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  1. Hi all, I'd like to thank you all for your comments on this subject. I've been very busy over the last month or so getting together my argument to get my treatment cancelled. All the comments were a really big help and helped me dodge a possible disaster here, appreciate it a lot. So, after a month or so, a lot of info gathering and a long and strongly worded letter, putting across my argument and the reasons I was unhappy the London Hair Transplant Clinic agreed to meet me. I received the full amount refunded back in to my account, maybe I am a lucky case? Drillerfiller, it certainly seems like you went through exactly the same as me. My advice would be to collate any info that has put you off, or made you feel you have been mistreated/misinformed intentionally and write a letter explaining this. I did try a few other avenues but in the eyes of the law they hadn't actually broken any rules, as I had apparently 'not let them complete their side of the deal'. And in the eyes of the law if would have been me 'having second thoughts after not doing proper research' (which a Groupon voucher doesnt let you, as you have to pay on the day) who decided to not continue to the operation. I looked into Ulf and he did seem to have the qualifications, although not one of only a handful of names I saw on websites listing the best drs. And again, I checked up London Hair Transplant Clinic to make sure they were a registered company and did have Harley Street property, they do, but they were only a new company and certain things just didnt seem right for me, the bottom line being told it would take place in a dentist surgery! Again to all who have issues with the groupon, why do they put 'offer valid in Manchester clinic only', very misleading, I mentioned this in my letter. I was defo taken in by the Harley Street location too, until finding out it wouldn't take place there. When I got my refund they asked me to reconsider booking in the future, it was a different young lad, who said people were only over-seeing the Manchester office during his absence, part of the reason it seemed unprofessional, and that they had just moved up which is why it seemed so unprofessional in an empty room with a laptop on a desk for the consultation! But once I had my money I declined politely. I hope you manage to get sorted like I did. Thanks again
  2. Hi, thanks again for your comments, it really has made me think of not rushing into anything. The guys name is Ulf Kienecker. I have been doing research since posting the thread and it seems he is GMC registered: <li class="formlistnopadding">GMC Reference Number7046070<li class="formlistnopadding">Given NamesUlf <li class="formlistnopadding">SurnameKienecker<li class="formlistnopadding">GenderMan<li class="formlistnopadding">StatusRegistered with a licence to practise; this doctor is on the Specialist Register
  3. Groupon is where did see it, yes. ?1349 for the groupon which I have paid for (worth ?3500) and then an additional ?3000 which I've paid half, this is for 2500 grafts. I must admit doubts have crept in over small things. It's so hard to find good info about these things, and I have tried, which has brought me here. This spelling is probably incorrect but it's apparently a top Austrian surgeon called uls calica???? Anyone have any news on this guy? Thanks for your advice, hopefully more comments will appear which can give me a clear perspective on this. Thanks
  4. Hi, Im very new to this but decided to take the plunge and go for a hair transplant in London. I was wondering if anyone had heard of The London Hair Transplant Clinic? I am in Manchester and had a meeting with a consultant here and will have the surgery in London, however, instead of it being at the registered Harley Street building, I have been told it will be at a 'Dental surgery' in Fulham. When I questioned this they said it was completely normal and was done as a privacy thing as they have a lot of celeb clients who dont want to be seen coming out of a hair clinic. As far as I can remember it will be FUT, just on the back main area, 2500 grafts, where they take a strip from the back and then implant each individual hair. Does anyone have any views/comments/advice for me? Many thanks
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