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  1. I realize it would just be a ballpark figure here but what kind of money could I expect to be spending for lets say 2500 FUT's?
  2. Wow, I looked at your pictures and your hair looks really good. Most peoples pictures I have seen showed their scalp being really red and irritated for quite sometime and you could definitely tell they had a transplant done but I couldn't even tell on you. What made you end up going to Minneapolis for your transplant? Was price the major deciding factor?
  3. I was just considering looking in LA because I know a guy who had a transplant out there but he had to dang near sell a kidney to afford it so I wouldn't even be able to afford it anytime soon. Is Dr. Gable this guy: Gabel Hair Loss Clinic | Portland OR-Seattle WA-Boise ID I honestly have no problem whatsoever traveling but the only reason I wanted to stay local is in case I had a problem or anything happened, I would be able to just drive out there where as if it was out of state, it would be much more difficult. Sorry if this is forward, but you don't happen to have any before/after pictures would you?
  4. Thank you so much Speegs for taking time out to offer help. I've been looking for the past few months. I had an uncle of mine do a procedure at Bosley and even though he didn't get butchered like some of the other stories I've read about on here, it didn't do a whole lot of good either. My other concern is that I've heard about guys like Dr. Bauman that everyone says photoshops his before & after pictures. With that being the case, I'm not sure how I can really trust anybody's photos. I've thought about looking in the LA area but if I can find a good doc in Dallas, I'd prefer to stay local. If you don't mind me asking, how many grafts did you have done each time and what was the reason that you had to do two surgeries within a year?
  5. Hello everyone, let me start by saying I'm sorry for so many questions but I'm mentally in a pretty crappy place as I rapidly started losing hair when I turned 25 and now I'm 27 and it's unbelievably depressing. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Arocha Hair Restoration in Dallas? I found a few videos of his and he seemed good but at the same time, I had also found a lot of stuff on a guy named Dr. Bauman and the forums say he's the worst Hair Restoration surgeon on the planet so I wanted to check with people in the know. I also found a guy named Dr. Peter Malouf in Dallas but he only uses NeoGraft which I've heard bad things about as well. Finally, I noticed that almost all the before and after pics have their hairstyle combed to the right or left side. I always kept my hair short (finger length on top, #2-3 fade on sides) and straight down. Will that be a problem or will scars be visible after the surgery if I decide to get it? Sorry for so many questions but I'm mentally in a pretty crappy place as I rapidly started losing hair when I turned 25 and now I'm 27 and it's unbelievably depressing. Thank you for your time and reading & replying to this post.
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