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  1. 3 years later and I'm stoked on my results. Dr. Glenn Charles is the man. Literally changed my life. Don't hesitate to get him to do your transplant. Look at my results and I only had a couple thousand grafts.
  2. BetterDaysAHead

    Few years later...

    Love my results... Here are a couple pics.
  3. He's great. I flew in from Tennessee just for the surgery. I did have redness but it was only maybe a week or 2. you can see in my before and after pics. Hair Restoration Social Network - Hair Loss and Transplant Photos Good luck! Let me know how it goes.
  4. I had a great experience with Dr. Glen Charles out of Boca Raton. I did a ton of research and my results are better than expected. I am so glad I did it, the time flew by and can't believe it's been 9 months already. If anyone has any questions, hit me up. I'm happy to help.
  5. BetterDaysAHead

    Day 6

  6. 5 days ago I had 2218 grafts by Dr. Glenn Charles in Boca Raton. I am excited to see the newly transplanted hair start to grow and I am not looking forward to fallout months ahead so I have been doing some research and found that there are several good supplements that you can take post op for hair transplants. Supplements that help with blood flow and protein that helps with hair growth etc. I have before pics on my page and will post pics along the way and share my experience. I started taking Ginkgo biloba, Cayenne, Biotin, Niacin, Whey Protein concentrate. Here is some interesting info on Ginkgo B: That is why many herbalists and hair care specialists recommend using ginkgo biloba to prevent and slow down hair loss, and even possibly boost hair re-growth. Due to excellent natural properties of this remedy to stimulate blood circulation to the brain and skin, this herbal remedy is thought to be effective for promoting hair re-growth and improving the quality of the hair. Ginkgo biloba is a native Chinese herbal remedy which has been used for more than 5 centuries. It was highly valued for its abilities to boost blood circulation to many body organs and systems, because it is an effective way o treat many known health problems and diseases caused by poor blood circulation. The increased blood flow can bring more vitamins and nutrients, as well as more oxygen to a body part, resulting in faster recovery or, in our case, hair follicle repair and better hair growth. hope it helps! Here is to better days aHead! Any advice out there?
  7. I have to say also that I live in Nashville and I travelled to Florida for the procedure. They gave a nice travel discount and I got to spend a little time on the beach the day before!
  8. I had a great experience with Dr. Glenn Charles. He under-promised and over-delivered. Everything went smoothly and as expected. I am excited to see the hair begin to grow. I highly recommend him. I had 2218 grafts in the front / hairline and now am day 4 post op.
  9. Again, I have no idea if it will help or anything, and I just had my transplant by Dr. Glenn Charles, but what I do know is that no one has posted on here that they actually tried it and it didn't help. So, with that being said, I will gladly be the first to spend extra money if there is even a 1% chance that it could help. I will also post all the results weekly. I like to go by facts and not theories, especially when hair is on the line...
  10. I think I'm going to start drinking a protein shake and vitamin supplements as well. I don't have unrealistic expectations but who knows? It doesn't look like anyone on this forum has tried this so... I will post my progress and we shall see...
  11. BetterDaysAHead

    Day 3

  12. 3 days ago I had a hair transplant of 2218 grafts FUT for my hairline. I had wanted to do something about my hair loss for around 10 years. It really started to thin in the front and I started wearing hats much more often as well as toppik. I have very straight and fine hair. More recently I have done a bunch of research on Hair transplants. I visited a Surgeon in San diego and one in Nashville and still thought maybe I would wait. So I did. I put it off for another year. Finally after realizing my hair loss would continue albeit slowly, I felt like I needed to go ahead with a transplant. I started spending more time on this site and called a couple Dr's that were recommended on here. I felt good about Dr. Glenn Charles and even though I live in Nashville, TN, I felt it was important enough to go with someone highly recommended. So I made the decision and made the appointment. I will try my best to update my pictures each month and answer any questions you may have regarding my procedure and progress. I have to say, the experience went better than expected. The worst part was getting the numbing injections, which lasted maybe 3-5 minutes and honestly wasn't as bad as getting dental fillings. The total procedure went from around 10:30 to about 3pm. We took a break for lunch and the kind staff brought me my sub sandwich that they ordered for me. I watched 2 movies which helped pass the time and for the most part couldn't feel a thing other than a little tightness in the back where the strip was taken out. Everyone was knowledgable and nice and I would definitely recommend Dr. Glenn Charles. I guess I'm not looking forward to waiting the 3-5 months for it to grow, but I know it will be well worth it once it does.
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