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  1. hi all, I'm thinking about the possibility of getting a hair system. I haven't worn one before. Can anybody recommend reputable salons in the leeds/bradford area of the UK, where I can have a consultation/fitting etc......would you have to pay for initial consultation? I'm living overseas and am returning to the Uk for three weeks at Christmas. As far as i've read, this isn't enough time to get custom made piece made for me to take back with me....is it viable to get a stock piece fitted/cut-in during that time period, and then take away all the necessary measurements needed for me to purchase my next piece(s) online from somewhere? The prices I've seen for salons in the UK look to be very expensive, approx 400 pounds......does anybody know the price I should expect to pay for a stock piece fitted/cut in at a salon? I've attached two pics, one with my hair brushed apart, and the other with the hair brushed forward which is how it's styled when I go out...........I was going to get a transplant this time last year, but have put that idea on hold...........right now, it's looking like a piece, or else just taking the plunge and shaving it off!...........thanks for any advice/help
  2. the doc in thailand would be dr prathomanvinch. yes i've lost it all on the front third of the scalp and most on the top above that - my other posts have pics of the rest of my head............thanx for all your comments.......next step is to have a densitometer test i think so as to quantify things
  3. i've attached beolow a one min link of me brushing my hair at the back, exciting stuff haha. can anyone please take a look and comment as to whether you think the donor area looks good.....i don't know why the video is upside down, it's my first youtube video upload. Also, can anyone comment on the variance of hair transplantation surgeon's clinical diagnoses, e.g, one doc says you're a good candidate with good donor hair and the next doc says the opposite......is a bit of variance to be expected? did anyone have a transplant with good results after being told before they weren't a good candidate by a previous doctor??
  4. i'm so confused right now. I sent the pics of the back of my head to the doc in thailand and they said the donor area looks ok...there's a surgery slot open for late Jan. I just today went to a clinic in seoul Korea where I live. I saw 2 doctors there. The first assistant doc said my donor area was 'thin but donor density relatively good" (isn't that a contradiction?)......he then said another assistant would measure my area with the telescope.....it wasn't measured, instead i then saw the head doctor who said my donor area was 'thin relative to other people's" !! and then said i wasn't a good candidate....he did then go on about how he is only used to korean people's hair etc etc just don't know what to do....the hairloss is killing me and it feels right to do something about it now, however, caution is telling me to get lots of consultations both in thailand with the clinic that i'm planning to do it at, and also in Uk (my native country). I'm on holiday for jan and feb and plan to go to thailand and uk anyway, regardless of whether i get transplant or not.... is the best thing to do to have my hair telescopically measured with a densitometer? can the results be interpreted differently or is there an industry standard in terms of what makes a result good or acceptable for treatment? e.g one doctor's 'acceptable' donor density for a patient may be another doctor's 'unacceptable' density..... i've read posts on here of people having their trasplanted hair fall out or thin a few years post surgery, and this has partially been explained by the original donor hair being subject to DHT....if my donor is thinning even a little bit then there's no point in having a transplant?
  5. Just about to book a transplant for next month or feb, but i'm now concerned about my donor area at the back of my head. I was going to upload an exciting video of me combing the back of my head! but i guess i can't upload a video clip so i'm attaching some pics of the back of my head. i had a consultation last feb and was told my donor area was good (it was just a quick visual inspection by the doc however) and other posters on this board and others have said it looks to be decent.....as you can see there's a bald strip on the back ( i don't believe it has changed much over the years). the bald spot just about reaches the small protruding bone at the back of the head. would the strip be taken from above this bone or below it? If taken from above then the strip would run right across an area that as you can see in the pics is thinning... Should I go and get a proper test to see if the donor area is minaturizing before i go and reserve a surgery date?
  6. hi everyone, I'm on the verge of going for it and getting a transplant (approx 4000 grafts strip). I've got a question about the first few months post op. I've attached my pics below, you can see one where the hair is pulled apart revealing the true hairline (or complete lack of it!) and the other two pics where the hair is all brushed forward and across and sprayed down with hairspray (no concealer, never used it) show what people see when I go out. I'm also on the verge of a major life change. Option A is to have the transplant done this jan/feb whilst i'm on vacation and then not return to my job as a foreign teacher overseas in March (there's many reasons for wanting to leave the job), i'd then essentially hibernate for 4-5 months not working whilst the hair grows in. Option B is to return in March to my current job for the new year's contract after having got the transplant done in mid jan- feb. What do you think my hair will look like in march? Will it all have to be shaved off for the transplant or would only the middle bit of the head that is to receive the grafts have to be shaved? If the long bits of hair at the sides that I currently comb over into the middle are not shaved, I could used them to cover over the procedure I guess, but then wouldn't it look rather strange to have the very long sides and bits of stubble growing in the middle?? Alternatively, if the sides are shaved down, then I'd have to go out in public bald. I've never done that. I'm currently a teacher in a foreign country; I don't know if I could go back to work in March 5 weeks or so after having had a transplant with a nice big bald head. And wearing a hat for 6 months every day would raise lots of eyebrows and questions. I like the idea of not returning to my job in march, of taking 5 or 6 months off work to stay in a friend's house, read etc, and just wait in hibernation for the hair to grow. But then I think of the money i'll lose not working for those months!! I don't think i will mind telling people that i've had a transplant, although i'd really not want the whole school of kids and teachers knowing, but i'm more concerned about working and dealing with anybody whilst not looking very good. I'm very vain. Any comments or suggestions or personal experiences people can share would be great, thanx
  7. thanx for all your advice. Tao, your hair looked really good after that first transplant, i'll have to speak to the doc about the idea of doing one megasession vs. two smaller sesssions. I've emailed the doc i'll be doing it with, we'll see what he says in the next few days. still debating on doing it in the next few months or waiting the year. waiting would be good for the money of course, but it feels right to do something now. I can't take the three hours every morning combing and brushing and spraying before i can manage to leave my apt, and shaving won't work for me........decisions decisions
  8. hi everybody, i hope i can get some good advice here, i've posted on a few other forums and they've been a good help. I'm 34 and started losing my hair about 11 years ago. I need to do something about my hair loss as these last few years it's been draining me of all energy. I had a consultation with dr. Prathomavich (sp?) in bangkok last february and he said i had good donor density. The assistant mentioned i might be able to get between 4-5000 grafts in one session. I don't think my donor area has changed much since february, the bald patch or strip at the back of my head has remained unchanged, at least i think unchanged, for years. but i think my hair has thinned quite a bit on the top of my head since then. I posted my pics on some other hairloss forums; most posters said i looked to have good donor density but a couple of posters said it looked merely ok and said i might not be a good candidate at present for a transplant as my hair loss looked to be unstable. a few other mentioned that i should get at least 5 consulations and have the donor density measured rather than just looked at by the doctor. It was also suggested that i get on propecia for at least 6 months before any transplant. I started propecia 2 weeks ago and started getting testicle pain almost immediately. I stopped propecia for 2 days and the pain stopped. Today I took a half dose of propecia. I don't know if i should keep taking a half a dose, or give up with propecia. I fear i just can't take the drug. I was on propecia for a few months about 8 years ago but i had to stop due to testicle pain. Please advise me on what you think I should do, i know my photos aren't great, sorry!. Due to my work situation, i can either get a transplant around feb-april of next yr, or else wait til the following winter. should i wait for a year, and have 5 or 6 consultations, have my head 'mapped' for future loss, donor density measured etc, or else try and do it with dr prath in bankgkok this coming feb-april. i chose dr prath as I live in asia and because of his reputation. Emotionally i can't move on with my life at all until i get a transplant. I know dr prath is highly regarded. I don't think i can be on propecia due to the reasons mentioned. any thoughts on having it done without the use of propecia? let's say I were able to get about 4,000 grafts......what could I expect realistically to look like after the hair has grown? enough for decent enough coverage, maybe with the expectation of getting another smaller transplant on the top of the head a few years down the line?? sorry for such a long message!.......thanks again for any comments/advice
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