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  1. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/164448-incredible-5-month-result-dr-carman.html Here are some pics....and these are only at 5 months. The whole front of my head has fuller, more lush hair now, it's awesome. It's 100% undetectable, couldn't look more natural. All I wanted were the corners filled in but it looks much better everywhere up front.
  2. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/164448-incredible-5-month-result-dr-carman.html Here are some pics....and these are only at 5 months. The whole front of my head has fuller, more lush hair now, it's awesome. It's 100% undetectable, couldn't look more natural.
  3. This post is utter nonsense. CA has absolutely top-notch doctors. Don't listen to this guy's opinion. I had work done with Dr. Carman and the guy is a master surgeon, I'm sure there are others as well.
  4. Hey bud.... The big names around here are Dr. Rahal, Hasson & Wong, The Shapiro Bros and a few others. Those seem to be the names that come up the most.....HOWEVER, all of the recommended doctors on here are great. I went with Dr. Carman out of La Jolla and am very happy with my results, I expected just the corners to fill in but the whole frontal area of my hair is now thicker and more dense. I'm guessing the results would have been just as good with most of the recommended doctors. What you should do is type in some doctors names in the search box and check out some of their posted work samples, and read some threads about them.
  5. It looks to me like an easy fix....like the temples could be filled with not too many more grafts because there is already so much existing hair.
  6. I can't believe Melike wasn't there....the fact that you had surgery planned with her and then when you showed up, it was some other person seems very sketchy and dishonest. I would have either waited for her, or gotten my money back. By the way, did they give you any indication before hand that she wouldn't be there?
  7. It already is brushed upwards....scout's honor:) In all of the photos I brushed my hair straight upwards about 3-4 times, cause I wanted 100% honest pics, the flash and the background is the same too. My hair is a little longer in the first two photos, but that's not why it looks so much denser. The hairs have just totally grown in! Also, my hair is very thick and curly, and brushing it upwards didn't change how dense it looked, especially since it's not that long in the last photo.
  8. It's been just under 5 months and I'm blown away by the results thus far. Even if there was no more growth and the hairs didn't thicken up (which they will) I'd be happy. Months 2-3.5 were very tough, waiting and nit knowing is an awful feeling. Now I look in the mirror and can't believe it....I had roughly 1320 fu's put in. Dr. Carman delivers and then some.
  9. Subtle? I think it looks MUCH better........little differences can have big effects. Really nice work Dr. Carman.
  10. Just don't lose sleep over which one you choose, All three of those guys are experts, and perform world-class results.
  11. Hey, what's up bud. I don't know much about Pak, but H&W and Reed are all very well respected around here. You can't go wrong with any of those guys.
  12. Man, that's crazy. You look younger than you did ten years ago! It's amazing how much of a difference a full head of hair makes. And your HT is completely undetectable, not even a hint of anything unnatural.
  13. LOL.... I wouldn't worry Damon. Even if you do need a HT at some point in the distant future, it will probably only be 1200-1500 follicular units. I understand your concern though, because hair loss is gradual and creeps up on you. Sometimes you can't tell if it's happening because you see yourself every day.
  14. Right on.... I'm glad to see H&W are a stand-up clinic like everyone says they are. I hope all this gets worked out.
  15. You might want to check out the hair transplant journals and look at guys who received 4000+ grafts. That should give you a good idea of what you can expect. Hair Restoration Sites This link will show the patient journal entries of one top doc in the US. You can check out other top doc patient results too.
  16. I would be really straightforward and say...."at what point can we agree that the results are not what we agreed upon." Maybe in one more month, he'll concede that the final results are in. He should know that you're stressed out about this and don't want to wait more than say one more month. Once you get to that point, show him you are still very thin and ask him if he's willing to help you out. As far as having a plan, I don't understand how you couldn't have one. I'd think that the doctor would know how to best optimize your grafts in order to come up with more thickness. I also think that your immediate post-ops looked dense. It's hard to believe that all your grafts grew, after looking at the 1 year results.
  17. There are definitely other articles, but just a thread with photos of guys who didn't shave? that would be cool. I didn't shave, but only had 1300 grafts placed. What's weird is that I would have. It's definitely harder work for the techs and the doc, because they have to move the existing hairs around (I didn't know that then). But the results are the same I believe. If transection were really an issue, docs would require shaving.
  18. I actually started another post about this exact topic. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/163802-besides-h-w-rahal-do-any-other-coalition-docs-guarantee-results.html Nobody seems to know what exactly a guarantee means.
  19. That second set of pics is much clearer. I would definitely call Dr. Wong and tell him you're not happy. That looks much thinner than H&W's normally incredible results.
  20. It definitely looks better, but not nearly as dense as one would think for 4200 grafts. Have you talked to Dr. Wong about this?
  21. Dr. Hasson's post says for optimal, ultra refined results, shaving the head and not shaving it is night and day. The truth is, many excellent doctors don't require shaving and achieve excellent results. Take Dr. Scott Alexander for example, he has many before and after pics that show incredible final results, and most were not shaved right before surgery. I'm sure there are many other examples. It seems to me that if shaving was a requirement for tip top results, then all coalition doctors would do it, but they don't.
  22. To be honest...it seems like the fear of scarring from strip is a little overblown. I've seen tons of before and afters. The scar is almost always very minimal when the surgery is performed by a top doc.
  23. I'm pretty sure Bill (the assistant publisher) said something about all the coalition doctors standing behind their work, and their patients...I don't remember exactly where I read that though. I just don't know if that's the same as a guarantee.
  24. Very good question. I remember asking my doc if people would look at my hair that had newly grown in and say "did you have a hair transplant?" He told me I'd be surprised at how few people can even figure out what about you has changed (assuming you had it done by a top-notch surgeon). It looks so natural and grows in so gradually (thin and colorless hair at first), that most, if not all people can't figure out what was done. So people may comment on how you look better, but not be able to figure out why. But just to play it safe, I'd say I was using propecia and it worked really well. Most people don't know enough about the drug to know that it doesn't do much for the frontal part of your head. Also in my case, I have existing hair, so that helps obviously.
  25. Very impressive results....not surprising at all after viewing some of Dr. Alexander's other before and afters.