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  1. I would consider Eugenix. I just have one concern and it is a political one if I may - I live in London but my origin is Pakistani. There is political tension between the two countries and I am not sure if I’ll have a smooth journey into india. Also I am told if you are of Pakistani origin and have a British passport, it is still very difficult to get a visa or the visa process is very painful.
  2. I am hoping to get topical fin soon. Yes very good point re Crown, but I think it did need some work. Now I would just like the frontal area to addressed. Question, can transplanted hair also be lost due to shock loss and never come back?
  3. No I think he meant stretching the old scar. I’m pretty sure he meant that.
  4. Yes Dr Rahal believes that I have another FUT i’d be stretching the current scar.
  5. Hi Gatsby, I have uploaded some recent pics. I think I do need some work. dr Bisanga has said no to me. He feels that the donor is depleted and also there is miniaturisation in the donor as well as the recipient. He believes I was never a good candidate for surgery (even the first one) due to the transplanted hair also miniaturising now. He does think I have good donor in beard and chest, excellent in fact but his worry is that I don’t use DHT blockers. I wouldn’t want to at all given the sides I suffered. I am just in a very low state at the moment. I was hoping I’d get Dr Bisanga to do BHT but that option is also gone now because I am not on DHT blockers. i just don’t know who could help now and what options I have. many thanks
  6. Hi jmghair, Dr Rahal’s view is that another strip is not suitable for me. I guess I could consult with another doc perhaps hasson & wong.
  7. These are the pictures taken today. Donor will understandably be depleted. Had 3521 with Dr Rahal (FUT) and 1787 (FUE) also with Dr Rahal. i need more work done. The crown looks thin still and frontal area also needs more work. As I have lost native hair it seems and I don’t take Fin. I saw Dr Bisanga and he has said my donor is depleted. If I am honest, I am quite upset with my situation. The hair looks thin and I do certainly need work.
  8. Anyone had experience with Dr Bisanga for BHT?
  9. Hello all, I need to have another surgery given I have had two already. I have been told that my donor is depleted by two different doctors for the results I want to achieve. The only option is body hair transplant. So my question is please to forum members, which are the best body hair transplant clinics in your opinion or those that have shown the most promising results?
  10. Hello All, I am looking to get some crown work done and perhaps also add some density to the frontal third, so I am calling all Bisanga and Lorenzo patients as to how their experience has been? Also, to possibly get an idea who is better out of the two in terms of crown work? Your help and advice will go a long way in helping me make a good decision. Thanks
  11. Agreed that it takes 18 months but surely by now one can gage which direction it will go. It’s 10 months now. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Yeh I’ll ride it out for the next two months and see how it goes. Although not holding my breath. Just painful that having to travel, paying and all that is involved in a HT and not getting the desired result. I’m with you in regards to getting another one. Who would you suggest is the best in the business for crown? I live in the UK so something closer would be great.