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  1. Looks like some thinning on your vertex . Consult a hair transplant doctor for scalp analysis . In the meanwhile , you can start taking some hair vitamins ( Help Hair vitamins + Help Hair whey proteins ).It won't hurt you and it is always beneficial to slow down hair loss progression and improve hair quality . After the diagnosis , the doctor will adjust the treatment ( adding some others staff if necessary ).
  2. Hi Vinza , Do your homework and follow this steps : 1. Post your pictures in the forum .You will have input and different opinions .But remember , you know what suit you the best .What bothers you the most ( the front , the back or all ).Statistics show that 60 to 70 % of patients will have a second surgery during their lifetime .Don't restrict yourself .There is no guarantee it will work 100% the first time .Be open to do a touch up if needed to get you where you want . 2. Schedule an in person consultation with doctors ( at least 2 or three ).They will do an in depth analysis of your scalp with dermatoscope and propose you a lifetime treatment plan . Medical therapy and surgery ( for me ) is a requirement to achieve your goal especially if you don't want to do many surgeries down the road . 3. Choose your surgeon . 4.Dr Erdogan is a highly recommended doctor ( send him pictures with enough details about your hair loss and you will get his feedback ). We are offering in person consultation in our clinic in Atlanta .( customer.care@mywhtc.com ) or you can also contact me .
  3. Medical therapy at this point will be sufficient for you : 1. Antishedding treatment will prolong your anagen phase ( or growing phase of your hair cycle ) and improve hair caliber, hair lenght and hair pigmentation : Finasteride 1mg once per day for 1 year + Help Hair whey protein ( 3 times per week ) . 2. Stimulants will somehow reverse your hair cycle and improve hair quality ( caliber and pigmentation ) : Minoxidil , laser cap , vitamins for hairs , ... are among products to choose . The treatment will slow down your hair loss progression and improve your hair quality providing you a better scalp coverage .
  4. you need 2000 in the back and 1000 to 2000 in front + prp + medication A lot of grafts .FUT will be the option if you are sure to keep your hair longer ( because scar is never predictable ) . If you plan to keep it short , go for FUE .The dots are not very noticeable in my sample of black patient .
  5. Prp works but the outcome is person dependent . In my experience , it stopped hair shedding and improve hair quality . I rarely noticed new growth . I used it alone ( 3 times first year and then once a year for maintenance ) or twice a year with Acell. I activated my prp by performing dermabrasion . I encourage patient to combine it with laser cap and Help hair whey protein or minoxidil with help hair whey protein .
  6. As. cosmo said , a little bit thinning on temples points but very good density in hair line . Finasteride works pretty good on young patient .You need to be aware of side effects , rare but real ( decrease libido is the most common ) . If you do not have active shedding ( your hairs all. over the place i.e. on your pillow , computer , shower , etc...) , I will recommend Help HAir whey protein + help Hair vitamins + Minoxidil . Help Hair protein will lower the inflammation around the bulb and prevent your hairs to go in resting phase ( same thing finasteride does by blocking DHT ) and minoxidil will stimulate your hairs and reverse the hair cycle .
  7. 2000 grafts to fill in front and top . Patients is under following treatment : Help Hair whey protein + vitamins , Rituel Rene Furterer once a week . Results after one year post op . CX available in ATL and BXLS .
  8. You are wrong in your judgement .I know Dr Erdogan and I admire his work . But when there is a post , we need to stay objective and reveal what went wrong and what went right .It helps each one of us to improve our quality work . The results you are presenting are mine and you are right to point what went wrong : - The first case was a repair case with pluggy grafts .The goal or purpose was to show that you can not at the same time remove grafts and rebuild a new hair line but we made a big improvement .I can post the entire case with many pictures for you to appreciate the work . - The second patient is at 6 months and I totally agree is not awesome .We need to be fair enough to present realistics results .I can choose to present only my best work and that's not right for the patients . There is no jealousy , not competition .Be real with yourself. And you didn't mention I said good result and good coverage in one session ( and we know how it is hard to achieve it in FUE ) .But you just focused on the negative comments I made .It is not fair .Balance your input .Thank you
  9. Yes any inflammatory skin disease can lead to hair loss . Anytime , you got inflammation , you trigger the catagen phase and consume one hair cycle .If the inflammation is chronic , it will consume all the cycles and your hairs won't grow back. That's why it is important to treat skin condition in order to prevent hair loss as a secondary consequence . Whey protein is antinflammatory and anabolic at the same time .You need to find the right balance . The WPI is more anabolic ( that's why we like to use them for muscle gain ) .It means , the testosterone will be high and therefore DHT and hair loss . The WPC is less potent anabolic .But if you exagerate its intake , you will increase the testosterone and DHT to a critical level .That's why it is important to follow the instructions in order to benefit from this product .
  10. Complaint : Fronto temporal recession Diagnosis : Traction alopecia Treatment plan : Prp , laser cap , surgery ( Unshaven FUE ) 2000 grafts performed in 2 days with manual FUE .
  11. Being leader in the field , we would like our US patients to benefit our service centered on quality relationship between doctors and patients . We treat patients with compassion and offer our best in terms of skills , technology available , listening ,... Our expertise in area such as afro hairs texture , BHT , combo FUE-FUT , female patients , unshaven FUE allows us to customize our treatment plan and offer you what you want and what makes you comfortable . Please contact us at customer.care@mywhtc.com or visit our website at www.mywhtc.net for more information
  12. In this case , no removal . Just lower the hair line , use singles and doubles , place them respecting angles , add density in the current hair line and he will be Ok . Another 500 to 1000 grafts .( depending on final location of hair line and grafting density )
  13. see through effect because of light density and impression of pluggy look because i believe of hair angle which looks too straight ( I mean vertical ) .
  14. Good coverage and good achievement in just one session . I am still not satisfied with the hair line look ( picture number 3 ) .