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  1. Alot of change since post op, this damn phone wont let me select the link to post photos so check my profile ablums for pics, sorry. But the best money i have ever spent.
  2. finance

    2 month update

    I am excited to see peach fuzz in my temple areas that were once complete and smoothly bald. I think my shock loss has subsided and my hair is starting to normalize. I started taking propecia about a month ago and I must admit that I lost so much hair that I was depressed! Its now filling in and Im feeling like the time, trouble, and exspense was worth it. I am looking foward to the next few months for my next reveal.........
  3. There is a Doctor in Maryland named Dr. Monte Harris who does excellent work with African American women with traction alopecia. He is not listed as a coalition doctor on this site but I was strongly tempted to fly out to meet with him. I also found some seemingly good doctors in AtL just by google searching, I ultimately found this website/blog and just used a recommended coalition doctor in my area to repair my hair. I too am african american and I have been wearing dreadlocks for 17 years. My doctor said that I probably just have normal male pattern balding. I always made sure that I didnt
  4. I saved half of the money upfront, and financed the rest. The Bank offers 2 years interest free so I actually gave the clinic 1/4 of the cash and immediately paid the Bank the other 1/4. So I'm half way paid off and intend to pay off the bank with income tax return. Coming up with half of the money was only possible because I paid of my car so I jokingly say I have to make monthy hair payments instead of monthly car payments. LOL
  5. I just had my procedure and they sprayed it with solution, applied "saran wrap" like plastic, and then wrapped it with quaze.
  6. I received my first HT the other day, about 2500 grafts and I am so SORE! The procedure was completely painless but the next morning I am completely sore in the receipent area. The strip scar does not hurt at all. I will post pics as soon as I follow up with the doc and they remove the bandages. I can honestly recommend that everyone have the procedure. It really isnt bad at all. I have had way more pain stubbing my toe in the middle of the night. Cant wait for the 3-5 month mark to see when the results start to grow in. So far I think this is the best money I've ever spent.
  7. Those are valid points and I have taken them into consideration. Nevertheless, I read through alot of the forum posts and it just seems like pricing is a taboo subject and I wanted to open the dialogue in regards to pricing. I understand that there are variables but Im trying to get an idea of what people are paying for the type of procedures they have. More of an informal poll, if you will.
  8. I have taken that into consideration, but seeing that this doctor quoted someone $3, and me $3.50 seems like a red flag. I work in an industry that I find I have to quote prices to clients and I COULD size them up when I meet them and quote a high price just because I feel that is what they would pay. Instead I offer menu prices for my services and I adjust it if it requires more work than usual and I am up front with the client. The rates are published on all literature. I have found doctors who advertise prices and I find that the ones who dont advertise have the power to quote anything they
  9. Hello, I've learned alot from this site. I noticed that people rarely list the amount they paid for a procedure. I am naturally a thrifty guy so I want to get my best value. I was quoted $3.50 per graph for a strip HT by a doctor that is recommended on this site. I've seen other docs who are not on this site who quoted $3.00, and I even found a post from a few months ago saying that they were quoted $3.00 by the SAME doctor who now quotes $3.50. All the doctors I seen said Ill need about 2000 graphs. I would prefer to see the doc on here with good reviews, but seeing how I was quoted $3.50 and
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