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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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    I'm here for support

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    Nioxin Shampoo
  1. That’s very unfortunate. does your current hair loss treatment work? You might find my experience of interest. About a day or two after I started taking Propecia I became sexually disinterested in general. For around two months I didn’t feel any sexual desire, become horny or have wood. I returned to how I was before taking Propecia on the same day that I realized that an overly friendly guy was ‘hitting’ on me. I didn’t draw any conclusion about Propecia side effects, as there are many possibilities about why this happened. Maybe it was all coincidence and propec
  2. thanks for the replies probably would have been useful 7 months again - i told my family how i felt at the time, maybe that also helped a bit i thought about that and it probably would help - i might add it later down the road if my hair thins more i had no idea people actually found a difference with Niz, i'll definitely add it - i'll post another pic next year and see if anything has changed
  3. Hey again I've been on Propecia and Minoxidil now for 7 months and been doing lots of gym-ing and studying - this was/is good advise and i highly recommend it to others. the posted pic is (on my side that is most receded) after 7 months of treatment. u can see my before pic in the first window. i decided to get my eyebrows dyed and i tried to get more prominent eyelashes to draw attention to the lower half of my face. On a day-to-day basis hair loss hasn't been depressing since starting treatment.
  4. that's not listed as a side effect and a number of people conceived during the dutasteride study (dut is more potent then fin). having watery semen is a dead give-away that you are on real fin as well goodluck with your hair
  5. I got a prescription from a doctor for propecia and purchased 2 months supply from a local pharmacy store. I then tried propecia from one of those online pharmacies and i got the same mild sexual side effects from that tablet. it coud be placebo of course and there are fakes out there. whatever course of action you take make sure u understand the costs and benefits and risks. Propecia, minoxidil and nixion are all very good products. goodluck with your fight against hair loss.
  6. definitely use what that guy said. Nizoral shampoo is also on the list of hair loss products to use - most people use it twice a week. i've used a few suspect online pharmacies and all of them have delivered what i ordered. the one i found to be the best which was recommended by a number of other people on other forums was inhouse pharmacy. i realise this is not a canadian pharmacy. the cheapest method of using propecia is to split the 5 gram tablets into 4. Proscar has been tested by a number of people and has always been as it says [Finasteride 5mg]. [i've attached a pic of what
  7. Thanks for the replies; I spoke to a few family and friends about it and some of them had a bit of an outburst when they saw their hair receding but got over it. The advice was to cut it short and not worry about it. What I wrote before was a really warped view of my life; it’s not that bad. Oddly enough the girls at university (college) have said that I look good with my hair cut the way it is. Initially I interpreted it to make me feel better but that doesn’t make any sense because I haven’t said that I was worried about my hair to any of them. I think I need to find where I stand socially t
  8. note: Please only read this if you like story time My male pattern baldness started when I was 12 (I had a very early puberty) and I first notice small arches appear on my face. Every subsequent haircut I noticed less hair on my head. It didn’t particularly bother me at the time since my hair was red, I had bad acne and I had bright freckles; you couldn’t really tell what my face looked like. After I turned 12 I avoided most social situations and escaped real life in books, computer games and comfort food. I wasn’t very depressed but I did (still do) have a lot of anxiety. Someti
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