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  1. Hi everyone, I'd just like to offer a few tips when going down the road of Non- Surgical hair replacement.. I think the reason why so many find this difficult comes down to a few simple factors.. Base design.. Your either using the incorrect base for your requirements or the density is to thick, When dealing with hair systems less is always more! Many Lace units fail not only because the base fraying, but more due to the face that the Glue always remains Sticky and this attracts dirt to the front hairline-Not to mention Seepage through the base? The Adhesive..To Many clients this is a BIG issue myself included, Most individuals should use Special bio Glue which washes off with Warm water which means no harsh scalp irritation or solvents,Infact it's that Chemically inert you can eat it! This Adhesive is PERFECT for daily wear and is made for our Super Thin Bio Bases, It Takes under 5 minutes to Remove/Wash and re-Attach!! Too Many people have had bad Exp with Companies exploiting them in there time of need!!! Look...Hair replacement should be hard, It's Only hair tied or Looped on to a Base membrane, As long as your Base and Hair Quality are of a decent standard you should'nt be able to notice.
  2. Hi there swindon If your looking for a hair system that is YES 100% we supply some of the best you can get plus we are very affordable and we can be reached 24/7. Thanks Don Chs/RYH uk
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