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  1. I agree with rev3, I think there is a big difference between 3-4 and 6 months! You definitely have growth and in another 6 months there should noticeable improvements. Good Luck!
  2. No, I was given NO indications she wouldn't be there. Yes, I should have cancelled my surgery instead but we learn from our mistakes...
  3. It was September 2011 when I had my HT with Transmed. I originally booked the surgery with Dr Melike who back then was (still) a coalition member. When I arrived to the clink on the day of my surgery I learned that Dr Melike cannot perform FUE surgeries and even more she was out of the country... and instead it will be done by a different surgeon Dr. Ali Emre. Having in mind that Dr Melike was recommended on this website it did not cross my mind that she might running a practice with someone less successful. I also did not come across bad feedback on their results back them or maybe I missed. So I had 2600 grafts FUE. While the clinic was nice, everything looked clean and very modern. The staff was very welcoming and friendly. But to keep it short, surgery was over and I went home. I did NOT develop post-op swelling or any other post-op side affects. I did not have any bleeding in the recipient area and my donor area was healing good. After two weeks all scab were off and NO redness. I did have few zits in the recipient area but they cleared in few days without using any medication. After one month I still did not see any shedding and this was the first concern of mine. I did approach Transmed to address it but was told that this is normal and I should not worry about it. However even though the transplanted hair did grow, the growth was VERY little… After 4 months nothing much has changed, I did not see any new hair growth. I contacted Transmed but my query was ignored - I did not get any feedback. I did not panic and decided to wait few more moths. After 6 months everything was still the same. I did have maybe 20 new hair on my left side and around 100 new hair on my right side. 7 months post-op did not bring any changes at all. I approached Transmed one again. This time sucessfull - they did speak to me. They did apologize for the poor results however the main message I got from my surgeon is that it's impossible to determine whose fault is it. In other words they were suggesting that is also patience's fault. I have no comments on that. Also, that it is mandatory to take propecia. I don't wanna comment this statement either. But I am just wondering if all those people who developed side affect from this drug and stopped using it; does it mean that they will not have results after having a HT surgery? According to Transmed it looks like it is… To summarize, it has now been 9 months, no changes, I am where I was. This surgery with Transmed has made my life a living hell. I am not depressed but emotionally devastated. These are not the poor results that "kill" me but this surgery has damaged my hairline. The manipulations are clearly visible/noticeable on my hairline. I had to grow my hair (which does not look good on me at all) to somehow cover it up but even if I go out and it's windy (and in London it's always windy) all my "cover" lifts up and there is nothing I can do. My social life has gone completely, I don't go out anymore, I cannot meet people because I feel VERY VERY uncomfortable. I cannot wait when for 12-14 months pass to have a correction surgery. I have some North American surgeons in mind. But I would appreciate if maybe someone could give me and an advise or suggest a good surgeon (FUE)? You can see some pictures I uploaded to outline my "progress". P.S. I did not choose Transmed because of money. The amount I paid was almost the same as it would be with the North American coalition surgeons. I did choose Transmed because back then Dr Melike was recommended here (and I though I will have surgery with her) and I did not want to leave Europe.
  4. TheOtherSide

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    This is how I looked like before Transmed
  5. Avoid Transmed! They have killed more than 2000 grafts during my FUE surgery!
  6. Bill, I do agree with you. I am not expecting to see final results tomorrow. I will be waiting at least 12 months before I make any conclusion. I am not in panic, I may be upset a little bit but I am only human I will of course contact the clinic once again, however since I have already told them about my situation I thought that keeping silence and not replying to me with at least few words was not the right thing to do...
  7. They contacted me via email to follow-up on my surgery, so I replied and have not heard since. I will of course get in touch with them. Yes, the consultant was very friendly and helpful when I was there and with my post op questions.
  8. Transmed know about my concerns and situation, but silence was the only answer.
  9. Yeah, I guess it won't change anything anyway and I don't think anyone will listen to my concerns before 12 months have passed. So I just have to wait 6 more months. I will also open a different thread to tell about my journey with Transmed.
  10. I am very happy for you lisco! However my story is a bit different. I had my surgery with Transmed a month after yours (before they were removed from the recommend list). It has now been 5 months and I have NO hair growth, maybe 1% grew but honestly even less than that. My surgery was carried out by a different doctor from Transmed, even though I originally booked a surgery with Dr Melike but on the day of the surgery was told that she by law is not allowed to perform FUE surgeries because she is not a plastic surgen. Anyhow, I know it's too early to make conclusions but I don't believe anymore my situation will change. Looks like your surgeon did a good job! I just wasn't lucky enough to be appointed to him.
  11. Does anyone know why Dr. Melike Kulahci (from Transmed) is no longer a recommended hair transplant physician by hairrestorationnetwork.com? Few weeks ago she was still featured on this website but I have just noticed her profile and patient results have disappeared...
  12. Hello All, One month ago I had HT surgery (2500 FUE). I am blond and my donor area was dyed (black) to do the extraction. I almost didn't have any shedding (yet) and transplanted hair remained on my scalp. Some of the transplanted hair that continued growing are entirely black (not all but at least 50% are). Does anyone know if this is normal and when all transplanted hair shed they will grow blond? I am just a bit confused why they are growing black but not like when you dye your hair and when they grow a little bit you can see the original hair color at the bottom of the hair?