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Hair Loss Overview

  • Describe Your Hair Loss Pattern
    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Norwood IV A
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    William Guanitz
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    Generic Minoxidil 5% for Men
    Laser Therapy or Comb
  1. If you are on West Coast you may want to visit William (Bill) Reid or Dr. Timothy Carman. They are in San Diego and really focus on hair line. They are conservative in their work, in doing sections of the scalp. Great thing also is you wont have to shave your head for the procedure unles you want to.
  2. You need to keep your scalp clean daily. Shampoo every day. It is not good to only wash your hair 2x's per week if your goal is to prevent hair loss. I have been using the organic shampoo from Hair Cycle.com which is recommended for people after HT. It has DHT blockers- seems good, but you wont re-grow hair from using this shampoo or any other shampoo.
  3. No worries, having a HT, or trying to keep the hair God gave us is not a sin any more than wearing glasses are in order to keep the vision God has given us. This is all cosmetic stuff. Sin is the evil "in" our head, not the transplant "on" our head.:rolleyes:
  4. Wow- that looks pretty good. You are one of the lucky ones that have a nice lookin shaved head. I do notice hardly no redness, thats amazing. However, I still notice on other people an inflamed look that sometimes last for 2-3 months after. I guess every case is differant. My scalp is pretty sensitive. As far as vanity is concerned, it is mostly talked about in the context that EVERYTHING on earth is vanity/meaningless without fearing God. All sin is deadly. THere is no list mentioning just 7 deadly sins. No worries, having a HT, or trying to keep the hair God gave us is not a sin any more than wearing glasses are in order to keep the vision God has given us. This is all cosmetic stuff. Sin is the evil "in" our head, not the transplant "on" our head.:rolleyes:
  5. What Award is higher. The "Golden" or the "Platnum" ? What are the contrasts between the two???
  6. Laze

    Miami surgeon reviews

    Yeah - check out this guys name "Aski" on this network - He is highly upset with his results from Dr. Paul Riley specifically-
  7. I am between a 3V and 4- Thanks Dr. Carman sems like he does excellent hair lines. But on this website, I cant find that many people who have used him. They seem to only average max 3k graphs
  8. So funny, this topic came up. I emailed Dr. Carman and Dr. Reed this question yesterday. I was comparing their practice to Dr. Wong. Dr. Carmon does awesome hair lines with fewer graphs (averaging 2500 per session) while Wong covers a lot of ground (average 4500 graphs) Dr. Carman from CA responded saying the following: The reality is that in general, most patients do not have 5000 natural occurring follicular units available in a single setting, and, if that many naturally occurring follicular units ARE harvested, the donor strip would be quite large, thus placing the average patient at risk for unsightly scarring or other complications. My rule of thumb is to obtain the largest number of available follicular grafts (that are needed) without subjecting my patients to unnecessary risks. As for results, I let those speak for themselves. I like Dr. Carman's response, but am not sure if some of that risk is because- simply the surgery is SUPER DUPER long, and that it takes a lot of patience, energy- and a lot of blood loss on our part. It does make me question the dr's skill. If the dr. had some expereince in both worlds (including Mega Sessions) instead of just pushing for less graphs, I would have evidence to believe that after doing both surgeries why he prefers less. However, One post today said Dr. Rahal just did a 7,160 graph sugery (WOW). However, I have noticed that those who do these lateral slit surgeries subject themselves to looking like "crap" for the next 6 months as their scalp is healing very red and inflamed- and the donor scar wraps pretty much around the whole head, which can have an impact on future donor areas. I would love if other dr.'s chimed in on this discussion.
  9. Thanx's for the input Dr. Charles- Dr. Carman replied back and said he does both as well. I like all of their work- its just they do not do the large "mega" sessions over 4k graphs because of the risks involved. Not sure if I should be thankful for their concerns or cautious because of the multiple surgeries I would have to do- when others are doing such large graphs in only 1 setting????
  10. That looks amazing! Hey, you are the exact same age as me. Im doing my homework and talking to Dr. Carman and Dr. Reed from San Diego- they do not recommend so many graphs in one setting basically because of the risk involved - what would you say to me after your sugery in this regard- or anyone else- all of these dr's seem reputible
  11. Still trying to figure this out. Dr. Hasson and Wong- are so far away and it looks like the recovery takes months of redness and I must shave the head. I am a PASTOR and speak 3 times a week. If I do the lateral slit- everybody will notice (unless I take a 6 month vacation to grow my hair out, which I cant)- am I wrong??
  12. Good thing we dont have eyes on the back of our head That is a very hard thing to watch- and that is why we are not doctors. I believe that most cosmetic surgeries are gory. The important thing is the healing and the comfort level during the procedure- Dan looks and sounds good
  13. In my research, I have noticed that the dr's who perform sgital incisions do graphs averaging about 2500. Then want you to come in later for further surgeries. Those who do lateral slit Incisions average about 4,500 graphs in 1 surgery. What is everybodies preferance? Has anyone done both??? Trying to figure out Dr. Wongs method compared to Dr. Reed's method- both are recommended dr's on this sight and both have won Golden/Platnum AWARDS
  14. It seems like Dr. Carman uses the "sagital" incision compared to the lateral slit incision created by Dr. Wong- not sure which method is better? And if people are pleased with Dr. Reeds and/or Dr. Carmans work years later?