commission as i made good friends with a guy that use to work in Advance hair studio but he quit his job cause he did not reach his targets. Am just letting everyone know the Truth Cheers.
  13. Hi Andalus its great you had your hair transplant with Longevita as could you please confirm the name of the doctor that did your hair transplant? also How is the Transplant looking? i hope they did you a good job as i am still doing research about them, is it possible to see some pictures of your head please? Thanks