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  1. Would anyone share experience with Dr. Madhu or Dr. Mahadevia from India ?
  2. Can you suggest me a good Indian doctor for HT with appx. idea for their charges for FUT and and FUE? I would need about 2600-2900 grafts I've been told.
  3. Hello All. I am an HT candidate with reasonably good donor area and will need about 3000 grafts. I have approached various HT clinics and have been advised FUE as well as FUT method. Some have also advised me to go on Propecia/Minoxodil 5% for 4-6 months to strengthen my hair roots and avoid 'shock loss' during the transplant. I need to know which method is better suited and if I should wait for 4-6 months. Kindly comment.
  4. Can somebody suggest a good HT suregon in India. I am contemplating Dr Bishen Mahadevia. I also need to decide between FUE/FUT methods. Any help????
  5. Hi all. Can you please suggest a good hair transplant surgeon in India. Also how good is FUE method ? Any reviews on Dr. Bishen Mahadevia? Please help as I am a rookie.