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  1. Hi Albine So sorry to hear that you are not happy with the result. Your calm and sensible attitude does you credit. From the pictures it does look OK, but the pictures are not great. The things you describe, texture and direction, are hard to photograph but are the things that will make all the difference for a woman. My advice is move on, don't consider any further work. Again, so sorry to read this. Modenese.
  2. Hi Whispy, You are mistaken, at least in the case of Bisanga. I'm just back from a 2nd HT. Bisanga did 100% of the punch operations, and 100% of the incisions, just like at the first procedure, in line with normal practice. The technicians insert the hairs into the incisions, and prep them under a microscope. and administer the (painful) anesthetic. I've never heard of anything else there to be honest. Feriduni may be different. Modenese.
  3. Basically run away. Decent clinics don't do that stuff. 'A GMC registered doctor...'. If that's the best thing they can think to say then lol. If you want to be robbed and butchered, go ahead. Now you can't say you have not been warned.
  4. Hi Mondayhead Like you, I had a huge FUT procedure at BHR, and my thread is here: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/170118-dr-bisanga-4800-fut-6-month-update.html I will be posting a one year update next week. I see in you some of the things I saw in myself. - The downy hair under the scar. I had this also, it's like 'different' hair. In my case it went away over a 4 to 5 month period. I have suffered no long term effects, and I do not believe that I have had the direction or pattern of the hair disturbed. - My scar isn't perfect, but you cannot see it under even quite short hair. In my case the redness stayed for a long time, both in the scar area and the transplant area. I opted for FUT because I felt FUT/FUE combo was my only realistic choice - I was to all intents and purposes bald. I go in for a FUE on the crown October 2013. If you are feeling anxious and want to compare photos let me know. I did not look good at 3 months. My friend at work who knows, and my hairdresser, both describe the transplant I have had as 'an amazing transformation'. I saw a picture of myself for the first time, 3 months before the operation, practically bald, and it was shocking. I'd rather be where I am now. Hang in there, be patient, look after yourself. Modenese
  5. It's shock loss, and no it's too early to worry. It happened to me, it grows back. Try to relax.
  6. Interesting comment, reflecting my experience. Based on my age, hair loss, and goals, Bisanga advised strip/FUE combo. I've had the strip, and am going back in October this year for the final FUE session on the crown. On the whole, this approach at this time feels right.
  7. Hi Slickers I seriously thought about Rahal before choosing Bisanga. Ottowa is so far away though. As has been said, you are in good hands and I am sure you'll get a great result. All the best with the journey back.
  8. Hi Clanvin I would be concerned, that is not great growth. 6 months is maturity, but it is not early either. Have you been using Minoxidil on the transplanted area? It may help to kick-start the growing process - it certainly did for me. Good growth you you in the meantime.
  9. Hi Darsha From your photo it looks like you still have some shockloss. I had the same - thin hair, downy hair, under the extraction line. It started to grow again after a little bit of gentle, sparing minoxidil application to the affected area. There are a number of quite successful FUE-into-scar revisions around, but you need to choose your doctor carefully.A number posted here. Right now you can do nothing but wait and see how you heal. At 9 months, decide what you want to do next.
  10. Hi Darsha My shockloss lasted for more than 4 months in some places. However, it doesn't look good. Scar tissue has only around 40% of the tensile strength of normal skin in the first few months, rising to around 80% after a year. So keeping away from the gym is good practice. Looking at the photos it looks like there may be a problem here.
  11. Arn Like Gasto, I recommend in the strongest terms you do not go anywhere near finasteride, based on the honest appraisal you've given. One of the side effects can be anxiety and depression. This is one of the listed side effects, and one I've experienced. Finasteride can make me feel like I'm going to be squished by some great unseen danger. It's the hardest thing to describe, but it's like you would get if you were in real mortal danger all the time. The feeling is physical, palpable, visceral. The effects go away after 10 days of not taking the drug. So, with that all said, please don't take this drug. You many not be able to find a physician to prescribe it anyway based on your mental health, and you should not self-prescribe from sources selling online. I wish you the very best, but you must refuse to see yourself as a victim and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Victims have no power. If you have depression get treatment for that, but also refuse to see yourself as a victim. Make sure you see more than a GP - they are not specialists. Go to a proper mental health professional. Decide you want to be well. For now, forget the hair, come back to it when you have made some progress on your mental health.
  12. Hi Albine Your growth has started relatively early, I'm pleased for you. You are over the worst part now, and for the next couple of months you can expect it just to get better and better - enjoy. Modenese
  13. Hariri, I'm sorry to bring this thread up again but I'm new to the party and have just spent 30 minutes reading through this for the first time. It must be tough being a repair patient, but you honestly don't look like one now even without the nanogen. So glad you got a resolution in the end. You are looking good, Even if you don't have any more treatments you are in a good place. Take care, Modenese
  14. Thank you all for your kind words. It was tough getting through the first 3 months because I looked like a road accident. The help of others here and elsewhere helped me get through it. Modenese
  15. Hi Pupdaddy Thanks for the kind words. The photos were taken on the same day with the same camera. It shows what a difference a style makes. For the timeline I washed the hair and combed it forwards like a skull cap so it was easiest to make a direct comparison. In the other photos I'm wearing what in England would be called 'a Cornish Pasty', where the hair is pushed from either side to the middle, and styled with a wax. That jacket is cool though, but my wife has taken to calling me 'girlfriend'.