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  1. On another hair loss related forum this is being talked about a lot. Here just 2 posts about it, there 5000+ posts about it. Why's it not being talked about much here? I basically am waiting to see if this will be released soon as it is expected to be. Assuming it has none to minor side-effects I'll give it a try. From reports and photos it apparently can achieve great results.
  2. Come on Dr Tsuji!!!!! You can do it! I have ?20,000 waiting for you Mr Tsuji.
  3. Seems some sort of Stem Cell treatment will be the cure. Just worried it will take many years to refine, but hope not. Taking cells that create hair follicles and multiplying them makes sense. Just wish it was as simple as that and it could be done right now.... Simply go to a clinic, get a few existing cells removed and cultured and then inject them in your scalp. Done. I have always planned to get a mortgage/buy a house. But maybe I should keep my savings locked up until something is (hopefully) available soon. Imagine if they found a cure today and it would be available in 6 months time. It would be like winning the lottery. I can only dream. It would change my life.
  4. Paddy's bald patch really showing in tonights sport relief football match. Berbatov's hair looking good, he's had some work done, but looks caked in concealer. Jaap Stam as bald as ever.
  5. Cheers for you comments/feedback. I took some photos today with a bit more growth to my hair.......my hair is so screwed, that donor is so thin, and moth bitten. Jesus.... Anyway....not expecting much positive feedback in terms of me being able to do what I want, although all I want is somewhere between 1000-2000 grafts + I can get the donor area filled in with SMP.....Looks like it needs filling in anyway as it is pretty thin and patchy (which has a lot to do with me pulling hair out at the initial frustration of starting to lose my hair 15 years ago. My SMP result is good, I was hugely skeptical about getting it done, and did a lot of research before getting it done. Made sure I had an experienced practitioner and made sure I got the hairline feathered and positioned correctly. Had nothing but positive comments. Some further SMP images:
  6. My situation / My goals: I'm a Norwood 6 going on Norwood 7. Been balding since age 16, am now 31. I have had SMP (Micropigmentation) which works well and looks natural. I would like to combine some FUE with the SMP, focusing on the hairline area only. Using 1000 - 2000 Grafts. Which may sound odd as you may think that it would look silly having hair at the front and SMP behind. I currently leave a tiny bit of length to my hair, say 0.4mm and you don't notice the texture of the hair compared to the SMP 2D scalp unless you go up pretty close. I have never had anyone question my SMP, only had positive comments. Adding some hair to the front will improve things by adding subtle texture + extra darkness to match with my beard/eyebrows better and give off a better look. I would have the hairline done at a medium density and then gradually thinning out and placement becoming more random as it goes back. I would then get another SMP done darker and blend it into the new hair. Is this even an option for me? With my advanced stage of baldness and a pretty rubbish donor area I may not even be able to get 1000 - 2000 FUE out of this?...... I remember when I first started balding I was obviously very pissed off. Out of frustration I regularly used to pull hairs from the back of my head, particularly behind my ears and at the bottom of my neck. You can see patches here and there where I pulled hair out. It is supposed to hurt when hair is pulled out, but I could pluck hairs easily with no pain, more than one at a time - so possibly a sign that my donor hair/follicles are weak? On a kind of few positive things..... Please note that I would get SMP into the depleted donor area after the transplant. I guess the back of the head is not too important, as long as it doesn't look a mess after surgery + SMP - then maybe depleting it would not be too much of an issue....Can possibly combine body hair with head hair too, although my chest has barely any hair on it and my beard hair is much coarser and darker than my head hair....so would have to look at that in detail when and if it comes to it. Here are some photos of my donor area.....Any ideas if somewhere between 1000-2000 grafts could be taken from here without causing too much issue. To me the area looks thin as hell to be honest......The fact that I have had SMP probably makes it look like there's more hair there than there actually is.......... And just to show my SMP from the front, here is an image: Any help / advice is much appreciated, thanks.
  7. When a Surgeon looks at your donor area for quality etc what are they looking for? I understand the thicker the hair the better, but they must be also looking at the quality of the hair, how do they determine quality? My donor area has thinned out. Can a surgeon work out which hairs are not going to fall out in the future by looking/examining the hairs? or can this not be determined? I'm just concerned that if I was to have a hair transplant that some, or maybe a lot of donor hairs/follicles will also fall victim to hairloss. Hope this makes sense. Thanks.
  8. 6A379508-4D4D-4BD8-A721-BBA9F47251DA_zpstnvanijm.jpg Photo by JPE0823 | Photobucket Hi people, Assume this scalp was NW6 - no hair whatsoever existed on the top of his head..... Assume he had all the hairs in the NW6 area (where it is thin throughout the top) transplanted in by FUE...... How many grafts at a guess would you assume he had? I ask because I have SMP and would like a FUE transplant with a similar density (thickest at the hairline and thinning as it goes towards the crown. Something like that shaven down to 1mm length would work well with my SMP. Thanks.
  9. Hi, I am a NW6, I have had Scalp micropigmentation which is very good. But I'm considering overlaying it with FUE. With costs + limited donor, I would be getting a medium density at the frontal 1/4 which would gradually get thinner towards the crown, and it's likely that I'd leave the crown empty of hair. My hair would also be kept very very short. I feel a FUE transplant would help to improve things by reducing glare on the scalp, adding texture and darkness, so should better stand out in varying lighting conditions...... With donor being limited.....I was curious about how effective body hair is at achieving a good result, such as how it looks and how well body hair is accepted when transplanted into the scalp? Is there even any cost advantage/disadvantage to it? I would say that my leg hair is most similar to the hair on my head in both colour and thickness of strand. My limited chest hair is quite corse as is my beard. As I would be shaving my hair very short - I guess the look of body hair on the scalp would not be so much of an issue. Any thoughts are much appreciated.
  10. Hi, Just curious as to the general waiting times for surgery after booking.... If for example I was to book today - how many weeks/months away would the surgery be... I am mainly hoping to hear from people who have had a hair transplant in 'THE PRIVATE CLINIC' London (Harley Street) or in Belgium or Turkey. Or anyone who has contacted these clinics recently and found out the waiting times. Cheers.
  11. You think so? I, and I think most people believe that he just has a rare balding pattern, with the hair disappearing mainly from the crown. If he has had a hair transplant he must have had it in the 90's as his hair has never been receded at the front (well slightly) - his hairline is angled at the temples. So that's a pretty good result for the 90's if it is a hair transplant. I'm surprised he hasn't had further work done if it is a hair transplant.
  12. Thanks. Yes - no clear scarring/patches. I saw Dr Raghu Reddy 3 years ago about doing this and he said he was happy to use 2000 grafts to do so. I'm not entirely sure what my donor area would look like after having 2000 grafts taken away as I don't think the density is particularly great as it is. But he said he could get 2000 grafts out of it. I'd rather go for less grafts to start with and see what happens. Maybe max 1400. I personally feel a decent density at the front and then thinning out gradually as it goes back towards the crown will be fine. It's all about the hairline for me, but would like the frontal third covered in grafts. The crown will be left bald, but SMP will of course cover it. Look at ex footballer (soccer player) Zinedine Zidane: Those that don't know - Zidane is famous for his obscure balding.....he has a hairline but the crown has massively disappeared. I'm totally bald on top (NW6). I'd just get that same sort of area of hair that Zidnae has at the front transplanted in and SMP would do the rest of the work on the crown and with density. Zidane would look great with his crown filled in with SMP and it would look natural.
  13. Cheers Bill. - I intend to grow my hair, but just very slightly. - I understand where you are coming from as per lighting. But I believe it will make enough of a difference to stand out better in just about all lights (apart from the harshest). I see how the hair I have left on the sides stands up to my SMP bald scalp and it does a much better job. - I believe the added texture and darkness of the hair will make a reasonable difference. I believe that for whatever reason - when the hair on your head matches the darkness and texture of your eyebrows/eyelashes/beard - then it all works together to give men a better look. My SMP obviously doesn't have texture and is lighter than my beard/eyebrows. Getting my SMP as dark as my beard/eyebrows is not an option as SMP should replicate a razor shaved head and razor shaved heads are much lighter than the beard/eyebrows. Getting SMP to match that level of darkness would look stupid. FUE is the option. - Scarring - I would plan to get SMP into the scarring / thinned out areas ? I understand people get this done anyway for all types of scalp scarring. I also understand it may very in how well the ink settles into the scar tissue. Though I'd expect it would be fine. - Expense - Yes it is a lot of money for what may be a slight improvement to most. Luckily I have more than enough to pay for it. I am thinking of just getting 1000 grafts and that would be around ?6000-?7000. I am totally 50:50 about getting it done. I think I need more advice. I need to understand what sort of coverage and at what density that 1000 or more grafts could create. I need assurances that scarring won't be overwhelming and that it would easily be obscured by adding some SMP into the scars. I also need assurances that it could be blended back nicely so that there is not a clear contrast between the SMP on the crown and the transplanted hair on the frontal 1/3rd / hairline. If I was to get FUE done I'd then get SMP again - darker on top of the scalp and also some to fill in the scarring.
  14. From what you are saying it sounds like you get scaring on the scalp where the hairs are transplanted into?... Which I didn't know was an issue. Can you confirm that? If that is the case...I do feel I could and highly likely would get my SMP darker. As I would plan to leave the hair length at a slight longer length so the SMP would need to be darker so that it blends in. So I would more than likely get SMP once more and that would be after the FUE. I would not let my hair get that long. I'm talking less than a millimetre. I have seen one guy who had SMP ridiculously dark and had his hair grown out to 2-3mm's in length and it looked ridiculous. I am more realistic and will never 'over-do' it. I think I'd be ok with having it done in the UK. Luckily I have the money. Unless I'm advised strongly not to see a UK surgeon based on people's opinions about quality. I did go to see Dr Raghu Reddy 3 years ago - before I got SMP and he was happy to help me and they gave a quote which was fairly hefty - especially because it would have wiped out my savings that I had at that time. I am umming and arring about it though. As my SMP does a very good job. SMP truly works and I could live with it how it is.... But assuming a FUE hair transplant is done properly and the hairs stay in place, (I'm not sure on success rates) then my hair situation should be very satisfying compared with the days I looked slap-head bald. My concerns: - Likeliness of success of FUE hairs staying in place. - Scarring.
  15. I have had scalp micropigmentation and it is pretty damn good. Had it for 2 years. Never had a negative comment or any odd reactions. Only positive. My only gripe with it is that it doesn't stand out in all lights. Any bright light and it can disappear under the glare.... I am considering getting some FUE scattered through from my SMP hairline to the centre of my scalp (I have no hair on top). I do not need it to cover the other 50%.... I do not let my hair get any longer than 1mm. I don't feel there will be any issue with it looking odd with having hair covering the frontal half of my scalp. I have hair on the back and sides and it grows slightly through the day, but the blend between the hair and the SMP in maintained to a natural appearance all day. If I leave it over 30-35 hours then that's when there is too much of a contrast. I believe FUE transplanted this way will lessen the glare and maintain somewhat of a hairline in brighter lighting/sunny days as well as giving it a more stand out/better appearance in more flattering lighting. QUESTIONS: As I would be keeping my hair razor shaved will FUE scars be an issue?.... How much do FUE scars stand out these days? I would likely aim to get 2000 grafts done. I am based in the UK. Any ideas what the waiting times for getting FUE done by a renowned Hair transplant surgeon are here in the UK? How much approx would 2000 grafts cost in the UK? Thanks.