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  1. Any reason you are not showing placement of the grafts from either operation ?
  2. One of the finest examples one can see of a nw6-7 restoration. Great photos that are honest. Also kindly request photos of graft placement Thanks
  3. I am trying to post again, lets see if the moderators allow this one as for some reason my reply was not allowed on last time (despite being very polite). I agree with ThatOldChestnut. "Perfection" in HTs is often the enemy of good, so its a risk. Matt thanks for the videos. What I would really love to see going forward in addition to the good quality of the videos (nice) is full views of the crown even when restoration mostly frontal third. That would put the Rahal clinic in the category of most transparent like a few of the others. JeanLDD and Matt and everyone--celebrities ar
  4. Thanks for the videos Matt Jean LDD—i disagree. It is a thoughtful comment not a thoughtless one. I said it “may” look weird and indeed it may—that is the reality of the situation. This is a forum to educate and inform and indeed many posters in the original thread say the same. Please remember many new patients come to this site and are starting from scratch. Many may be higher Norwoods with poor donor or other. The patient selection critteria for this Rahal patient allows for this Norwood 1 restoration. Yes, an adolescent hairline at 70 may look weird. A good example of (for t
  5. PLEASE potential HT people watching this refer to the original thread and how many people questioned why the patient got a HT. This is a RARE outcome of a patient at a normal Norwood 2 going to a Norwood 1. He will have an adolescent hairline forever which may look weird when he is in his 40s. Please understand this result is not hard to achieve under the circumstances of this patient. Matt: good video quality. Do you have a single Norwood 5-6 patient video of any quality from Dr rahal that you can post ? Thanks
  6. I have had several consults with Dr. W and a PRP treatment. He is a top notch in terms of customer care, knowledge of industry trends, explaining the science in layman's terms, and being open about results and expectations. Great office too in the heart of NYC. Very high marks for the man.
  7. The hairline you have is where a lot of transplant patients end up getting to. I agree with Spanker it might benefit from about 1500 to stabilize it ONLY under the condition you consult with a few ethical docs like Shapiro or Hasson and Wong or many others here skilled at predicting your future hair loss. Also agree that you may not need anything yet, So you may wish to consider hair meds and/or seeing a doc that does PRP which may work to help with diffuse thinning. If you are worried go get informed. Finally make sure to get a thorough medical check with blood work and get educated
  8. Sali I’m going to give two pieces of honest advice: 1. You should not have been advised to get a hair transplant without understanding that you had minimal chances of a decent restoration with that donor—you are are heading to an extreme NW7 with a Thin donor. If you are content with getting a little on top that you could comb back maybe that is fine. It will sort of be like Joe Biden. What exactly were you advised would be the plan? 2. You are now going to need a plan for extreme restoration if you go further.That will likely mean a combination of totally maxing our your beard and
  9. Not a definitive answer to my knowledge. The question especially on topical application after a HT is ow it would penetrate to reach the grafts. However, topical application likely may not hurt the grafts and MAY help. If recommended by your clinic, certainly it may be wise to follow protocol. Also, clinics receiving shipments will likely have stronger quality control in place for the product vs. you trying to get on your own.
  10. Bill thanks for replying. Can you confirm that your answers then to my questions two posts above are: 1. Yes 2. Only if results go downhill as a result of the new procedures introduced and/or new practice arrangements. Thanks
  11. Dear David As noted my questions are not about Dr feller. Its for all docs. It's about the standards for this site and its practices. I repost the questions: 1. If you evaluated clinic "a" or "b" for membership and the conditions under which you originally evaluated change, Does membership need to be reevaluated ? 2, if yes, under which conditions/circumstances would you reevaluate membership ? Would be really very grateful if you could focus on those two questions. The first can be "yes" or "no" and the second explanatory, Thanks
  12. Thanks Stig these are good points. Moderators I choose my HT surgeons based on recommendations on this site and the way it operates and also visited an additional 6 more in my search. After approximatley $30,000 spent--and more to come--all I ask to start after 7 years of using your site and your recommendations is to answer in the first instance those two questions I asked by reply to this thread (Bill as you said you would earlier). Thanks.
  13. Asking David or any moderator to answer the two questions I asked above. Thanks.
  14. Dear David This post has over 200 relies and 10,000 + views for a reason--very little of which have to do with inflammatory and personal attacks. This is about standard setting and patient ability to get information from sites like this that act as defacto industry watchdogs. The moderators have been silent mostly--and the mud slinging allows you to do so. It provides you little reason to intervene so unfortunately the focus is list. David--what are you going to do with the standards you set for Doctor approval if the practice changes its operating standards? Please answer this: d
  15. Bill---really keen for you and the Forum team to reply here and quickly. This is a potential tipping point for this Forum and its future ability to provide top notch screening services for its readers. Thanks
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